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05:50 PM on 06/07/2010
“Your own soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.” King Solomon
05:43 PM on 06/07/2010
"Four of the nine peace activists killed aboard the ship were Turkish citizens. A score of peace activists were wounded; some claimed they were beaten when in Israeli custody ashore."

Actually eight of the nine were Turkish citizen, one of them was American citizen with a Turkish background. Although some sources say that he was a dual-citizen, his father said that he is only an American citizen and wanted go there because his son thought nobody can do anything to an American citizen but apparently he has been shot 4 times in the head and one in the chest.

I am not a supporter of AKP (Erdogan) but I believe this action also will change the view of secularist people towards Israel. We are historically enemies of Russians and Greeks but they have never done anything like this, and we have excellent relationships with Russians now. Governments are temporary but these kind of actions are permanent. We even could not get over the "Hood event". This is a minor event in comparison what Israeli government has done. Turkey, which is a NATO, OECD member, first Muslim majority country which recognized Israeli state, one of the closest allies of them, one of the top holiday destinations for them has been a supporter of them.

By the way, I read today that we had 600.000 visitors annually from Israel until couple of years ago and now it is 200.000.
Cogito ergo sum. Cogito.
04:58 PM on 06/07/2010
The Israeli right, like the American right, relies on fear to maintain power. Any minor event is blown up to be an existential threat and requiring a disproportionate, brutal response. Americans finally saw their way past the Bush/right wing "9/11, terror, 9/11, terror..." mantra but not until after the disasterous invasion of Iraq. I hope the Israeli's wake up before it is too late for them. If not, they are on a long, hard road.