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09:11 AM on 05/11/2010
Keep him singing. He might be the next American Idol
09:01 AM on 05/11/2010
I love that this guy's Facebook profile image is plastered all over the news media.

Don't you guys have anything more incriminating?
A modest proposal...
08:53 AM on 05/11/2010
It seems that Shahzad has been singing like a Wagnerian soprano for hours on end. Same goes for Abdulmutallab. Apparently if this new generation of half-a$sed *holy warriors* can't make something go ka-boom, they try to talk/bore the *infidel* to death.

I can imagine some tired FBI interrogators interjecting now and then, "Hey, dude, you DO understand that part about the right to remain silent? Honestly, we really, really allow that. No torture. No thumbscrews, No waterboarding. And I could use a bathroom break about now."
07:07 AM on 05/11/2010
A criminal complaint made public last week gave some clues about Shahzad's cooperation: It said he had admitted receiving bomb-making training in the lawless tribal areas of Waziristan...

Bomb Trainer; 'Today is infedel training time so pay attention you ferin blasphemer infedels. First thing is buy a old piece of s#!t SUV, second is go to Bobby Ray Klanister's roadside fireworks stand and buy some pop-bottle rockets and a handful of M-80 firecrackers with the emphisis on crackers. Next go buy 3 containers at any gas station that sells the red ones with yellow spouts and fill them with Exxon gas from Iran! Buy 3 gas grill tanks full of propane while you are there too.
Recruit; How's this dumb plan supposed to scare America?
Trainer; 'SILENCE! Our compatriots in the Repubweliklan party and Faux News will take care of the rest!
07:15 AM on 05/11/2010
You forgot the part about the fertilizer: "... and Miracle Gro will help you achieve bigger blooms faster."
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08:15 AM on 05/11/2010 pretty much have it figured out. Have them destroy themselves from within. Unfortunately, it seems to be working.
06:51 AM on 05/11/2010
"Ok, Mr. Shahzad, the limo is here; it's time for us to escort you to your court appearance."
"I'd rather not go, guys. I have a feeling those people will be mean to me. I'd rather stay here with you guys."
"Ok, let me know if you need anything. Just ring the bell."
oregon bird
06:34 AM on 05/11/2010
The reason a suspect is a no-show in court is the same reason in any country that has "set aside" any or all protections of the law. He is not fit to be seen.
Havana Thinks
Live and Let Live!
06:50 AM on 05/11/2010
Do U mean he has been tortured?
oregon bird
06:32 AM on 05/11/2010
The reason a suspect is a no-show in court is the same in every country that has "set aside" any or all parts of legal protections. It is because he is not fit to be seen.
06:45 AM on 05/11/2010
oh yeah right.... ZZZZTTTTT, I mean OK! OK! I don't want a lawyer or Red Cross medical care... ZZZZTTTT OK! OK! I'll sign anything you want!!! Just please stop ZZZZTTTT.....
06:19 AM on 05/11/2010
He "waived" his right to appear in court, because he is embarrassed about his appearance and the limp he has developed. His swift and continued cooperation is due in part to his inability to hold his tongue after sucking in a gallon of water. Disappeared.
Man of Mystery
06:11 AM on 05/11/2010
Ron Kuby? Ugh. A bleeding heart from the old William Kunstler school of law. Were it up to him, homeboy would be free on bond and the rest of us would be in jail. Will the 1960s ever die?
05:18 AM on 05/11/2010
My best guess is that this was a quickly drawn up false flag attack done simply to draw attention from another false flag that was foiled. Remember the guy in the NYC subway with enough cyanide to kill a small city. The guy was supposedly trying to kill himself yet he went through the trouble of dressing as a transit worker, orange vest, hard hat and yellow knee high rubber boots and all. Funny how quickly that story was forgotten about. I believe that happened a day or two before the time square event.
never moon a werewolf
09:58 AM on 05/11/2010
That story was quickly buried when they found out the man was a wack-o liberal Obama supporter.
05:14 AM on 05/11/2010
"Federal authorities say 30-year-old Shahzad voluntarily waived his right to an initial court appearance and agreed to answer questions, possibly without a lawyer and while in custody at an undisclosed location."

I'm havin' a slight comprehension prob here? How is it he waved his rights and he's still a "no show" at court? There weren't no court? If he's somewhere rattling off at the mouth, swappin' doughnuts, spit and only God knows what else with his interrogators. I'm not too sure I really want to know where he is, as long as he's securely locked down.
03:41 AM on 05/11/2010
He is a suicide bomber and he is still alive like his buds.
03:28 AM on 05/11/2010
Plant. Fall guy. Fear mongering. Guy is gone, never to be seen again. He was removed from society (easy or hard way). We will never know the truth.

Just like why there are only five blurry frames of the pentagon attack and why the Oklahoma City bombing tapes are blank at the beginning.

Sorry. My inner conspiracy theorist just reared it's head.
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Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.
03:32 AM on 05/11/2010
a most exellent avatar

did you use fantamorph?
02:23 PM on 05/11/2010
Alas, I am not the author of this gem. I was looking up the similarities and I came across it. Seeing the full size is very, very creepy.
01:31 AM on 05/11/2010
OKay, let me see if I read the article correctly. This guy didn't appear in court, there was no hearing scheduled, Federal authorities said he waived his right to an initial hearing. He is being held at an undisclosed location POSSIBLY without an attorney present. So the answer to the question..."Where is he, why isn't he in court, is his attorney present?" was answered with "NO COMMENT" which , of course, means that now you can make up whatever you want because you dont really have any information whatsoever about what is going on, which is what this whole article is really about. An article written about what is going on with the NYT would be bomber that gives absolutely no verifiable, or even second hand information. The journalism skills in this country have disappeared, along with the reading comprehension skills of every right winger that is still upset that our President is not an old white guy.
02:51 AM on 05/11/2010
He will next appear in full jihad garb, in a scratchy video from an unknown location in Pakistan and the Obama administration will somehow blame shortcomings of the previous administration for their complete incompetence.
Its GREAT to be alive and SANE.
04:27 AM on 05/11/2010
Oh, he's you mean he's not being hidden somewhere in the white house as President Obama's houseguest?
12:27 AM on 05/11/2010
Misleading headline.........