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01:41 PM on 05/27/2010
for decades the government has been bought off by big business to send regular paying jobs overseas and to south america. 12 bucks an hour vs 12 bucks a month wage reduction is too good for politicans and business to pass up.

now we have no jobs here and the same paid off politicans complain about the "lazy" middle class.
01:40 PM on 05/27/2010
We need to pass Tier 5 and then start a job project. Like building the wall on the boarder. How hard is this. Look at History, get America working! If we are going into debt lets get something that will lower our cost first.

How about making sure that everyone on unemployment is a legal citizen. How about we tax imports more...

You would think that Congress would pass every unemployment bill there is as they are all going to be unemployed when it is election time. Too bad it is not before.

You see that they are revising the unemployment and jobs numbers after they claimed they were so good. I am read headlines today the UE claims are down to 460,000 this week. What the hell, they have been averaging 450,000 per week and last week they jumped to 470,000 and now they posting "Claims Falling". They have no where to go.

Support tier 5!

Support the works projects! Get America working.
01:57 PM on 05/27/2010
How about US companies not hiring illegals? They are just as bad as the corporation who send jobs overseas. How do you suggest we get America working? There are jobs out there, but some folks who had blue collar jobs never kept up with technology, so they have nothing to fall back on. And as for the white collar workers, the reason they don't have jobs, is because the corporations gave millions in bonuses to those high in office, so workers had to let go. If this country cared about each person in the country, we wouldn't have such a mess! It is amusing to watch white folks cry about jobs! That's what minorities have been crying about much longer than you have. White folks care about jobs now, because they don't have them. They didn't care when others were asking for the same thing. I'm glad to know now, that white folks are on those unemployment lines with all of the minorities that couldn't find decent jobs.
01:38 PM on 05/27/2010
Take every one of these Republican Democrats out.
Free your mind and the rest will follow
01:44 PM on 05/27/2010
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From Nashville, Tennistan.
01:37 PM on 05/27/2010
It would be novel if they surprised everyone by trying to appease and help their constituents.
Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself
01:35 PM on 05/27/2010
Fiscal Economic Bank for the Buck
One year $ change in real GDP for a given $ reduction in federal tax revenue or increase in

Tax Cuts
Non-refundable Lump-Sum Tax Rebate 1.02
Refundable Lump-Sum Tax Rebate 1.26
Temporary Tax Cuts
Payroll Tax Holiday 1.29
Across the Board Tax Cut 1.03
Accelerated Depreciation 0.27
Permanent Tax Cuts
Extend Alternative Minimum Tax Patch 0.48
Make Bush Income Tax Cuts Permanent 0.29
Make Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cuts Permanent 0.37
Cut in Corporate Tax Rate 0.30

Spending Increases
Extending UI Benefits 1.64
Temporary Increase in Food Stamps 1.73
General Aid to State Governments 1.36
Increased Infrastructure Spending 1.59
The main website is a great site if you want to know what small businesses are talking about as it relates to the economy and jobs.
wants a better Democrat than Feinstein as my Senat
01:32 PM on 05/27/2010
Marcy Winograd in 2010.
Anyone BUT Dianne Feinstein in 2012.
Clint Abear
01:31 PM on 05/27/2010
i was so planed by the last prezz to wreck the middle class and then blame the dems then 24/7 complain bout dems on fixed up news. same old same old.
01:25 PM on 05/27/2010
I'm sending money to Jane Harmon's Progressive Democratic candidate. We need to get these Blue Dogs sent off with their tails between their legs come November. This country can't take any more GOP in our government, and the Blue Dogs are acting more like the GOP everyday.
Liberal and Loud!!!!!!
01:51 PM on 05/27/2010
Jane Harman is worth over 100 million dollars.
WTF does she care about her constituents.This is all a plan to starve the beast and turn AMERICA into a third world country.But let me tell you something-----people are already planning for that fight.
01:25 PM on 05/27/2010
Let's put the hawks in the unemployment line themselves.
William Young
The GOP is the enemy of America!
02:06 PM on 05/27/2010
But they'll get free healthcare for the rest of their lives though, so they still benefit sadly.
Texas Liberal
05:02 PM on 05/27/2010
If the alleged "deficit hawks" are serious about cutting spending, they can immediately give up the taxpayer subsidies of their health insurance premiums and health care costs, their congressional pensions, and they can work for free.
01:23 PM on 05/27/2010
Our nation is broke, we have no more money, what is going to happen when the bill comes due? We will all be issued funny hats and jackets just in time for the new China colony to be named, thats what.
01:31 PM on 05/27/2010
Fear fear fear. Meanwhile our schools go down hill, our economy gets worse and our infrastructure crumbles if we don't spend our way out of this.
Like the economist Dean Baker said in the above piece:
"Before, they were touting the jobs created by the stimulus," said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, who thinks the focus on the deficit is insane. "Maybe now we should start counting the jobs lost by the cutbacks.
01:32 PM on 05/27/2010
Maybe the unemployed can save us. We know the rich and powerful aren't willing.
01:23 PM on 05/27/2010
I'd say this lady looks more like a peacock, not a hawk. haha