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Devaron Namsaar
11:09 AM on 05/12/2010
Considering the past history of the church I believe it is time to expose the church for what it is, for what it has become. I am certain that it started out as a good idea but greed, power and politics entered the picture early on and destroyed the idea completely.
That people believe in God is a no brainier... that the church has taken advantage of this belief should be as obvious as the ocean. That the church has committed every crime imaginable should also be obvious. Kind of makes you wonder exactly what some humans consider to be God and godlike. In total most of the religions of the world are on the wrong side of life. Unless of course you think killing other people in the name of God is correct... even though one of the 10 Commandments states "Thou Shall not kill" (and there are no exceptions written into this).
The church is directly responsible for helping a great amount of Nazi high officers to escape Germany after WWII (Learn a little about the Odessa files). Then of course there was the Inquisition, the Crusades, the burning of the Library of Alexandria and a mountain of lies and human atrocities known as the Dark Ages (1000 years of church rule when knowledge was forbidden and enforced through actual human cruelty and death).
The good news is that even the Bible predicts the "Great fall of the church that sits on the 7th hill of Rome".
That again?
09:33 AM on 05/12/2010
Here's a thought:

1) Excommunicate and defrock everyone shown to have participated in the abuse and its coverup; report them to the civil authorities--I believe this is known as "relaxing [them] to the secular arm." (As it happens I did live through Watergate and I remember that during the Inquisition, once the "Holy" church had finished racking and pulling fingernails and other picturesque interrogation techniques, would turn their "criminals" over to civil authorities to be hung, drawn and quartered--pulled into four pieces by horses--and/or burned alive.) It was essential, then as now, to preserve the church's "purity."
2) Collect all the "frocks" in question--to include the pope's own.
3) Erect enough wooden crosses in the St. Peter's piazza to accommodate all these suits.
4) Burn them on global television.
5) Require the pope to adopt a sackcloth-and-ashes outfit for the rest of his life and
6) spend 8 hours every day in silence on his knees hearing the victims describe their experiences.

That'll begin the atonement.
06:03 PM on 05/12/2010
Sounds like an excellent start.
04:11 AM on 05/12/2010
Good luck to Harris Hitchens and Dawkins. Crush the Horror.
04:33 AM on 05/12/2010
I agree...and we should include the as not to let it appear that it's a 'witch hunt' for the Catholic Church and the Pope, when it's also endemic in Judaism...

02:31 PM on 05/12/2010
The problem with this line of thinking is that it goes off in the direction of religious persecution when people of higher thinking should be thinking about the criminal acts of individuals and institutions that cover them up or show complicity. This issue should not be taken down the road of condemning Jews, Catholics or any other group for the acts of individuals and those in charge. Otherwise, you're merely displaying a lack of discretion. Religious ferver is a disease of the mind. The irony is that it crowds out any semblance of morality or ethical behavior and victimizes its members and those outside its walls.
04:04 AM on 05/12/2010
How many Jews have commented...think that might be important?

02:59 AM on 05/12/2010
It is disgusting and shocking...the extent of the cover up. And one really has to stretch one's imagination to infinity to believe that the Pope and Vatican higher ups never knew. Even now the Pope doesn't call it a 'crime', he calls it a 'sin'. The Catholic church has absolutely no moral ground to stand on - it's as you say a criminal organization - a wolf in sheep's clothing. And to all devout Catholics - beware when you send your kids to church!
06:07 PM on 05/12/2010

You have to be one seriously irresponsible parent to allow your child anywhere near a priest.
08:25 PM on 05/12/2010
Very good point. Crime it is. Arrest the pope.
02:30 AM on 05/12/2010
Christianity embodies the notions of Paul, whose New Testament letters were written between 55 and 60 C.E. before any of the four gospels.
Paul was a Jew, brainwashed with the religion of the Jews, and therefore he believed in the tale of Adam and Eve. He accepted that sin was hereditary and he accepted the immoral and primitive doctrine that guilt for wrongdoing can be off-loaded on to an innocent scapegoat. This usually involved the shedding of blood (often human) as atonement required to appease the 'gods'.
Though an innocent person may, and often does, pay the penalty, this immoral doctrine, which claims to absolve the wrongdoer from personal responsibility, results in the ongoing sequence of crime, confession, absolution and its repetition ad infinitum. Responsibility for wrongdoing must remain forever with the person who committed the offence. Anything that seeks to sidestep this basic principle inflicts grievous harm on society.
After being struck by lightning, Paul conceived the idea that one of the hundreds of Jewish rebels crucified by Rome was the son of Yahweh who made the ultimate sacrifice of blood to appease the Jewish elohim (deity).
Christianity was formalized by the murderer Constantine at Nicaea in 325 C.E. This Nicene Creed is now the benchmark used in choosing chaplains.
The gospel of Mark was the first and the other three in the New Testament are embellishments on Mark's gospel. There are many other gospels besides these four.
Crazy fictional cult made up nonsense.!!!
02:20 AM on 05/12/2010
The Catholic church is under scrutiny NOT because they had pedophile priests, which is bad enough, but because they, unlike other individuals or institutions or religious cults, HIDE and PROTECT and provide safe haven for those priests who have been found to abuse children. A priest from the state of Wisconsin fled to the Vatican as the pedophile investigation got to close to him and is to this day HIDING in the church and the Pope and the Vatican REFUSE to extradite him for prosecution even though there is an international warrant out for his arrest. The church is rotten to the core from the pope on down to the ignorant parishioners who have been brainwashed since childhood by this institution.
02:17 AM on 05/12/2010
Christianity is the belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.
There will NEVER be peace in the world until God and Allah go the same way as Apollo and Zeus - nothing more than interesting beliefs of ignorant people.
06:21 PM on 05/12/2010
I love it! You've managed to sum up the whole tragic mess in two sentences!

That these religions are made up of text that is obviously absurd nonsense makes it really difficult to understand how people of the 21st Century could actually follow it. It boggles the mind.....
08:31 PM on 05/12/2010
Strong opinions. Religion hasn't been that bad. All the major physicists had spiritual reflections, I think we're going through another period of enlightenment. We'll see what happens. But not every Christian or Muslim can be cast with the same cloth. It's the political institutions of Al Quada and the Catholic Church (equally bad) that need to change and be called to account. They will never be. Sadly. Religion makes some strange people, as does power and politics - connection?
Bill Donius
Writer and Community Volunteer
12:05 AM on 05/12/2010
If 'Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts,' it is time to end the protection the Catholic Church and Vatican have enjoyed in meting out their own brand of justice.
Jan Willem
Humanist, Kaaskop & Democraat
11:53 PM on 05/11/2010
I am getting more and more convinced religion as a whole is bad for society. And I dont mean religion as a personal conviction whether you believe in a diety or not, but as a believe system, where a few dictate what to think and how to live. Proof is abundant, that uberthinking creates horrific results. To say the church is not to blame, is the only proof I need to stay far away from any form of group think, in itself already dangerous, but with a religious component in it, disastrous.

I was raised christian, and to a certain extent I still am. But already at a young age I got the shivers from the whole church experience. Does that make me an anarchist? I dont think so. It makes me think, and develop convictions of my own which I nead to check and doublecheck before I claim them my own.

To have a workable society, you need rules and regulations, but the universal rights cover all bases for countries and people to secure a society where everyone is heard. Within this frame I can add my own values by which I would like to live my life, because the universal rights proclaimed and cosigned by the majority of countries provide me the liberty to do so. As long as I dont start killing or abusing others who dont think alike or who are weaker than me. Therefore: prosecute them.
11:51 PM on 05/11/2010
Add to this the use of indoctrinated fear of death as a control, and organized religion is more harmful than it is good anymore. We don't die, we shift but what is us continues, and manipulating others in this misuse of authority fashion is evil. When greed is involved evil is involved too, and greed is very involved in this broken belief system as well.

We are part of a nonphysical digital information system called Consciousness that is evolving towards being love. God is man made, obviously. I totally mean "man" too, women didn't come up with that. We did things differently when we have the attention and understandings. We must lean on our own understandings again.
Bette S Baysinger
Travel Facilitator-Interpreter of the Southwest of
11:48 PM on 05/11/2010
I was brought up in Catholic schools and from day one I hated the concept. But I was alone thinking the way you think and was chastised for it most of my youth..
I could not understand why the kids did not react the way I did and then they have of course the fact that the Pope is infallible..Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
11:34 PM on 05/11/2010
Great article. Name one other organization that would still be allowed to do business as usual with this track record. At least strip them of their tax-exempt status.
10:58 PM on 05/11/2010
the church didn't create the dark ages and the pope didn't hire pedifiles or gays, they lied to get in. The church is a victim of a deliberate attack. they are guilty of trying to mediate/moderate the damage. but who wouldn't. Washington is emngaged in that very thing right now and who is in charge. I can prove that the government sunk the oil rig. If they hadn't done that the well would be capped right now. None of you can justify wrong, no slick comment can make it go away.
11:59 PM on 05/11/2010
To state that the Catholic Church is a victim is incredibly evil. To then excuse the abuses of the Catholic Church by spouting off teabagger talking points about how bad the black man in the White House is, is beyond stupid.
You are one twisted, ignorant individual.
04:14 AM on 05/12/2010
Agreed with Godless Monster.
08:28 AM on 05/12/2010
dougded, you are a victim of your Catholic upbringing. You just can't bring yourself to believe that priests could do what these stories of abused children tell. But they do. You forgive them for trying to 'mediate' the damage!!! And keep the gov't out of this argument, with your conspiracy theories.
Don't change the subject.
10:50 PM on 05/11/2010
who's going to hold all the non christians accountable? seems like this is a one sided argument.... Let's see, how many people have died by non Catholic hands just in the last decade. Tutsi's , Bosnia, Twin towers, Cobal towers, missles landing in Israel, Gee, looks like this article writter has a real problem with mankind, flawed as it is, or is it just Catholics, a church run by men, but men who often seek to hide where they can do the most damage, My gay friend once told me that they were making a concerted effort to ruin the church as a get even for not recognizing gayness. This church may have problems but not near as many as the Muslum church or the non believers. The good that has been done amounts to humane civilization, quite the opposite of others. Grind your axe on something more deserving. 80 million opposers to communism that are buried in mass graves is a good place to start.
01:15 AM on 05/12/2010
your "gay friend" told you that gays are making an effort to bring down the church? did they all get together in a room and plan it? my word, you surely don't know any gay people, and if you do, I'm sure you don't want to be friends with them.
This post is not about other people committing evil acts - no one denies that. Don't try to deflect criticism by saying "others have done worse". that doesn't make what the church has done any better. What happened is abhorrent and anyone with any sense of moral rectitude should feel disgusted.
03:17 AM on 05/12/2010
What about the graves of all those who were lynched by the church during the Spanish Inquisition?