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04:22 AM on 05/18/2010
I think applying for Rhodes scholarship on fake credentials would qualify as "pushing your luck."
05:12 AM on 05/18/2010
You think? ;) Wonder what he'll do know - although the kid is a chancer/dishonest/cunning and clearly lacks integrity - he has undeniably shown he was smart enough to get away with it for that long. Shows also that the bar has been raised so high people would let in (to harvard, to win awards) a kid with such 'perfect' scores, whereas the other applications from real kids would have likely appeared substandard - when they would have actually reflected what a 18yr old kid Could accomplish.
Hissing and scratching with gusto.
06:53 AM on 05/18/2010
Wall Street, here I come.
04:20 AM on 05/18/2010
My mother spent a small fortune to send me to a "prestigious" Academy. i was lost in a sea of students who were members of the "honor" society and the like. 4.00 GPA the norm. but i sat next to them in class and watched them CHEAT their way to graduation. The did it because they could. They were people who had everything but integrity
10:29 AM on 05/18/2010
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12:24 PM on 05/18/2010
I remember those kids in high school, the teacher looked the other way while they cheated together in civcs class; the most arrogant and loud was a politician's daughter. And the beat goes on. . .
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12:53 AM on 05/18/2010
This is an extreme example of something that is fairly common: lying about credentials. In this case I'm sad for the deserving students who were kept out of Harvard, or denied grants, by this particular criminal.

Remember the MIT admissions director who was fired when it was discovered that most of her resume was a lie? The age of digital communication has made verification a little easier, but it has cheating much, much easier.
10:30 AM on 05/18/2010
Only a part (her college attendance) was a lie
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11:34 PM on 05/17/2010
One does not create such a complex tissue of lies in this day and age without the expectation that it will all come apart sooner or later.

Remember Tony Curtis in "The Great Impostor"?

The same behavior that drove his character seems to be driving this young man. He is not happy with who he is so he creates another person to be. Sad really.
11:03 PM on 05/17/2010
I agree it's amazing that Harvard got fooled, but I suspect that forgery is a lot easier to get away with than most people think. You try your hand at it and nobody notices, so you start doing more and more of it, and it gets more elaborate. It's addictive. The forger who takes the cake was a teenage boy in England who forged complete works of Shakespeare 200 years ago and got away with it, almost. There's a great book all about him, "The Boy Who Would Be Shakespeare" by Doug Stewart. Bottom line: people see what they want to see.
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10:59 PM on 05/17/2010
Pathological. He'll keep doing it. The talented Mr. Wheeler.
10:49 PM on 05/17/2010
I hope he and his new cellmate, Bubba are very happy together! I wonder where they will register their china patterns....
is not Chicago
10:34 PM on 05/17/2010
What an @ss. He got busted at Bowdoin and thought, what..he could pull it off if only he were at a better school? He should have just gone to UMASS and partied. He probably would have passed fine doing his own work.
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Truth happens to individuals not crowds
11:53 PM on 05/17/2010
probably just tried to figure out how Bowdoin nailed him and refined his technique...
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10:22 PM on 05/17/2010
The boy obviously has a brilliant future ahead of him in politics and may be considered as prime Presidential material on the Democratic ticket following in President Obama's footsteps.
is not Chicago
10:28 PM on 05/17/2010
I want to see his birth certificate.
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10:33 PM on 05/17/2010
And his social security card.
11:40 PM on 05/17/2010
yes, he'll probably sleep through his presidency like reagan, make himself and his family famous like the bushes and be a poor spelling bee like pap bush's vp..... welcome to america.....
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09:53 PM on 05/17/2010
Harvard huh? Makes you wonder about Obama and Kagan now, doesn't it? Where will this story lead? A fish rots from the head, and we can be certain that there is more to this story than some poor kid who needed an education. What was he really covering up? A birth certificate issue?
10:06 PM on 05/17/2010
Is this Glenn Beck in disguise!?! Grandiloquent Conspiracies - all your missing is a chalkboard...
I pick my battles and walk from the rest.
02:46 AM on 05/18/2010
A fish rots from the head? Oh gosh, now I've heard everything.
Ronald Bakman
09:47 PM on 05/17/2010
LLLOOOLLL--havent heard of a story like this for a looong time
09:44 PM on 05/17/2010
with all the work he put in to live a lie, he could have done well with the SAT's , what a waste.
10:08 PM on 05/17/2010
Sociopaths get kicks on breaking laws and perverting society not follow its rules!
09:39 PM on 05/17/2010
09:28 PM on 05/17/2010
If his name was Adam Palin none of this would even be reported, and he would get off scott free.
10:45 AM on 05/18/2010
Why does everything have to funnel back to your angry political jabs? (I've maybe voted republican once in my life, btw)
12:28 AM on 05/23/2010
My angry political jabs? First of all, you don't even know me. I was making an observation, that I stand by. Track Palin cut the brake lines to over 44 school buses in Wasilla, AFTER he stole a bottle of liquor from a liquor store. Do you find that funny? Sarah got him off, by cutting a deal for Track to enter the army instead of going to jail. Bristol has had two children, and it looks as if she may be pregnant again now, despite her current abstinence tour. Do you know she's living with her boyfriend in Alaska? Willow was the ringleader for a group that destroyed a families home, where she and her cohorts were charged with breaking and entering. The house is a total loss, with at least $30,000.00 damage. Guess who got off? Willow, who Sarah insisted was NOT EVEN in town at the time of the incident. The police said no, Willow WAS in town- every other child in attendance pointed out to them that she in fact was the leader of the pack.

THOSE are FACTS summerville, not opinions.

Palin is a fraud, a liar, and an extremely POOR parent. THAT is my opinion.

See the difference?
Rebel with a cause
09:01 PM on 05/17/2010
Too bad that things fell-apart for this guy just when he was on the verge of receiving a Nobel Prize for discovering a cure for acne! Just look at his photo.

Plus, he is a lousy liar. Why will any student transfer from MIT to Harvard? The Harvard admission office must be full of eedeeots. Statistically, that type of transfer never happens.
09:18 PM on 05/17/2010
unless someone would decide to switch professions from say engineering to law... That would be justifiable but as you stated probably unlikely but still a possibility.
is not Chicago
10:30 PM on 05/17/2010
No one at Harvard bothers to pick up a phone and check if he went to Andover or MIT? MIT is maybe a 15 minute walk from Harvard. They could have yelled out the window to the admissions office. Didn't even need to pick up the phone.

Budget cuts must be really tough at the old Crimson.