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God hates facts!
12:55 AM on 04/23/2010
"That's quite a respectful way to talk about sexuality."
as opposed to using it for political points?
From the way politicians on both sides have been acting lately I'd say it's time for some juice and a nap and then, if they can act nice, we'll let them play on the monkeybars before snacktime.
12:55 AM on 04/23/2010
The saddest part of this whole story is not that someone accused another of pretending to be bisexual. The saddest part is that something that has absolutely nothing to do with politics, like someones sexuality, can be a deciding factor for who an electorate gives his vote to. People need to get over trying to make everything fair by including all types of people in our political system and vote based on the person's values and intelligence instead of voting based on color, religion or sexuality.
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12:49 AM on 04/23/2010
Babette Josephs is a_monster.
Always Progressive and loving the CONs meltdown.
12:38 AM on 04/23/2010
Claiming to be bisexual - that is is a new one. Add how does Babs know that he swings both ways?
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12:33 AM on 04/23/2010
Wait. You mean that picture of Babette is not just that same guy in an old lady wig? They kinda look alike in the side-by-side photos.
12:19 AM on 04/23/2010
Having been accused of "pretending" to be gay just to get girls while at the same time getting death threats for being gay, I find this whole discussion offensive. Given that we had a movie out within the last few years that had premise of two straight guys pretending to be gay to get partner benefits, it seems in the realm of possibility of a politician who has nothing to stand on to claim to be a minority to win votes (and gay really is one that people usually don't question). If he really is bi, his attitude is odd--I would be offended and call Josephs out on bigotry (that whole flattered thing??? what he enjoys being mistaken for straight???). There's nothing here that doesn't stink. I wouldn't vote for either, both seem clueless.

I just want to know if he really is gay/bi/whatever, why he didn't respond: "Sure I'm going to say I'm gay, because I enjoy the harassment and second class status. I love that if I dare hold hands with my boyfriend we run the risk of getting bashed."
05:23 AM on 04/23/2010
I totally agree. So I did a little digging and I think that quote may be mistakenly attributed to Kravitz. This is from the Philadelphia Inquirer story about this:

But others said the remarkable quarrel itself was a sign of progress.
"We've hit a new high point when candidates are accused of pretending to be gay to win a seat," said Mark Segal, publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News and a pioneering civil rights advocate.
"I've been doing this for 40 years, and I never have heard of this kind of charge in any race in the nation," he said. "I take that as flattery. It shows how far we've come."
05:32 AM on 04/23/2010
Also from the Inquirer article: "In an interview, Josephs said she stood by her comments about Kravitz. She said her opponent told her he was gay, then showed up at a campaign event with a woman who introduced herself as his girlfriend. On the trail, Kravitz has described himself as a 'proud member of the LGBT community,' and he discussed his bisexual orientation while pitching Liberty City for its endorsement."

If what she alleges actually happened then he's a pretty sad character. And it's important to note that this district DOES include Philly's sizable 'gayborhood,' so it's conceivable that someone would posture to try to win those votes, and he's attractive enough that he could pull it off. I'm not sure who to believe at this point.
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Put a Psychiatrist in every NRA meeting.
11:49 PM on 04/22/2010
For some reason I'm having trouble following this storyline. Must be static.
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11:30 PM on 04/22/2010
And they say California is the land of fruits and nuts. .
You have an absolute right to my opinion
11:30 AM on 04/23/2010
And you're Waldorf Salad.
Don't sweat the small Stuff, life is way too short
11:22 PM on 04/22/2010
"AS" ya'll can see, there are strange pod-people on BOTH sides of the isle. WHAT does this man's sexuality have to do with anything. Nor is it anyone's (including babette's) business.

I am so sick and tired of politicians using despicable "personal fear and smear tactics" to win an election.

RUN YOUR ELECTIONS ON YOUR OWN MERITS. If you still lose, at least you've got your integrity. I'm sick of all of these elections dramas. Good lawd!
11:17 PM on 04/22/2010
I'd just like to take this opportunity to offer to help Gregg prove his orientation, on film if necessary. He's cute. =D
11:16 PM on 04/22/2010
I'd just like to take this opportunity to help Gregg prove his orientation, on film if necessary. He's cute. =D
10:54 PM on 04/22/2010
Blue on Blue violence is hot.
10:46 PM on 04/22/2010
Actually i think he's kind of cute compared to that old Bag, & i'm Straight !
10:28 PM on 04/22/2010
I tell you the stories keep getting stranger and stranger. Has the world gone mad?
09:55 PM on 04/22/2010
And babs is a man in drag - a la Dame Edna
11:09 PM on 04/22/2010
Dame Edna is sexier.