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07:40 PM on 04/25/2010
I see Michelle was in Hatia recently on a very expensive photo op. Maybe she could go to California and work at a food bank a few minutes to create much needed awareness for the suffering and hungery. We could also get to see her latest fashion statement.
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08:22 PM on 04/25/2010
Or we could look at the fact that she is encouraging the grow your own organic movement nation wide, even digging up the White house garden to provide fresh vegetables to her kids. How powerful for an African American presidential wife to be a fashion icon and an academic. You sound like a bit of a racist.
08:47 PM on 04/25/2010
07:32 PM on 04/25/2010
You can also work with area 'Freegans' who dumpster dive, harvesting this wasted resource and donating it to worthwhile causes. If you are on Twitter, follow 'Freegan' she is a great resource and wealth of information!
08:25 PM on 04/25/2010
Dear Matt Kelly 1:
Funny story: One day a group of us high school students decided it would be a great idea for a Social Studies report if we went dumpster diving everday for lunch instead of going to the "canteen". We were going to report what we found and what our faviorites were and happily we had a couple of grocery stores close to the school. Since we were in the AP classes and had always studied during lunch hour our surreptitious trips off campus were met with enough suspicion to require that one of the security guards follow us to find out what we were doing. Sneaking of to smoke pot, not doubt. We were caught and I swear to God, we got in as much trouble for food foraging as we would've been if we'd been caught with a hash pipe. We were inspired by the Diggers - remember them?
09:12 PM on 04/25/2010
Ah, a great and powerful nation reduced to dumpster diving. Gotta love it. Obesity rules.
10:01 PM on 04/25/2010
You're crazy.
07:22 PM on 04/25/2010
Americas agricultural problem has always been over production. At least since the shortly after the Civil War.

Which is why it is good policy to pay people not to grow certain crops.

But of course it is easy for the economically ignorant to rail against the practice.

And of course it is way too easy for the corporate farmers to abuse such a system.
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07:10 PM on 04/25/2010
One, small new addition to the food store scene in California is Fresh and Easy. They donate their dents, and at date products to the local Food Banks. It is one reason I do as much of my shopping as possible with them.
06:59 PM on 04/25/2010
Not only is food thrown away but new clothes are destroyed if they aren't sold. Where I am environmentalists harvest fruit from backyard trees and give away the wonderful fresh fruit to the food bank which lacks fresh foods. The waste is criminal and laws should make it criminal. While I donate to the local food bank I see perfectly good food thrown into the dumpster so the poor can't have it. Jesus wept.
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10:10 PM on 04/25/2010
Several years ago there was someone interviewed on local radio in Toronto who said that some $9 million worth of brand new, perfectly good clothing that winds up in landfill in Canada every year because clothing retailers have to move old items out and new items in. They won't donate it to thrift stores or free stores because they do not want designer labels to show up there.

Apparently, book retailers do the same with surplus copies of brand new best sellers.

I suspect that this is a problem with any other item one could think of.
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06:56 PM on 04/25/2010
This makes me so freaking angry.

I live in California. Work situation is so bad my wife and I have been forced to go to a food bank every week this month. We'd be dead without them. This week we hardly got anything because they were running low.
09:17 PM on 04/25/2010
Maybe Obama can help out. Give him a call.
06:50 PM on 04/25/2010
this is a great org in Long Beach: hope there are more like them!!
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05:47 PM on 04/25/2010
At a time when much of the world goes hungry, we are turning food into fuel so we can drive out SUV's. This is indeed a "Crime against Humanity".
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06:32 PM on 04/25/2010
High fructose corn syrup or ethanol - either way it's bad. There are so many better uses for corn...
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06:49 PM on 04/25/2010
No, no, you're wrong about HFCS..I saw the commercial its not as harmful as sugar! I mean come on if its on the T.V. its true!!!!
07:10 PM on 04/25/2010
Coincidentally HFCS was introduced at the same time that the diabetes pandemic began. No connection though.