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01:57 PM on 06/08/2010
Ben, what would feel terrific is to see you out the door of the Fed permanently and take the other cronies with you including the one at Treasury the little tax cheat.
01:57 PM on 06/08/2010
If we do imprison Bernake. Again, it's the smooth, quite voice to the middle class working folk to calm.

My guess, we are heading towards a double dip
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01:55 PM on 06/08/2010
ummm, we already ARe in a double dip recession....
01:50 PM on 06/08/2010
I think and hope he is right. I have more faith in him than Greenspan.
03:04 PM on 06/08/2010
No, he is wrong. Accept it.
01:48 PM on 06/08/2010
What guess ? The man doesn't even think. He does what the banks tell him to do
01:45 PM on 06/08/2010
"My best guess is we will have a continued recovery, but it won't feel terrific"
So his 'prediction' is, its going to be kinda good, but sorta bad..maybe.

Wow, thanks for that detailed peek into the future, Nostradumba$$.
01:31 PM on 06/08/2010
Bernanke (with Barney Frank) in 2008: "Fannie and Freddie are solvent"
A 'blue' Southerner
01:28 PM on 06/08/2010
God?! Why is anyone reporting this guy's predictions? He is either the most incompetent or the most criminal figure on the national level since Bush the Coward.

01:09 PM on 06/08/2010
There won't be a double dip, we haven't left the first dip behind yet and it's still getting worse.
01:08 PM on 06/08/2010
Hey, at least he is using his best guess instead of just a guess. I am encouraged that he has put out this much effort.
01:35 PM on 06/08/2010
This is why he gets paid the big bucks.
12:56 PM on 06/08/2010
They can't tighten credit while the banks are still not making the loans to small business.

They sent Bidden out to soften the blow by bragging up the raw number. The Raw number was mostly census workers and it came out they were laying off and rehiring census workers to pump up the numbers for Obama.

And lets not forget the famous speech where Obama said jobs would be job one all year long......after which Jobs were clearly not job one.

The "stimulus" package was nothing but a plan to support government unions that supported Obama. Political garbage. No real jobs created. We would have been better off if the debt was not incurred because I don't believe you can buy your way out of a recession anyway.

It's not fair, but this is the way it is. Presidents tend to get blamed for good and bad economies. Their economy on their watch. Obama made promises about unemployment that he couldn't keep. He made them because he figured we would have a normal recession, he would rip the tax payers off for a trillion dollars, and then claim that his trillion in borrowed money showered on supporters saved the economy.

The plan failed because it wasn't a normal recession and now the voters realize he ripped us off.
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12:49 PM on 06/08/2010
Obama wanted to give MORE tax credits to folks who had children in day care! How does that help unemployed people find jobs, any jobs! Obama wanted to give small business tax breaks so they could start hiring! My question to the latter is,even with a tax break ,why in the world would any business hire ANYONE if the American consumer isn't bying much of anything?My point is, the man I voted for , who promised change, is either a nit-wit or his advisors are all nit-wits! I like to think it's the latter rather than the former ! The first unemployment solution boggels the mind! How the hell does giving day care tax breaks to people who are working supposed to help unemployed folks get a job? Can someone please tell me how any of these idiotic solutions help the unemployed!
01:04 PM on 06/08/2010
Obama clearly knew what the progressive liberal agenda was and has very clearly fought hard to make the progressive agenda happen.

But when it comes to the JOB. Things like dealing with Jobs, dealing with the gulf, dealing with crises.....Obama seems to stink. He has never been an executive, he has not run his own business, his inexperience has shined through time and time again.
12:49 PM on 06/08/2010
Haven't found one comment here in support of good ole Helicopter Ben

haven't you all seen the headlines today:
"Stocks Mostly Rise After Bernanke Talk, Euro Climb"

Seems the cheer-leading media still likes him. Why don't you all?
12:47 PM on 06/08/2010
You're right Bernanke, we won't suffer through a double-dip recession...

Because we're in a DEPRESSION!
12:37 PM on 06/08/2010
Obama has shut down 30% of all domestic oil production in the US that is in the gulf By moratorium.
Double dip is now a sure thing!