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08:06 AM on 05/19/2010
The country continues to want change. The problem is that there's a vast misinformation campaign led by News Corp and therefore many voters step into their polling booths unaware of the cozy relationship between government and politicians.
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severely liberal and proud of it
08:04 AM on 05/19/2010
as I watched the results coming in last night I heard a lot of the talking heads claiming that we are an angry lot, a disgruttled group of people. I think of myself as an everyday sort of Joanne and I don't feel angry or disgruttled (except, perhaps, about the lies and obstructionism coming from the right). Sound bites I guess
What I saw very little reporting on was the actual count of voters turning out for these primaries. For instance, Rand Paul might have gottne almost twice as many votes as Grayson... but BOTH of the Democratic candidated had far more votes than Paul. A sleeping, un-enthused Democratic base? I don't think so
Get a clue, then get a life
08:21 AM on 05/19/2010
Sharin, the "coverage" by the right wing is simply "spin".....Or, in the case of last night's results, its simply Damage Control.......
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07:58 AM on 05/19/2010
How can anyone in Arkansas vote for Lincoln after she stabbed the people in the back over her health care manipulation. Just another example of how we actually give power to those who abuse us. There must be a psychiatric term for that.
A Friend To Both
08:57 AM on 05/19/2010
How about The Reagan Syndrome?
09:08 AM on 05/19/2010
Obama and Bill Clinton are not progressives, they are Ivy League neoconservatives. And their chosen ones just got trashed!
09:26 AM on 05/19/2010
Anyone who thinks Obama -- with his health care overall, support for auto companies, and rescue of the economy through pouring money into financial institutions -- is a neocon has no political compass. The true neocons despise Obama, just as true socialists despise Obama. Hey -- maybe the guy is doing something right.
09:57 AM on 05/19/2010
Wow, sometimes I am just amazed at the uneducated comments that are posted here.
07:00 AM on 05/19/2010
Democrats have run against Specter for years. It was too much to ask to expect Democrats to keep him just because he switched parties and nuanced some of his positions, even with Obama behind him. I wouldn't call this anti-incumbent -- this is Democrats electing one of their own, rather than returning someone who is only recently wearing the blue jersey.
07:57 AM on 05/19/2010
And the Tea Bagger win in KENTUCKY is a "great victory that shows how people want a change"? Yeah, keep reporting the news "fair & balanced"!LOL!!!
Happy to be alive.
10:01 AM on 05/19/2010
I don't really think it's a victory for teabaggers. It's more a slap at Mitch McConnell.
09:18 AM on 05/19/2010
Thank you for your comment.
06:44 AM on 05/19/2010
Of course, no one is noticing that Democrats walloped Republicans in turnout. IN KENTUCKY. This is likely to be a Democratic year. And no one seems to have any idea that could even happen.

But if you have Democrats outdrawing Republicans in off-year primaries in conservative states by substantial margins, well, get ready to pick up a few more seats. It's all I'm saying.
06:55 AM on 05/19/2010
I mean, everyone's painting that as a Tea Party win - it fits their preconceived narrative so nicely. But even the LOSING Democratic candidate scored more votes than Rand Paul - 224,989 to Paul's 206,812. IN KENTUCKY! In the end, the total votes cast (in Kentucky!!) for Democrats were 520,412, while Republicans scored a mere 351,927.

So... even when the Democrats rally significantly more voters to the polls in an off-year, anti-incumbent, supposedly Tea Party PRIMARY election, in a conservative state like Kentucky, the press is still fawning over the Tea Party like it's a serious political force.

Meanwhile, what's really going on is the country is voting overwhelmingly for progressive change. The numbers speak for themselves... the Republicans are unlikely to win back either house of Congress.
07:29 AM on 05/19/2010
That is definitely my read. Obama's mandate for change was no fluke. Democrats just have allowed themselves to be cow-towed by the Fox News and the radio right into not pushing forward as hard as they should be.

Tea Party rallies pale in size compared with Obama rallies or the anti-war rallies before him. Americans are evidently more progressive than is being noted in the media, although it is clearly reflected in other areas of popular culture - Cougar Town, Modern Family, True Blood, Weeds, Nurse Jackie are more telling than the pundits about the mood of the country on a wide variety of issues.
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08:06 AM on 05/19/2010
Thanks for the information. That's good news that's been buried in all the tea party hype.
06:23 AM on 05/19/2010
I pray that either of the Pauls runs on the Republican ticket in 2012. If Democrats fail to expunge their Wall Street/Goldman Sachs loving crony president in the primaries, I'm going to support a Paul just as much as I supported Obama in 2008.
"I'm not deaf. I'm ignoring you."
09:17 AM on 05/19/2010
Seriously? I look at the Pauls and think, "Wow, crazy really does run in families."
Chris Matthews 1
No! Not THAT one!
02:09 PM on 05/19/2010
If you support Paul, you're nuts. Paul is not what people think he is.
04:58 AM on 05/19/2010
Rand Paul is repulsive. How could anyone look at him and say, "Yep, that's the kind of guy we need running our country?"

This country has lost its mind.
06:19 AM on 05/19/2010
He's at willing to fight for about half of what Progressives stand for. That's about half more than what Obama is willing to fight for; I'll support him.
07:09 AM on 05/19/2010
For example?
07:21 AM on 05/19/2010
Are you kidding me? What's repulsive about him, that he doesn't want wars, wants trade with all nations, opposes the patriot act, or want gitmo shut down and rights adhered to for the people the way the constitution intended? Such a repulsive guy....

Get off the board and go getcha sum learnin'
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08:01 AM on 05/19/2010
Yes, and you might add that Rand Paul probably won't give Israel the war it wants with Iran.
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04:33 AM on 05/19/2010
["People just aren't very happy," Ira Robbins, 61, said in Allentown, Pa.

With anyone linked to power, it seems.]

More "catapulting the propaganda". We'll hear this over and over again.

The truth is, your representatives have an "orientation" and a VOTING RECORD. They're not all the same. Keep who you think it good, and chuck the fools operating against you. Democracy. (for Democrats et al) (voting records)
06:27 AM on 05/19/2010
The voting records of both Democrats and Republicans prove that they are all Wall Street cronies--when they actually have to vote for things on the Senate floor. Most of the time they can screw the American public over in back room dealings where we never see it.

Throw all the bums out!
07:56 AM on 05/19/2010
Why not look at who is blocking the reform efforts? Why not just throw out the one's that are blocking that effort? Does that require too much thinking?
Blessed Girl
04:32 AM on 05/19/2010
A nice night for progressives. The Dems hold Murtha's old district, they boot the fraud named Specter, and have a good shot at removing the right-wing corporatist Lincoln.
04:18 AM on 05/19/2010
Actually there were no surprises as each election turned out as predicted. The PA-12 election was a tossup before the vote was taken,

The strong interest in the Democratic Senatorial Primary (Specter-Sestak) actually brought out the Dem vote in PA12 as the margin of Dem victory was greater than the near even split predicted prior. In the past the GOP candidate was actually leading in polls.

More Dems voted in KY than GOP in their respective promaries.
Never, never, never give up.
03:46 AM on 05/19/2010
"Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the top-ranking Republican on the Banking Committee, rose to object to a vote on one of the most talked-about amendments, cosponsored by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.). Levin-Merkley would ban commercial banks from trading for their own benefit with taxpayer-backed money."

Lessee. The tea whatever crowd says they're for fiscal responsibility. They hate bailouts. Yet, here we have the Pubs blocking an amendment to the financial reform bill that would prohibit banks from using taxpayer money to trade securities for their own benefit.

Republicans are more fiscally responsible, the TP crowd says. They're okay with the Pubs stopping Wall Street banks from using taxpayer funds to gamble? That doesn't compute.
Why Turn Around When You Can Just Pivot
06:25 AM on 05/19/2010
Tea Party does not Equate to Republican Party -- hence the difference in name.
the cake is a lie
11:15 AM on 05/19/2010
And the Democratic Party candidates they've endorsed include...?
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03:42 AM on 05/19/2010
The GOP insists that 2010 will be a referendum on Obama. I, personally, do not vote in midterms based on my like or dislike of the current president. I judge candidates on their contribution, future contribution and their stance on issues. My husband isn't too hot on Obama anymore, but he still isn't convinced that the GOP can do any better. So while its true Obama doesn't have the stellar ratings he once had, the GOP isn't giving him any reason to vote for them either. He unabashedly supports Feingold who could possibly be even more liberal than Obama. There is not a single pollster out there who could properly measure my husband's political leanings. How can they predict how he will vote, when he himself doesn't know? Isn't kind of silly to try to peg a person who is, by definition, not loyal to either party? (And it would also seem that "independents who lean Republican" or "independents who lean liberal" aren't truly independent. Are they?)
04:26 AM on 05/19/2010
Feingold is MUCH the better person than Obama. I admire his values snd his stan e on almost every issue. He would be a better president than Obama.

(I think the relative stances of each party should be obvious by now. You don't vote for just an individual. Their party stands for different sets of values. What are ykur? Do they match the avowed values of either party? Will the monied leaders of one party make each member vote as a bloc? Then there is no individual. Which party's members behave more or less courageously or cowardly? Unfortunately, there are few courageous leaders once they become part of the
Senate. Some, but few.

most, by far, do not have the excellent vision and independence of spirit that Russ Feingold
seems to have. /By the way, you say who your husband likes....How can you tell whom you
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03:34 AM on 05/19/2010
There goes the theory that Dems need to be poked and prodded to vote. Perhaps the media's prophecy of gloom and doom for the Dems is helping the Dems more than the Republicans. Is the Tea Party movement big enough to counteract the more established unions?
03:29 AM on 05/19/2010
What baffles me is why pundits somehow thing this shows any real tea bagger affect besides on the Republican side. Tea Baggers are the same conservatives they was before they started scotch taping tea bags to their heads.

I see zero affect from the so called tea party on democrat or the general elections. Specter lost because he's a turncoat, Lincoln could be losing because she failed to support health care and liberals dumped TONS of money into her opponents campaign. In the Murtha election is was a clear win for the Democrat.

The only thing tea bagers will succeed at are electing more right wing crazies in primary's. Wow... some political movement lol.
07:23 AM on 05/19/2010
Or, they took the idea of the repub establishment and threw it under the buss for people who actually will do what they say, kinda like obama threw rev. wright "under the buss." Your hypocrisy is astounding.
03:07 AM on 05/19/2010
You go Joe !

So happy about this one :-)))))