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09:54 PM on 05/30/2010
When pieces of the "blowout seal" came up from the well it should have been shut down till that problem was fixed. Surely they did't put profit over safety. No corporation would do that would they? Does Massey Energy ring a bell?
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12:33 AM on 05/31/2010
They cut every corner,put these people in jail and bust BP into little pieces
09:25 PM on 05/30/2010

Let's appoint a commission....Try and place the blame.
Start legal maneuverings....You know the game.

Withhold information....Don't let the public know
Limit Liability!....Meanwhile oil flows
Drill Baby Drill

So we sit and we talk....And talk some more
Start partisan bickering....Dead sea life washes ashore

Every minute wasted....On political games
Means more sea life lost....Have they gone insane?
Drill Baby Drill

Speedy Drilling Greed....Damaged blowout seal
70,000 barrels a day....Time to get real

As the Gulf Coast turns to dead zone....Devoid of all life
Oil Plume underwater....Too late to make it right
Drill Baby Drill

Damage Control!....That's all we can do
When will it end?....Nobody has a clue

Turn your back on Nature....Try and cover your A$$
testify to congress....They liked your campaign cash
Drill Baby Drill....Drill Baby Drill.....Drill Baby Drill

To hear the new song:
(free download if you like)”
09:24 PM on 05/30/2010
More BP lies. Cutting corners is precisely what hey did and they were simply drilling too damn fast. The 60 Minutes interview with the survivor tells it all very clearly. To quote my song DRILL BABY DRILL "turn your back on nature...try and cover your a$$...testify to congress....they liked your campaign cash...Drill Baby Drill" No more lies! No more BS!! The public is fed up with all this media grandstanding. Just stop the damn leak!!

CNN has contacted me about the songs I have written for the Gulf Oil Spill. I hope to help raise money for the relief effort with them. CNN heard my song DRILL BABY DRILL and asked if I had any more songs related to current events. They also asked me some very detailed questions which I answered. The reporter says it is for a story he is doing for next Tuesday. I sent him this new song called CRY FOR THE FISHERMEN.

To hear audio and see the video and read more about CNN's interest I posted it on MOG:
(Right now song is free to download until I make arrangements with Global Green USA)

Thanks for listening!
Outlaw stupidity and only outlaws will be stupid
12:36 AM on 05/31/2010
Shameless self-promotion?
10:30 PM on 05/31/2010
Unreal! I make no money from this. Right now the songs are free. I am talking with Global Green USA about donating the songs to their relief efforts. How is that SELF promotion?
What am I getting out of the sharing of my song other than the satisfaction of artistic expression and the right to exercise my free speech?

Sometimes I wonder why people are so quick to use the weasly "self promotion" put down as a way to try and suppress artistic expression and free speech. My songs are RELEVANT to the issue. Did you even bother to listen?
You should at least listen and know the true intent before labeling this shameless.
I am naturally excited that CNN noticed my song and want to share that.

IF they use it it can only help raise more money for the relief effort which is my ultimate goal with these songs. I want to help.
09:08 PM on 05/30/2010
Documents Show Earlier (11 months ago) Worries About Safety of Rig

Source: New York Times

WASHINGTON — Internal documents from BP show that there were serious problems and safety concerns with the Deepwater Horizon rig far earlier than those the company described to Congress last week.

The problems involved the well casing and the blowout preventer, which are considered critical pieces in the chain of events that led to the disaster on the rig.

The documents show that in March, after several weeks of problems on the rig, BP was struggling with a loss of “well control.” And as far back as 11 months ago, it was concerned about the well casing and the blowout preventer.

On June 22, for example, BP engineers expressed concerns that the metal casing the company wanted to use might collapse under high pressure.

Read more:
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12:35 AM on 05/31/2010
They knew this could happen they were living on the hope system,Ihope this rig doesn't self destruct, This is a slam dunk,Punish them to the MAX
I don't get drunk, I get awesome.
08:34 PM on 05/30/2010
If you chose to drill for oil 5000 feet below sea level and you have no concrete plan to stop a leak if one happens then you are grossly neglegent, regardless of intent. BP has committed a biological terrorist attack on the United States and they should be dealt with by our Commander In Chief in those terms.
08:39 PM on 05/30/2010
Reading this afternoon and evening I see people are beyond the had enough and working toward the breaking point. As soon as Obama comes home from Chicago I am sure he will look into that.
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01:14 AM on 05/31/2010
You're kidding, Right?
10:21 PM on 05/30/2010
Exactly . . . they acted with criminal disregard the moment that they started to drill without having a concrete contingency plan in place

this is indeed an act of biological AND economic terror
Michael Valentine
Retired SEIU Member
07:46 PM on 05/30/2010
Free market means unlimited liability in court right?
08:47 PM on 05/30/2010
not if you're too big to fail
Michael Valentine
Retired SEIU Member
09:43 PM on 05/30/2010
TBTF flies in the face of free market capitalism but then this is crony capitalism and sadly you could be right.

On the other hand it isn't an American Corporation .... although they spread their "free speech" around Washington like everyone else.

Capitalism met Democracy and enjoyed it with a nice Chianti and fava beans.
10:24 PM on 05/30/2010
too big to fail, aka "corporate welfare", aka "our government's support of noxious but politically-connected industries"
07:25 PM on 05/30/2010
Obama should take the UAE and anybody else up on offers to help!!!! Get help, use this as a good diplomatic side effect.
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09:09 PM on 05/30/2010
He should take advice from these two guys. Take a look:

This actually looks like it can work.
If you don't mind, pass this around.
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My bio is not micro
09:35 PM on 05/30/2010
Post that on the main. More people should see this. Faved.
10:32 PM on 05/30/2010

the only problems that i can see are a) bp may not be able to process the hay to get their oil back, and b) there's big profits to be made by joe blow farmers but not some big multinational
03:42 AM on 05/31/2010
I heard today that they can't accept any outside help, nor can the government get overly involved, because of the concern for liability later. If that isn't sick and twisted, I don't know what is. Our planet is going down and no one will step up and do what's right. The human race gets what it deserves. Too bad this precious earth and all its life has to go down along with us.
Obama does care!
06:47 PM on 05/30/2010
BP has been lying from the beginning and we know it is going to continue lying all the way through. It wants to litigate the matter where its highly paid lawyers can use every legal tactic at their disposal to shirk financial responsibility for the spill.
06:11 PM on 05/30/2010
Yea right. Profit is nr.1 with these guys.
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05:46 PM on 05/30/2010
Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all.
- John Maynard Keynes
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06:19 PM on 05/30/2010
Same thing as: "Don't take it personally. It's just business." Yeah, I have heard that, too. But not the quote you bring, so you are fanned!

fuzzy-headed knee-jerk liberal and proud of it
07:14 PM on 05/30/2010
great quote!!
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05:46 PM on 05/30/2010
Did BP ever ask themselves: What if the blowout preventer doesn't work? Did they ever have a plan beyond that? It sure as hell doesn't look like it?
05:44 PM on 05/30/2010
Quote "Cutting corners is not the way we do business". This is laughable, because it's the only way these big oil companies do business. Maximize profits across the board. Cut funding to safety programs, and then hope nothing bad happens. Greed again ruins the world. Look what it has done to the housing market. Look what it has done everywhere, every service from cell phone plans to utilities.
Saved By Grace
05:40 PM on 05/30/2010
Welcome to big business in America. Cutting corners? We call it "increased productivity" nowadays. Remember when you used to have 50 people on your staff? Now you only have 20 PART TIMERS. And you're picking up the slack for the SAME PAY you used to get.

Why? Because the casino called the NYSE demands it. And the market is more important to your employer than YOU.
05:37 PM on 05/30/2010
Will the corporate citizen who has the right to buy our elections pay the same price a private citizen would for committing an atrocity like this? Can they really be considered "citizens"?
I'm a Lumberjack and He's OK.
05:26 PM on 05/30/2010
Land of the Free, Scot Free.
Nobody will get so much as a parking ticket for this.
Life in the oceans of the world was going to come to an end one way or another.
Might as well be at the hands of the "Beyond Oil" company.