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01:54 PM on 04/16/2010
Well, when Hannity decides to man-up and make good on his promise to be waterboarded for charity, they can film that.
2 most common elements...Hydrogen and Stupidity
01:53 PM on 04/16/2010
Breaking News.....former cia head indicted for willful destruction of evidence, evidence tampering, perjury, war crimes.... and conduct unbecoming a US official....and for in general.....being an @$$hat....
02:00 PM on 04/16/2010
Nice try too much coffee?
02:05 PM on 04/16/2010
Sounds like RICO should be enforced.
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01:47 PM on 04/16/2010
I remember when destroying evidence was illegal. Ah, those were the days.
02:01 PM on 04/16/2010
It wasn't evidence when it was destroyed.
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
04:03 PM on 04/16/2010
But they knew it would be, so they destroyed it. Better? Have more faith in those officials now?
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I only drink to make you more interesting
02:14 PM on 04/16/2010
And torture was illegal and we didn't hold people indefinitely without trials and we didn't make stuff up like "illegal combatants" so that we could justify denying them human rights. Those were the days.
put on your pants and go home.
01:44 PM on 04/16/2010
Wow...when Harriet Miers thinks you made a mistake, you've really made a mistake.
04:27 PM on 04/16/2010
Two 'alves of coconut!
01:39 PM on 04/16/2010
Can they keep that waterboarding stuff legal long enough to find out what's really going on at companies like Goldman Sachs, seeing as how they seem to be involved in some kind of econo-terrorism and stuff?
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01:34 PM on 04/16/2010
Matt Apuzzo AND Adam Goldman wrote:

Years later, prosecutor John Durham is still investigating whether any crime was committed.

"These documents provide further evidence that senior CIA officials were willing to risk being prosecuted for obstruction of justice in order to avoid being prosecuted for torture," ACLU lawyer Ben Wizner said. "If the Department of Justice fails to hold these officials accountable, they will have succeeded in their cover-up."

Porter Goss is unable to keep you panty-waists safe if you keep bringing-up the Geneva conventions and Ronald Reagan's signing of the UN convention against torture.
02:06 PM on 04/16/2010
"Years later, prosecutor Chicken Little is still investigating whether gravity exists."

And the hits just keep on coming...
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Climate and Peace Advocate
01:25 PM on 04/16/2010

Let me guess... Above the Law?

loose as whatever
01:06 PM on 04/16/2010
Goss had a lifetime career based on sadistic principles: the CIA, House of Representatives, and finally head of the CIA.
In reality, the good citizenry of the American democratic Republic have only since 2008 realized that Constitutional USA experienced a coup in 2000, by a sadistic cult who call themselves Neocons.; the common denominator of the Neocon is their sadistic perversion.
A sadistic political Supreme Court (bare majority) led by Scalia, Renquist, and Thomas stopped the counting of votes in a democratic election and awarded the presidency to the sadistic George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Look at the character of the players and what they have in common: perverted sadism.
Look at the Neocon propagandist Rupert Murdock; read the signs of the “Tea Partiers”.
The key players have one personality trait in common, sadism; how else can they be described?
12:48 PM on 04/16/2010
Of course he was furious... It proves at the gut-level, rational sense that they were guilty of a crime.

Then again, it's not like anyone expects the CIA to have even a shadow of integrity.
02:07 PM on 04/16/2010
Of course not - CIA is an assembly of psychopaths with unlimited power to get off on other people's pain.
12:46 PM on 04/16/2010
I continue to wonder in amazement how and why reputable news media, especially the New York Times and Washington Post, continue to swallow the CIA story that it destroyed all of the video "tapes" of the torture sessions. The technology of digital recording of audio and video to computer hard drives, memory cards and memory sticks has been around for more than 10 years. If would seem plausible, if not obvious, that the CIA, with all of its technology, would have utilized this technology so that it could transfer or forward the video from those "dark sites" to CIA in Virginia via its own secure intranet, rather than use a video tape camera from the 1990s and then package the cassette and either ship it or hand-carry it to CIA in Virginia. Now, if the CIA did convert to 21st century technology 10 years ago, wouldn't it be plausible and more likely logical for the digital recordings to still exist on a disc, memory card, memory stick, or on one or more hard drives? And is it unreasonable for anyone to think that the CIA may be lying? I've been hoping that some reporter would begin to think in 21st century terms and technology and pursue the likelihood that those recorded videos do still exist.
Paying attention is both priceless & free
12:50 PM on 04/16/2010
Salient points.
02:09 PM on 04/16/2010
And the MSM wonders why people listen to crazy talking Faux News heads? Clearly, because the MSM abdicated its role in keeping the populace informed about their government.
"Conservative" is not a political party, genius.
12:28 PM on 04/16/2010
Arrest Porter Goss for obstruction of justice.
Paying attention is both priceless & free
12:03 PM on 04/16/2010
If you are like me and do not like torture you can take action.

Please read the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague:

Article 7 defines crimes against humanity. Article 8 defines war crimes. Article 15 describes the process of prosecution.

You can contact the Prosecutor with evidence:

Stories like this are great examples of evidence for the ICC.

Where is the outrage? Please take your keystrokes to places other than HP and make a difference. Feel free to cut & paste this post and share with your friends.
"War is a Racket" -Smedley D. Butler MajGen USMC
11:56 AM on 04/16/2010
So Mr. Holder, when do you plan to begin prosecution of Mr. Goss?

*cue crickets*
Hello . . .
11:46 AM on 04/16/2010
The Attorney General of the US has a direct and profound effect upon the day to day life of every American. If he agrees that torture should be allowed, it will happen. It is of no consequence if the receiver of such torture is in Guantanamo Bay or being held in a county jail. Remember, the day to day activities of our police officers are controlled by the policies enacted by the Attorney General.
Carl Caroli
I just don't understand people
11:46 AM on 04/16/2010
Another lap dog doing what he was told by Cheney. Shocking.