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09:36 AM on 04/24/2010
"You see what you want to see...and your hear what you want to hear." Harry Nilsson
Nothing more than creative editing and secular socialist bias.
12:39 PM on 04/24/2010
Totaly agree, is totaly bias video.
09:22 AM on 04/24/2010
Get rid of Social Security! The Department of Education! The IRS! The EPA!

Throw the bums out?

An New Civil War! (spoken in a British accent!)

Global Warming is BullShite?!
Ask The Questions, but Question the Answers.
10:18 AM on 04/24/2010
yup ... dismantel the entire federal government......... BUT MAKE SURE WHO EVER COMES HER IS CHECKED... like??? If there is no government...WHO IS GOING TO CHECK ?? DUH!!
09:18 AM on 04/24/2010
Oh Please!
Tax us to death
The end of life as we know it in America!
Banning Fishing in America!
Commie Living in the White House!

Lord Have Mercy!

LOOK at your tax returns!

Faith Crisis!
Ask The Questions, but Question the Answers.
10:17 AM on 04/24/2010
---- yes --- and Obama is going to ban FISHING...................... OMG !! Where is help? How do we stop this viciousness is horrible!
07:30 AM on 04/24/2010
It's a sad commentary on our society that the one common theme among tea bagers is their lack of individual thought.
07:15 AM on 04/24/2010
If the Tea Baggers don't want taxes they can move to Mexico where the roads are horrible and the government corrupt and then they can see what it is like when you don't have nice roads to drive on paid by TAXES!!!!! Oh yeah, and NO EPA, Mexico dumps raw sewage into the Pacific. I suggest they move to Mexico or smarten up!
Geoff Paugam
05:33 AM on 04/24/2010
Typical Teabagger response to simple question: "Why do I hate Obama, uh uh hold -on let me think errr I mean tune into Fox so they can tell me why...give me a minute!"
03:46 AM on 04/24/2010
The teapatiers shouldn't tell us what they are because they are liars in the first place. Tea partiers are an anti-Obama movement. They are pro-Republicans. Sarah Palin belongs to both. Anything Obama will do for America is what the tea party (and the Republicans ) will oppose.
They are the birthers. They are driven first by racism, then consevatism.They want Obama to fail. They carry extreme signs that incite violence on President Obama. They are dangerous and unreasonable. I give you an example: Everybody knows the sun rises from the East. If tomorrow Obama says the sun rises from the east, Every tea partiers will protest it and say the sun rises from the West. Rabid haters they are.
A Groover has to expect a few setbacks .....
02:57 AM on 04/24/2010
They want the biggest military complex in the history of the world. But don't want to pay a dime to support it .....

Well, that military and all its expensive toys are bankrupting you ....
08:42 AM on 04/24/2010
Good point. You can't have a serious discussion about lowering taxes without looking at the biggest bites out of the budget.
02:57 AM on 04/24/2010
Lord Monckton looks like eyegor from Young Frankenstein.
Tennys Daughter
A fool and his money shall soon perish
02:12 AM on 04/24/2010
All of these people are citing talking points from FOX News. They act like robots, regurgitating only what they have heard. Mindless idiots.
07:27 AM on 04/24/2010
Fanned for that!
01:18 AM on 04/24/2010
Behind the curtain of misinformation they've all bought into, there was a very encouraging trend towards civility peeking out in many of the interviewees. It's really not so unreasonable to view these people as a product of a confusing time of transition and change who clumped together under a banner of nostalgia to voice their opinions loudly and get some attention during a period where they might have otherwise felt left in the shadows. you gotta have compassion for's only our own fear of them having power over us that makes that difficult. But that kind of fear prevents us from just focusing on the challenging work that really needs to get done in the progressive agenda. We do have the power, and we are only just beginning to learn how to use it, you might say...but that comes with great responsibility, including the patience and respect to ameliorate the fears of the disempowered right, by overcoming our fear of them, de-otherizing them by recognizing their inner humanity, and begina slow patient dialogue to help ease them into the 21st century.
08:43 AM on 04/24/2010
Beautiful post. So how do we do this when the tea party in-law sends us links to hateful Glenn Beck pieces? That's my dilemma!
09:56 PM on 04/24/2010
Well, I can't tell you what's right for you and the specific relationship you've got with this relative (though I feel for your situation!), but there are plenty of different tacks to take. Just do your best to be patient and not add fuel to the fire, and if you've got the time and energy, go ahead and refute what you can with concrete facts. I've made the mistake too often of trying to tell conservatives 'what they're really thinking' or what is really motivating them (fear, anger, greed, etc.), and this never ever works - because its really just a way to shame them. But if, underlying those fears is the same desire as we've all got just to live a life of meaning, do good, and avoid suffering, there's at least some common points to agree on, and maybe a bit of diffusion of the antagonism between each side.
Ask The Questions, but Question the Answers.
10:20 AM on 04/24/2010
So --- what do you suggest is done ..... I do think this mentality is frightening.....
01:07 AM on 04/24/2010
woops typo heard... sorry!
01:00 AM on 04/24/2010
OK watching this video is harmful to your mental state.
Wow, all I can say is wow. God Bless America you have to love these folks even though they all seem to share one brain. Which must be hard at times.
Josh Seipp
08:04 AM on 04/24/2010
Good comment man. You do have to love these folks. They're trying to get involved and they have strong feelings. My dad always used to say "suffer the fools gladly, for you could be one of them."
12:55 AM on 04/24/2010
This is the result of to much fast food. Your brain loses cells.
I had to stop watching this, it was very sad.
Here's a fact, if these people made under 250k this year there taxes went down.
As for freedoms, what freedoms specifically are they talking about?
I love the woman who somehow heard some nonsense about Obama putting a ban on fishing.
I would love to know how and where she heard this fishy story because like all of what I herd here, it stinks.
01:10 AM on 04/24/2010
sorry I had a typo "herd", as in herds of people sharing a brain should be heard.
05:07 PM on 04/24/2010
Spot on!