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10:11 AM on 06/01/2010
Sarah is still asking for donations on her Facebook. Why?
Most of the speeches she gives are for organizations that have nothing to do with politics and she receives a huge fee for speaking at them.
Does she use her donations for travel expenses, air, etc. for her and her family?
I don't think she has indicated anywhere that she has any intention of running for politics.
So, she rakes in donations and they pay her expenses so she can keep all her speaking fees?
Merry Meet, Merry Part
06:38 PM on 06/02/2010
Basically, yes. Bilking dumb pepople out of their money is what people like Sarah are good at.
09:22 AM on 06/01/2010
I don't know what Sarah is so worried about, it's not like she spends ANY time at home. This soccer Mom seems to be fine with the idea that someone else is raising her kids.
This is my BOOM stick!
11:52 AM on 06/01/2010
And Tah-dd's "gettin' cared fer" while Mosie's away, also too!
07:17 AM on 06/01/2010
Sarah Palin and Liz Cheney - Two wrongs do not make a right.... lol
04:44 PM on 06/01/2010
But they do make a Right!

Fanned you, barney, for your witticism!

Hope for a return fan in the spirit of keeping it witty here on HP.
06:18 AM on 06/01/2010
Palin has had some mental health issues in the past ... her narcisstic behavior has been evident through her ramblings and belief that people hang onto every word. Now she is becoming paranoid or perhaps the narcissism has become worse. She plays to whoever pays her and spreads inuendo, lies, hate, and bigotry and her followers just buy it up! She needs to take care of her children and stay in Alaska... she is helping no one or this country! She is laughing all the way to the bank filling her coffers because the lazy, uneducated followers she has do not research or think for themselves.
never moon a werewolf
08:29 AM on 06/01/2010
...' and belief that people hang onto every word...' as sad as it may be, the fact that the HP runs at least 3 stories a day about Sarah Palin, is proof enough that the writers here and the bloggers must have their daily dose of Palin.
Whether this is what leads her to the belief that HP hangs onto her every word, I am not sure. However, it seems to me that the 'I can't get enough of Sarah Palin" originates with the HP and not with Palin.
Fight the lies.
12:57 PM on 06/01/2010
It's like a trainwreck. I just can't look away . . .
02:55 PM on 06/01/2010
It's not just the captivating nature of a trainwreck that draws liberals to the articles. There is a need to know what disinformation the idi0t is spewing to the unsophisticated. It is very frustrating to hear SP say something that is blatantly false and then hear those words repeated without any fact checking by those who take her word as gospel. What scares us about SP is the fact that so many people take her lies as truth and ignore her hypocrisy. It does not bode well for this nation that there are so many m0r0ns who are able to vote.
Jesus IS a socialist
01:32 AM on 06/01/2010
Note to Mr Mcginnis, Please let us know if any SBS company trucks stop by to "Help" her with any repairs/additions, as with her alaskan lake house. This woman is making so many US citizens look stupid, when will she finally go away
Jesus IS a socialist
01:14 AM on 06/01/2010
I just read a story(on faux) In which Sarah Palin claims that Obama is in bed with the oil companies, and she goes on to say that Obama, In his bid to become president, recieved approx 88,000 dollars from BP, In campaign contributions, and she also states that, the 88,000 was the most expensive one time contribution that Obama recieved. Of course she neglected to mention that the Mccain/Palin ticket recieved 2.4 million dollars from BP in the same presidential campaign. I Cetainly hope the conservatives run this Idiot for president, another 4 yrs for Obama would be great
Fight the lies.
12:59 PM on 06/01/2010
According to Media Matters, Obama has accepted a total of $1,000 from BP, and that was during his Senate campaign. The $70,000+ they're claiming came from BP actually came from individual BP employees. Obama also accepted no PAC money during his Presidential campaign, so he received no money from the BP PAC.

She's a bald-faced liar.
04:54 PM on 06/01/2010
And, as you may have learned by now, Sistah Sarah just loves to say that someone is in bed with
someone else! Problem is, she should use that old AA slogan of "eyes on self" and make sure
she knows who's in bed with whom inside her own home! Like she said that she was "shocked"
when she learned that her daughter was pregnant, though the cohort of that pregnancy had
been sleeping in her home.
What would Studs say?
10:14 PM on 05/31/2010
As Olbermann says, "This woman is an idiot"
07:43 PM on 05/31/2010
Maybe Sarah is worried he will interview her other neighbors and also her household help?

You can bet she is telling them all to shut up and not talk to him or else.......
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08:25 PM on 05/31/2010
Wait till Sarah finds out he hired the air force to fly a drone over her house! lol
07:18 AM on 06/01/2010
den - funny
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07:24 PM on 05/31/2010
Straight from her husband, winning the award for understatement of the year:

Mr. Palin, what does Sen. McCain need to know about working with your wife?

TODD PALIN: She's a hard worker and she's not wired normal.,,20222685_2,00.html
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08:27 PM on 05/31/2010
Sarah Palin is wired two circuits short of a complete 110 line?
We are ALL Americans, not just the noisy few.
10:31 PM on 05/31/2010
Regrettably that energy is mis-directed, ill-informed and often malicious, but Todd did say correctly that Sarah is "not wired normal." (How appropriate that Todd's quote be ungrammatical, in keeping with "real Amerikuh.")
06:35 PM on 05/31/2010
To me, the overarching story is that McGinnis' cover has been blown and his project is that much less worthwhile now. It's a shame. He was well-positioned. I'd love to see Palin's little empire be infiltrated and to hear more of the truth about how awful she is. But he can't do that now. HER reaction to it is less interesting. She'll always take the low road.

I love the line about "preening grandiosity and indignant claims of victimization." So well-put.
07:12 PM on 05/31/2010
He will probably see Sarah doing nothing in or out of the home while she is there. I bet he sees a nanny and housekeepers. She is probably just home enough to wash her clothes, get her hair fixed and on to her next adventure. He will see the real Sarah Palin, homemaker, housewife and mother, not.

I bet she does nothing at home except cater to herself. She can hire everything else out and he may just see all that.
07:21 PM on 05/31/2010
The trick would be to get in there hired as a nanny or whatever.
07:27 PM on 05/31/2010
Yes, that's why I am saying, infiltrate. He should have gotten hired in some capacity. Lawn boy, copywriter, something. What Is he going to do from next door, esp. now?
09:00 AM on 06/02/2010
I am pretty sure that he will do fine and I hope he has assistants to help investigate Palin.
01:49 PM on 06/02/2010
06:28 PM on 05/31/2010
Wait till we see Sarah's endorcements lose their races and watch the GOP leaders snub her. You do not see anyone like Romney asking her to attend his functions and you won't see the other top RNC
asking for her support either. They are just sitting back and watching her play out.
What about McCain. Why aren't they together stumping?
She is hurting the whole Republican Party's chances for a strong nomination by dividing the party.
Does she care? Heck no.
She feels everyone is on their own and the best woman wins. A real uniter.
01:55 PM on 06/02/2010
jaschem1, fanned you for your speculations. But, Romney is way too busy boosting his
gal, Meg, "the million dollar Governor-of-California-Wannabe," to worry about the likes
of Sarah Palin right now. But since she came in third, if I remember correctly, at the
New Orleans Republican fest (shortly before the oil spill), I suspect she's still a power
to be considered. I'm predicting that she'll have to settle for the number 2 slot again
on the ticket of Romney, perhaps, or ???

Hope for a return fan in the interest of networking here on HP.
06:20 PM on 05/31/2010
She may sound kind of stupid sometimes but she's a gifted con artist, a grifter.

She'd say or do anything for money, free things, or attention from the media.
I'm not sure she stands for anything, she just found an angle and she's working it.
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08:28 PM on 05/31/2010
yep she is a stupid con artist she lost the election didn't she?
Totally De-regulate all RED states=JUSTICE..
10:00 PM on 05/31/2010
she made more $$$$$$$$$ by losing the election and playing the media hates me

"Conservative" is not a political party, genius.
05:58 PM on 05/31/2010
I love seeing Palin step up as the intellectual leader of the GOP.
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06:25 PM on 05/31/2010
The leader of the pack?
The leader of the band?
The leader of the club...M-I-C-K-E-Y....M-O-U-S-E! I don't think she'll wear the ears, they might flatten her NASCAR hairdo!
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08:30 PM on 05/31/2010
That is a impossible mission my friend intellectual and Palin it is like oil and water it won't mix sorry about the oil and water analogy might be a bad taste in words!
01:57 PM on 06/02/2010
How about oil and vinegar? Naw, that'd be a salad dressing.
04:20 PM on 05/31/2010
"Love thy Neighbor as Thyself" right Moose Muffin?
04:15 PM on 05/31/2010
"Progressives" must somehow learn to survive on their own without Sarah:
We're all Bozos on this bus.
05:00 PM on 05/31/2010
How can we miss her if she won't go away??
05:49 PM on 05/31/2010
It's tough standing on your own, thinking for yourself.

You can do it, I've got faith in you!
I prefer not to......
08:38 PM on 05/31/2010
Good point!
12:09 AM on 06/01/2010
How's that bumbling mumbling quitter working out fer ya?
03:42 AM on 06/01/2010
Obama's still in the White House, unfortunately, quitting on and apologizing for America.