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"Not 'Noise' One Round: *Music*
03:20 PM on 05/10/2010
It's about time for the highly intelligent Eliot Spitzer to get back into politics.
03:04 PM on 05/10/2010
I'm encouraged to hear Spitzer come out positively on her nomination. Glenn Greenwald, who's opinions on the law I particularly respect, considers her a real gamble as she seems to have said or written little about her positions on matters before the court.Then again I read today she contributed to ActBlue this last election. Maybe there's hope.
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08:54 PM on 05/10/2010
Hope is available by the yard. It seems free at first.
02:08 PM on 05/10/2010
The only question I would bother asking her is: "What do you think the Gulf of Mexico was worth, and who will pay for it?"
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The more I talk to people, the more I love my dogs
04:11 PM on 05/10/2010
Why don't you ask Bush and Cheney that? They are the ones that sold it out.
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08:57 PM on 05/10/2010
Bush and Cheney have recent helpers.
01:54 PM on 05/10/2010
This court is so so predicable. One can easily tell now what the decision would be. and it would be 5-4
02:46 PM on 05/10/2010
So with Kagan it's either still 5-4 or now it's 6-3.

Change I could believe in ....
04:00 PM on 05/10/2010
I am inclined to think more 6-3
01:48 PM on 05/10/2010
How did we get so many catholics on the court and only two jews.
01:51 PM on 05/10/2010
How did we get 5 N.azis on the court and why did we let them pick our president in 2000?
03:33 PM on 05/10/2010
You seem to know the real meaning of fascism....
01:51 PM on 05/10/2010
It will be three jews soon, an we lose a potestant. First time in America History that their won't be a protestant sitting on the supreme Court, an it shows what change is really about in this county. We have move forward an with open arms to the new change, as we did when we elected a african/american male President.
02:00 PM on 05/10/2010 that really important? I mean, if we had Protestants on the Court who were fundamentalist evangelicals or Southern Baptists, I could see that as a liability...but really there are lots of Protestants who are Protestant because they could care less about strict adherence. Or were you being ironically sarcastic? I can't tell.
They hate us for our Free Dumb!
01:42 PM on 05/10/2010
Forget all that. The religious right are already asking the really important question:

Does Elena prefer sausage or sea food? What else really matters?
01:32 PM on 05/10/2010
It really pains me to say this, but Barack Obama may have been the greatest trick ever played on progressives.
They hate us for our Free Dumb!
01:39 PM on 05/10/2010
why? Do you think a real far-left candidate could be elected in this nation? It's either a centrist like Obama or far right wingnuts like Bush and Palin.

Pick your poison.
02:47 PM on 05/10/2010
Go far right. The quicker they gain power the quicker the entire nation fails and maybe we can try again without the ridiculous notions like Empire's and War on
01:53 PM on 05/10/2010
Obama never ran as a progressive, he ran as a center-left candidate.
chronic republican
America the Beautiful
01:58 PM on 05/10/2010
I 100% agree - far left progressives just want him to be something that isn't realistic in America.
01:22 PM on 05/10/2010
Even though Spitzer and Lessig endorse her, this progressive has a hard time believing that 0 would nominate someone who Was Not a Conservative. He loves Wall Street, Big Pharma and the Insurance industry ... why would he nominate someone who didn't share his beliefs???
01:12 PM on 05/10/2010
"I guess you could say (she is) moderate, but I would say she's really thoughtful and passionate about what she believes, but very careful about what she believes."
That means by today's standards, she is an extreme liberal.
01:19 PM on 05/10/2010
Yes, in reality she's center-right, but in the bizarro rightwing extremist media culture in the US, she becomes
make friends with everyone
01:52 PM on 05/10/2010
Another uninformed comment.What else is new.
02:17 PM on 05/10/2010
I hear there's another new reality show on Fox.

Just helping you stay "informed".
12:48 PM on 05/10/2010
Elliot, we sure do like you so very much. Hang in there as you are doing. It takes more than a bunch of hipocrate to bring a good, intelligent man to his knees.
California transplant living in the South
01:41 PM on 05/10/2010
Oh please, he brought himself to his knees. Yes, he's intelligent (in some ways, but NOT in other ways) Should he be able to 'come back'? Yes, everyone deserves a 2nd chance to get their credibility back. Maybe this time he'll be more honest and less hypocritical.
Support the Constitution, not talking points.
03:40 PM on 05/10/2010
But several thousand dollars per month to bring a woman to hers...

Oh yeah, I went there.
12:48 PM on 05/10/2010
Kagan like Spitzer is a creature of the establishment, and she'll support its interest. Once again Obama has shown his base what he thinks of them.
12:30 PM on 05/10/2010
There is one good thing to say for Kagan. If gay marriage or DADT issues ever get to the Supreme Court, she will reliably support the humane position - i.e., the gay position, rather than the nutty right "marriage is only for procreation" position.
12:28 PM on 05/10/2010
More like a perfect temperament to be an administrator.

Fact: She has little experience as a lawyer (except as Solicitor General, where a huge staff does the legal work for her) and none as a judge. She has NO record.

Great person: Great. Good on a corporate board (those people skills). The very thing that what is being praised here is her people skills says lots about her LEGAL knowledge. She may know and care as little about the constitution and precedent on constitutional issues as 1,000 law students. Also, that is about how much we know about her views.

Obama, as he said, nominated a "FRIEND". A friend that the right just really likes because she is basically power loving just like them.
01:13 PM on 05/10/2010
FACT: CHIEF JUSTICE William Renquist was ALSO never a judge.
FACT: 1/3 of ALL Supreme Court judges in history have NEVER been judges.
01:23 PM on 05/10/2010
I'm not a big supporter of hers, but as an attorney, I think it's kind of hard to go lower in the contempt for the constitution area than that rightwing catholic gang of five on the current supreme court. They are corporatists and extremists and have no business at all on a court that is supposed to mete out justice and fairness, not corporate favors.
02:03 PM on 05/10/2010
Another lawyer here, now a fan as well. I share your assessment of the court (notice I don't capitalize, & that's not an accident).

25 years ago when I was in law school, some of my professors and a few of my classmates offered mild criticism of the court and specific justices, but overall expressed respect for the institution and its role in our legal system. I would defend the court, lawyers, and the American legal system against broad-brush attacks at cocktail parties. I believed in the system.

No more. I put up with it because I have to. And since Bush v. Gore, I won't defend the court or its supposed role as a fair and neutral arbiter of "what the law is". It's become just another political branch of our government, a hive of judicial activism controlled by one ideological camp or another. And the most blatantly political, least well reasoned, most corrosive anti-American opinions have come from Scalia and Alito -- the ones who pay the greatest lip service to "original intent" and "judicial restraint".
ObamaBiden:2012. We built that!
12:24 PM on 05/10/2010
'Spitzer described Kagan as "unbelievably smart and thoughtful and careful, the sort of perfect qualifications to be a justice of the Supreme Court --..."

Maybe if republicans had voted for candidates with those very same characteristics, they wouldn't be struggling now to become relevant in the 21st century.
With,without,who'll deny it's whatthe fights about
01:14 PM on 05/10/2010
but, but Harriet Myers......
01:29 PM on 05/10/2010
are you saying Harriet "her name is Miers" is unbelievably smart and thoughtful and careful - funny no one ever claimed that.
01:25 PM on 05/10/2010
Many of the rightwing extremists on the current court can certainly be described as smart, thoughtful and careful, so I wouldn't call that a qualification for SCOTUS>
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12:14 PM on 05/10/2010
Why is everyone pushing for this Client to make a comeback all in a sudden?
I ALWAYS vote.
12:32 PM on 05/10/2010
If Vitter can play, Spitzer can play. Fair is fair.
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05:13 PM on 05/10/2010
I'm not a Rethug, but he's gotta be kidding me... and he's talking 'Governor'? Can't do that.. his career as client #9 will reemerge...
12:50 PM on 05/10/2010
Because he had more than "home Schouling as the likes of you enjoyed."