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We live for books.
05:04 PM on 06/08/2010
I believe Andrea Mitchell said today that she would listen to Sarah Palin when Palin was being interviewed by someone she does not work for.
05:17 PM on 06/08/2010
05:54 PM on 06/08/2010
I haven't found the quote yet.... and I have been to the NBC website.

I believe it was Chris Todd ( also at NBC ) who cut off Andrea Mitchell when Andrea tried to talk about
Palin in some context on a subject.

Chris Todd said ....we need to stop talking about her until she decides to do an interview with
someone OTHER THAN... her employer. ( paraphrasing there )
05:02 PM on 06/08/2010
I always enjoyed the whole God in ConLaw type argument.

I mean, the words "Jesus Christ" never appear in the Constitution. At all.
05:00 PM on 06/08/2010
Actually, many religious leaders were persecuted and killed in the Soviet Union. That was not necessarily in the name of atheism, but in the name of totalitarianism.
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05:20 PM on 06/08/2010
Exactly. Religion was attacked in the Soviet Union because it was a sphere of behavior that could not be regulated by the government. It wasn't a question of atheists forcing something on deists. It was a matter of a totalitarian regime wanting to govern absolutely every thought going through its citizens' heads.
04:55 PM on 06/08/2010
"Go back to what our founders and our founding documents meant -- they're quite clear -- that we would create law based on the God of the Bible and the Ten Commandments."

Any person who thinks this way and who thinks that the US IS a Christian nation and that the founders wanted it that way should be permanently barrred from ever running for political office in this country.

How can you swear to uphold the Constitution if you are completely misinterpreting it to further your own ends? How can you represent ALL the people if you can't understand that just because a majority of the population professes to be Christian does not make us a Christian nation? Ever hear of protecting the minority against the tyranny of the majority, Sarah? She has no idea what she is talking about, and neither do her followers.

Article 7 states there shall be no religious test for public office. The First Amendment specifically states Congress shall pass no law establishing religion or prohibiting its free exercise. If you wanted the nation to be Christian, why then would you have those words written into it?
04:44 PM on 06/08/2010
Don't pray in my school and I won't think in your church! Ok, I admit, hyperbole is not a useful tool for advancing respectable discourse. But in all seriousness, what is the big threat the right sees in the separation of church and state. It is simply a recognition that anyone in the US is free to practice any religion they want (or no religion at all) and that this liberty will not be clouded by the government weighing in on the debate of which religion is preferable. I find it ironic that the right is content with permitting private market forces to resolve any economic problem, but is not so willing to permit private intellectual forces dictate what beliefs are appropriate or desirable. The government shouldn't infringe on insurance companies' right to deny coverage to persons with preexisting conditions so long as the government makes sure those uninsureds know that Jesus will be waiting for them. Such a myopic approach to liberty is very telling of the actual contours of the right's platform.
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04:39 PM on 06/08/2010
I've never understood the claim that our laws are based on the Ten Commandments. Depending on which of several versions you're looking at, the first four are specific to a religion (it isn't Christianity) and are part of no federal law at all. Some local "blue laws" probably relate to the Sabbath commandment, but courts have ruled that such laws are not religious in nature. The commandment against adultery is not reflected in any federal law, and if the few archaic state laws against it were enforced, half the population would be in jail. The commandment against covetousness is not incorporated in any law, would be unenforceable if it were, and would wreck the economy if it could be put into effect. Only the laws against killing, theft, and false witness (at least under oath or contract) are part of normal law, and these prohibitions existed in many societies long before the Bible was written and exist in many today where neither Judaism nor Christianity is anything more than a minor cult, if either is practiced at all.
04:46 PM on 06/08/2010
Not coveting your neighbor's belongins sounds awfully anti capitalist to me. Could Sarah be a closet communist?
04:37 PM on 06/08/2010
Here is another one of those Palin Alaskan..... " also , too's "....( for a little fun ) New word added.

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04:36 PM on 06/08/2010
Just had to throw the Soviet Union in there, didn't you, just to get in a little anti-Communism. Of course the Soviet Union was an officially athiest country, so the idea that it fits into the construct of this article is sheer nonsense.
05:20 PM on 06/08/2010
Persecution for beliefs cuts both ways, both secular and non. Punishing someone for failing to fall in line with a sanctioned belief structure, be it atheist, theist, christian, communist, capitalist etc. is all the same. By denying the basic freedom of belief by imposing a narrow state sanctioned structure ends up creating the same state of affairs. The Soviet Union did this with political thought and practice with the fervor of an evangelical religion, as did China, the Khmer Rouge and many others. It all ends in some form of totalitarianism, we just call it something different when a recognized religion is involved. So I feel the Soviet Union analogy fits quite nicely. If Palin was championing atheism in the same way it would sound a little different but the s**t would still smell just as bad.
06:17 PM on 06/08/2010
Gotta agree with Guts on this
proud military mother
04:32 PM on 06/08/2010
The thing that scares me is Sarah Palin, this woman is so stupid and stupid people follow her.Been to her church and her pastor cares there beliefs wat to far.It't not all just hers.
Chris Cain
04:29 PM on 06/08/2010
...and yet...
at this very moment, someone... somewhere...
wants this lady in charge of our nuclear arsenal

Put a bird on it!
04:27 PM on 06/08/2010
I thought we could go a whole day without an SP article. Well, a day without one is like a day without sunshine. And a day without sunshine is like... night.
Thanks to George Carlin, the Palin's natural enemy.
04:18 PM on 06/08/2010
What's my favorite inane Sarah Palin statement? Why, all of 'em!
04:17 PM on 06/08/2010
When Sarah comes to town, everyone runs and hollers "Beam Me Up Scotty" to evade her wrath.
Humans - temporary occupants of this planet
03:59 PM on 06/08/2010
Every time I see or hear anything related to Sarah Palin, I think, "Why hasn't John McCain apologized yet?"
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
04:08 PM on 06/08/2010
Well said. And I agree. But I've also given up that he'll even do so much as acknowledge what he did wrong in choosing this eejit - because right now he's at the mercy of her baggers and bigots. (that was redundant) and he has no choice but to make nice and sing her praises. One good thing about that though is that he always looks like he's about to explode from the supressed rage when he does it. I've seen people with food poisoning look jollier. We get that at least. He's miserable.

But he risked this country. And he ought to be ashamed.
05:00 PM on 06/08/2010
As I was watching the returns on election night in Nov 2008, I had a sick knot in my stomach at the thought that McCain and Palin could possibly win. Thank God they did not! I also recall watching McCain speak at his concession speech. To me it seemed like the real McCain appeared that night, after being in hiding for a few months. What a terrible creature he helped to unleash on us.
03:46 PM on 06/08/2010
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Sarah Palin has very little knowledge or comprehension of what she thinks she knows and even greater difficulty expressing it.

Another words, bull is her forte.