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01:59 AM on 04/25/2010
Interesting how once someones money is involved all of a sudden other peoples welfare isn't so important.........

We didn't see HIM flying thru the volcano now did we??
01:00 AM on 04/25/2010
Eyjafjallajokull (pronounced ay-yah-FYAH-lah-yer-kuhl)

12:27 AM on 04/25/2010
The guy's making a complete ash outa himself.
You can't take the sky from me.
12:17 AM on 04/25/2010
It'll be unnecessary when I figure out how to pronounce the damn volcano.
12:16 AM on 04/25/2010
It's pretty easy to tell where the massive dust from these eruptions are going to go in hind sight. I was in WA state when Mt ST Helen's blew and nobody thought the ash and dust would travel as far as it did. The dust was so heavy roofs caved in and rain gutters fell off houses . This stuff is serious business.
11:08 PM on 04/24/2010
Fanned !
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Informed World Citizen
11:08 PM on 04/24/2010
I tell you what.

If I was in an airport, and Richard Branson told me it was ok to fly, and a govt guy told me it wasn't safe to fly ......... I would get on the plane without a second thought.
11:09 PM on 04/24/2010
Fanned !
Hey! My micro-brew is empty!!
11:29 PM on 04/24/2010
I find it noteworthy that he waited a week to say it. Full of bluster, that one.
11:04 PM on 04/24/2010
Ya maybe unnecessary, after all he was not gonna fly over it anyways.
He would be in his island havin fun with supermodels.
10:54 PM on 04/24/2010
Go ahead Richard you fly you stupid self over the volcano. I dare ya!
10:35 PM on 04/24/2010
The blame game begins. Branson is only worried about his bottom line. It's better to be safe than sorry.
10:21 PM on 04/24/2010
I think it would be quite poetic for Sir Branson to personally fly one of his Virgin Atlantic jets over the Volcano and report back on its safety.
11:03 PM on 04/24/2010
Do you guys even know who Richard Branson is? Have you checked his creds?

The man flew a hot air BALLOON across the Atlantic Ocean, SOLO ! Not to mention a small speedboat and other crafts. He has acheived something like 10 Guiness Book records involving aviation alone. He's a self made billionaire (which by itself isnt that impressive but at the least shows he understands risk). He's going to be the first private company to fly into Space.

Show I guess the question is, whose competency do you trust more - his, or , um, the same people who let the Undie and Shoe Bombers on a plane?

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01:03 AM on 04/25/2010
Regardless of Sir Branson's acheivements, he's never been responsible for the safety of the 100's of thousands of lives that fly daily. I would say they made a wise and cautious call to cancel flights. I would like to have heard his remarks if they had done the opposite and a tragedy had occured.
03:11 AM on 04/25/2010
Yes, he sounds like a great guy to have as a pal.

However, I'll trust the people who actually have my safety as a top priority instead of their quarterly statement
...that is the question!
10:08 PM on 04/24/2010
Fine, Sir Richard....let me know the next flight you're on and I will be sure to join you!
10:02 PM on 04/24/2010
Disgraceful comment Dicky.
Continue to risk your own life if you so choose, but please don't play god with the lives of others, regardless of your inflated opinion of yourself.
09:51 PM on 04/24/2010
First of all, "highly esteemed captains of industry" should never be asked whether or not the safety of others is worth risking. The answer will be yes every time.

Second, it is impossible to prove a negative. Saying that flight cancellations were unnecessary will forever remain in the realm of opinion because there's no way to prove that flights would have been unhindered by the massive ash cloud. During the no-fly period, there were, of course no flights, and we cannot now go back in time and send a plane up to test this hypothesis, so Branson's comments have no real meaning.

Furthermore, there is documented evidence that the sediment in ash clouds can cause plane engines to fail without warning. With this fact as a backdrop, Branson's whining sounds greedy and cavalier, which throws light on another topic: the need for regulation of the financial markets.

The folks who launch businesses and create derivative bundles and deal in sub-prime housing markets are natural risk takers whose adrenaline rushes at the prospect of conquest and profit. While they are great folks to have in the financial sector, they cannot be left to their own devices. Risk takers are not in the habit of considering safety or looking out for anyone beyond themselves and/or their immediate families. Branson's bitching about lost dollars in the face of possible loss of life makes the perfect pitch for the need of limits on the "free market."
I'm sorry that I made you cry
09:41 PM on 04/24/2010
Richard Branson has become his own lame corporate excuse. Every trans-European pilot was terrified by the threat of volcanic ash in their jet turbines. For very good reason.

Branson is usually much better than this. Is he just getting old?
09:58 PM on 04/24/2010
I think he was either referring to intra-european flights, or he was claiming that only *some* flight paths across the Atlantic needed to be closed.
I'm sorry that I made you cry
10:13 PM on 04/24/2010
I think Branson is just getting bad advice from hopeless idiots on the Virgin payroll.