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06:18 PM on 06/02/2010
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Democommon Sense
06:13 PM on 06/02/2010
So basically poor unemployed people are likely to have friends and family of the same? So did the genius who did this study account for ethnicity, education, or geography? I would bet my last hundred bucks they didn't.
06:22 PM on 06/02/2010
The World Bank has many geniuses
10:30 PM on 06/02/2010
It's really a study about social class, though it doesn't call itself that. It shows that men like "Andy Capp" do exist and that MP's don't have problems getting work after being voted out of office.
05:48 PM on 06/02/2010
Yeah, everyone I know has caught it from Obama. Unfortunatly for the country, Obama is not unemployed, he is only a carrier.
Cthulhu thinks you'd make a nice sandwich.
06:33 PM on 06/02/2010
You mean caught it from Bush, right? Cause this whole thing is left over from the shrub's watch.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
06:39 PM on 06/02/2010
True, but eventually some of the laws like giving tax cuts and credits and incentives and 'entitlements' to corporations THAT offshore must cease if jobs are ever to return.

And while there are no incentives for American workers, no politician has the right to call any of us 'lazy'.
Though I Be The Lone Survivor
07:06 PM on 06/02/2010
Compassion is the basis of all morality.
05:45 PM on 06/02/2010
Total nonsense....I am so sick of the articles that imply or state outright that unemployed people don't want work...nothing could be farther from the truth...unless you are a kid living in Mommy's basement unemployment does not cover the bills.
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05:59 PM on 06/02/2010
agreed, there are typically hundreds of applicants for even lowest tier work
chuck prebys
05:45 PM on 06/02/2010
I'm to the point where I'm about to walk into an office, find the boss, point to someone and tell him to fire him and hire me.

Desperate measures will come soon.......
05:35 PM on 06/02/2010
I disagree. This just appears to me to be another attempt to blame the unemployed themselves. Fact of the matter is, most of the available jobs don't pay enough. And ever since the recession hit full swing, these jobs are paying less. Who would jump off the unemployment bandwagon for less than what they make with the benefits(which they've paid into and is less than their previous salaries)? My friends employment statuses have never had an effect on my own. And for the record, I am currently employed making more than I ever have. My friends? A good bit of them unemployed.
05:17 PM on 06/02/2010
It's true. This is part of the problem (actually a big part) of race and income disparity in this country. I could quit my job and get another in a variety of fields, maybe 4-5 different types of jobs, in a heartbeat because of who I know.
07:31 PM on 06/02/2010
It's just not that black & white. What might appear to be lack of incentive can just be lack of resources. There are financial costs associated with an intensive search (especially in a professional field where you are expected to look the part) that are minor when you're employed and job hunting - but can take a huge budget bite when you're barely keeping a roof overhead and food on the table. And when there's no one in your immediate circle to help you, because they are unemployed as well, sometimes the choice is between "buy food this week" or "get the suit dry cleaned and spend gas money to drive 30 miles for an interview that may not pan out and go hungry". When you have a strong network of people financially willing and able to lend economic support, these kind of choices don't have to be made.