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my micro-bio is empty
08:51 AM on 06/02/2010
Sounds like Big Ben may have learned this behavior as an undergrad.
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08:58 AM on 06/02/2010
He most likely was there!
Um, like, you know?
08:40 AM on 06/02/2010
". . . thirteen instances of chewing gum ground into the carpet" says sooo much about these spoiled kids.
09:31 AM on 06/02/2010
Ha! and your SN is Bazooa! Do you hunt around for gum references to comment on? Fanned!
08:30 AM on 06/02/2010
The sorority deserves to have a harsh lesson from this. Yes, kids have fun at university but there is never an excuse for stupidity. This is a reason for universities to keep a very close eye and strictly regulate all fraternities and sororities.
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me again
Slapping down stupidity at every turn
08:26 AM on 06/02/2010
Damn, I got an invitation and missed it........
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06:15 AM on 06/02/2010
WOW, that's sooo cool ... er, bad. I don't recall having such parties in Germany.
I don't recall any parties at all. ..
Hmmm ?
12:01 PM on 06/02/2010
well, there was that one party back in November of 1923... I think somebody got arrested after that one...
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05:28 AM on 06/02/2010
At the very end of the letter it states that the Lodge is not seeking further payment past the $500.00 security deposit. Why the hell not? I think the Lodge has a good case against the sorority worth thousands of dollars.
04:39 AM on 06/02/2010
Ah yes, the finest that evolution has to offer
04:04 AM on 06/02/2010
The words I want to call the kids involved in all of this would never make it through moderation, so I'm going to just leave a blank space here and you could all use your imagination to fill it in.

I feel so much better now.
03:49 AM on 06/02/2010
this was Miami University not OU. good job huff. post. it even says Miami in the letter.
07:08 AM on 06/02/2010
They've got two seperate incidents mixed up here. One was the Pi Phi at OU which is the top letter from the place in WV and the bottom letter from the place in Hamilton was the same sorority at Miami.
02:59 AM on 06/02/2010
Sounds like kids just blowing-off a little steam - the place didn't burn down, nobody died or even lost a limb so what's the big deal? There were no complaints of areas being knee-deep in seminal fluids. The only real downside that I can see is that I wasn't there!
my micro-bio is empty
08:53 AM on 06/02/2010
Let me take a dump in your car, you know, just to blow off a little steam.
10:33 AM on 06/02/2010
Some people pay good money for that kind of thing ... you should put an ad on clist.
02:04 PM on 06/02/2010
Sorry, no. You seem to be fixated on that one aspect of the party - your problem, not mine.
09:57 AM on 06/02/2010
Remind me to stay away from any parties you attend if you seriously think taking a dump, on the side of the building, and filling urinals with it is just par for the course and no big deal, not to mention the wanton destruction of property.

Wait, is this Keith Richards?
02:27 PM on 06/02/2010
Okay, here's your reminder - and no, I don't approve of those activities. Still, they're just an expression of the morals some of the college youth in our society have and that's the interesting aspect of the story. Would you be as disturbed about deaths from drug and alcohol overdoses, or stabbings or gang rapes?

If the owners of the property or their employees were as disturbed as you appear to be, they should have called the cops and ended the party. That's what responsible adults do. Messes can be cleaned-up, property can be repaired and the legal system provides for monetary damages - you're way too serious.
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01:10 AM on 06/02/2010
At least no one's heart was ripped from their chest, cooked and ate!
01:38 AM on 06/02/2010
True Blood
02:15 AM on 06/02/2010
That would have required a much longer letter.
11:28 PM on 06/01/2010
What a bunch of wuss'es that woman was. In most rental halls like that dancle floors are not permanet fixtures but placed on the floor in whatever coniguration wanted. A section, maybe two might get ruined but in my exprience it takes more than 1-2 drinks o eat through the varnish.
As far as having to clean the carpet, this is something that should be happening after every event where food and/or drink is available. It should be figured into the rental cost of the lodge.
Technically damage outside the rental zone is the respnsibility of the lodge to find and recover their costs from, not he sorority.
In many ways, damage is part and parcel of rental properties like this where booze is served. The letter threatened the sorority with it's insurance company but it didn't provide a statement of what costs were above and beyond the normal cleaning charges, nor an itemized list of the damages.
In many ways, this letter seems more like an attemt to embaress this sorority and it's members than anything else. Yeah and the 'owner' is shocked that the letter was leaked to the press/internet. As a former student, did this sorority not rush her or something?
12:28 AM on 06/02/2010
eehhh, sh@ddupp!
04:36 AM on 06/02/2010
If you want to be that particular, since they were causing damage outside of the agreed rental area, they would technically be trespassing.
10:51 PM on 06/01/2010
I don't find this even mildly amusing and in fact I think it is really very sad. There is nothing fun about getting that drunk.
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Social progressive, fiscal conservative.
10:43 PM on 06/01/2010
Amatuers. I went to high school with a bunch of rich kids (me excluded) and they partied like this all the time in 1969.
12:47 AM on 06/02/2010
i know... rich kids party like idiots!
03:03 AM on 06/02/2010
Yep, and with a larger variety of drugs (one of the fringe benefits of the Vietnam war)
09:22 PM on 06/01/2010
Absolutely deplorable. Anyone have any idea of when and where their next party will be? Just curious.