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08:55 AM on 05/28/2010
I would like to correct a name on my post ...the operson was Scott Peterson...he killed Laci Peterson and their unborn son...his mistresse's name is Amber Frey...sorry about the mistake...
Responsible and accountable
08:48 AM on 05/28/2010
For what purpose did this woman obtain Allred's services if not for fame and notoriety?
08:48 AM on 05/28/2010
I would love to know what man pissed her off so badly that she would make a living off of defending mistresses. One of her first well known cases was defending the mistress of Scott Peters(the guy who killed his wife and unborn child) are telling me that the mistress had no about being a media whore....the victims were dead ...her client was not a victim but an enabler....she is one of those reasons that lawyers have such a bad reputation....
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Goddess Divine and certainly an acquired taste...
10:04 AM on 05/28/2010
Who says she's motivated by anger? Assumptive, assumptive... she might have just recognized a niche market & ran with it.

And I guarantee your judgment doesn't faze her at all...
10:59 AM on 05/28/2010
That was what one refers to as a sarcastic remark......I cannot in good faith have respect for anyone that uses the misfortune of others to glorify I think or even believe that my opinion matters to someone like would require her or anyone like her to have a is easy to destroy but it takes true character to build....
08:40 AM on 05/28/2010
Oh, Jesus! TMI
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08:37 AM on 05/28/2010
Gloria Alred looks like a money sniffing, opportunistic shrew.
05:05 AM on 05/29/2010
Though I have no sympathy for her behavior, the really awful people here are Matt and the other stupid men (that would be Tiger, of course) who do ridiculous things like get involved with dubious people when they are married...that would be the problem that would need correcting before Gloria's or this trans' opportunism.
¬°Diga toda la verdad. Siempre!
08:32 AM on 05/28/2010
LOL at this whole story! Esp, since this is familiar turf for Mr. Lauer.

I'm confused as to why Gloria Alred is involved.
07:57 AM on 05/28/2010
Gulf Oil Spill is less poisoneous that this character.
Prince of Congo
07:56 AM on 05/28/2010
Gloria must have a $2500 fee for press conference, $1000 fee just to see her, $2500 if case goes to trial, and 50% if her client wins or settles.
07:56 AM on 05/28/2010
Rubbish!! Gloria Allread always finds rubish cases.
They'll never take my panache!
07:50 AM on 05/28/2010
I don't believe in Hell (despite 7 years of parochial school); but, if there is such a place, I know who'll greet me at the gate--Gloria Allred.
="Would you like my business card?"
I'm the boss. Need the info...
07:47 AM on 05/28/2010
Looks good, doesn't feel so good!
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07:43 AM on 05/28/2010
Smart thinking! At least Lauer won't ever end up having to deny fathership of his own baby.

She looks pretty good too, all things considered.
08:02 AM on 05/28/2010
i feel my self channeling brian from family guy
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Think, it ain't illegal yet!
09:28 PM on 05/29/2010
You do mean he looks good, right? He is passable.
07:31 AM on 05/28/2010
This story keeps getting better!!!
07:01 AM on 05/28/2010
Nice dress.
...I am Siamese if you don't please.
06:59 AM on 05/28/2010
If she had gender reassignment surgery, then she is a woman. The story, if there is any at all, would be the affair...not the gender of the person...unless Lauer is a secret member of some cult that is out bashing gays and transgenders. It seems to me the only story here is the possible cons this person has been reported to have tried.l
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Think, it ain't illegal yet!
09:39 PM on 05/29/2010
Nope, that is not true. He is still a man, just surgically altered to appear as a woman. Now here is a twist for all of you. All of the people who are hating on Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, A-Rod, Mark McGuire, etc. Why not show them the same love? For what they have done is not too much different. All of them allegedly "where" juicing. Why should this guy get a pass? Don't they also have to "juice" for feminine features to show up?