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Little old lady
11:09 PM on 04/26/2010
Not only am I sick of the Party of NO, I am sick of the Senate rules that allow minority rule. The Republicans will not legislate in good faith no matter what the issue. We are a Democracy. People voted for Democratic principles in '06 and '08. We didn't vote for Republican obstructionism.
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10:39 AM on 04/29/2010
We are a republic. Democracy is mob rule where the rights of the minority are not protected.
Never Surprised by Stupidity
10:21 PM on 04/26/2010
The Party Of No lost all credibility a long time ago.
In my opinion, the Senators and Representatives who still have the interests of the American Citizens in mind, should bulldoze all obstacles in their way, in their efforts to recreate a working American government.
We sent you to Washington to solve our problems, not take orders from Party headquarters.
09:55 PM on 04/26/2010
There have been others on Main Street wishing to control the expansive derivatives market. Does Wall Street want taxpayers to be their bookie while they wager bets on winners and losers? The poor working stiffs are unable to join in these "bets", but by golly we vote. And, there is more of us than them. Washington is hearing the screams from Main Street.
03:29 AM on 04/27/2010
Wall Street doesn't want us to be their bookie, they want us to be their sugar daddy. When they win they want to keep the winnings, when they lose they want us to pay the debt off for them.

Socialism for the rich and well connected and dog eat dog capitalism for the rest of us. It's Orwellian, they scream socialism while they are the ones receiving its benefits.
10:01 PM on 04/27/2010
Corporatism. Anything that favors the little guy is not in their best interest.
10:03 PM on 04/27/2010
Co-sign. You got it precisely correct.
09:17 PM on 04/26/2010
Biparticianship=sellout Don,t let the repubs water down the bill.
08:57 PM on 04/26/2010
Dems winning tactic against the Party of No is to respond to a filibuster by changing the bill to be tougher on the banks. Add keep changing it to be tougher is that that filibustered. Add a compensate cap, tax windfall profits, deem bets to be gambling, index penalties to the highest earner, capital punishment for financial fraud (ok, may be that's a bit much) ... they will pick up popular support with every screw they tighten on Wall St, and the GOP's masters in wall street will tell them to stop making it even worse.

Remember popular support for health reform went soft because they took out single payer, then took out the public option ... the Dems conceded to the right, gained nothing, but lost support on the other side.
08:40 PM on 04/26/2010
This is about the party of No the GOP anything that the president or his fellow democrats want to propose and pass they are aginst. I am so tired of the gangters running this country meaning the GOP!
I say run it thru them and show everyone that they are ostructionists with no plans but to run this country into the ground
Tuned-in science editor
08:35 PM on 04/26/2010
All you pissed-off folks below who think the Dems are serving their interests instead of yours and mine, to be sure they have some of both in mind. The proportion is unique to each congressperson.

But face it folks, our constitution needs some serious updating -- e.g., like getting corporations out of peoplehood -- but beyond that what we really need is a 4th branch of government: Us.

By "us" I mean the ability to have nationwide referendums. No, not elections, and no, that's right, we can't do nationwide referendums -- not allowed, verboten! To be sure such an amendment would need to have some "reasonable" controls, but what the hell, if cops in Arizona can determine "reasonableness" then that shouldn't be a huge problem to overcome for a referendum.
Tuned-in science editor
08:57 PM on 04/26/2010
Oh, I kind of left out the punch line. That "reasonableness" thing: Let's make that any bill that gets filabustered. If the Senate can't deliver, then let the people do it for 'em!

That should help those senators get over their little postpartum-cloture issues.
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09:11 AM on 04/27/2010
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It should be of interest to you that practically ALL legislation adopted since January 21, 2009 was adopted after Republican filibusters. No matter how important the legislation was for the country, the Republicans obstructed it to the maximum extent.
There is no other explanation for this behaviour than the fact that some fifty years after Civil Rights became law in the U.S., there is still considerable resentment that there is a Black Family in the White House. Yes, racism is alive and well in our Republic.
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02:38 AM on 04/27/2010
What we don't need is a Plutocratic Society!
Tuned-in science editor
10:29 AM on 04/27/2010
Twentylaws, you meaning is a bit vague. If you were agreeing with my rail, makes sense.

But if you were mocking it, then I suggest you look up the meaning of "plutocracy" because that is what we have in the US, and that has been immensely expanded with the Citzens United case.

For those of you wanting to know what a plutocracy is, try this:
08:34 PM on 04/26/2010
was freddie mac and fannie may included in the deal?
08:32 PM on 04/26/2010
There is no need for the president to consult with the “Party of No” anymore as has been proven a short while ago.
Mike Hihn
Political Writer
08:18 PM on 04/26/2010
Meanwhile, only the brain-dead left seems unaware that it was Democrats who refused to regulate subprime mortgages -- and Republicans who tried to -- as proven conclusively by C-Span videos seen by most thinking Americans. And as predicted by the NY Times in 1999.

See them and learn:

(not to deny an equally brain-dead right)
Melinda Gopher
A Progressive for an American Spring
08:12 PM on 04/26/2010
President Obama had to be "Baucused" --- learning the hard way that bipartisanship is a fable when it comes to scoring points. No year long humiliation on this as with the health care ordeal.
11:08 PM on 04/26/2010
It makes no sense to pass a bill that only one party claims is good for us, right?

Finally, it is obvious to the majority of people that President Obama has no experience with anything that he has demanded a bill on. Why would anyone sign on to a bill that needs much more work?
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12:41 AM on 04/27/2010
Thats hardly the point, maybe if they would work instead of spending all their time and our tax dollars objecting to 'everything' Obama has done, or tried to do, something would get accomplished.

Remember, he inherited this mess from a 8 year rep. president.

Give the man a chance, and show some respect, this only hurts the country more.
07:42 PM on 04/26/2010
I now use the Huffington Post as my prime source for news. In my oppinion you are the most thorough and report the news without bias. Congratulations!
07:41 PM on 04/26/2010
This is no longer about getting real reform passed, is it?

It's about President Obama and Democrats in Congress pretending that only they know what's best for us.
07:57 PM on 04/26/2010
There are some things too important to compromise on. This is certainly one of them. These banks brought down the entire global economy and caused untold suffering for millions. Should we just allow it again?
Tribal Knowledge
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!
08:02 PM on 04/26/2010
Nope. On that we all agree. Neither should we let Obama and a buch of highly compromised and partisan people drag through a secret, bad, poorly written law (another one) which will a) not reform, and b) not regulate.
10:52 PM on 04/26/2010
Democrats, Independents, and Republicans want reform as does 65% of the people.

We will get the right kind of reform, soon. Why? Democrats know that they can't get a bill without help, and they will be forced to stop being foolish about this.
Tribal Knowledge
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!
07:28 PM on 04/26/2010
We need strong reform. There is bipartisan support of a bill Obama refuses to work with. He would rather "appear to have a spine" than work for reform.
08:27 PM on 04/26/2010
You d## right, no more compromise..... I'm with the president....
Tribal Knowledge
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!
07:27 PM on 04/26/2010
I just read on this very post, this very afternoon, in Politics, that Obama issed a "harsh rebuke" of GOP lawmakers for, in essence, not caving to his once again "special legislation for his true constituency" better known as Big Banks. So if Obama is upset that the GOP won't vote for this bad bill, then why is he - on the other hand - utterly against any compromise with the GOP on the bipartisan bill?

And...why is there NO oversight in this bill of Fannie and Freddie? Why is there no reinstitution of Glass Steagal? Why is this being watered down by his own Treasury sec'y, tax cheat Geithner who is - according to this article - MORE sympathetic to derivatives than even the GOP?

It's because it is yet another bad piece of legislation, cut together in the dark, with more back room dealing. One thing that NO Democrat may say any lovger is that Obama is somehow different, the Champion of the People, or other nonsense. He is a Chicago pol, and the only ones buying this are the crusty true believers.
07:35 PM on 04/26/2010
Answer: Because this has nothing to due with fixing anything...just the Democrats playing politics and attempting to gain some traction on some issue going into the 2010 elections where they hope to lose 20 to 30 seats instead of 50 to 60 seats.
Tribal Knowledge
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!
07:45 PM on 04/26/2010
Good point,

It's getting increasingly hard for Dems to defend this sort of silliness (the lucid ones) and not see it for what it is. My Dem friends, of which have many, have been rolling thier eyes since before "Healthcare 2010" when it became evident that was just a sham to grab even more power and not fix anything.
07:59 PM on 04/26/2010
Congratulations! You win the prize for being the first to condemn the bill without knowing what's in it.
Tuned-in science editor
07:53 PM on 04/26/2010
Yes, sadly though Barack is trying to appear tough on banks, it does appear that he and Geithner are trying to hide their Bankster VIP club memberships.

But Tribal, we aren't going to have a different president until we the real people (not corporapeoples) find a different way of financing elections.
Tribal Knowledge
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!
08:05 PM on 04/26/2010
Nope. Agreed. Obama is merely a different mannequin in a strikingly similar suit.