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War doesn't decide who is right, just who is left
10:17 PM on 06/21/2010
I agree, but the big question is: Can the Earth support 6 billion people who all live an industrial, modern lifestyle? We don't know for sure, but we can guess - just look at the damage we've done in 100 years of less that one billion people living Western lifestyles. But here's the dillema: Americans are setting the example of a "modern" lifestyle, and Americans will never - NEVER - give up their cars, change their lifestyles in any inconvenient way, pay any more for anything, sacrifice anything, or give the first thought to the future. Americans are categorically incapable of personal sacrifice in a cause that does not provide instant, personal gratification. The pursuit of an easy life has led mankind to this place, and mankind will never back away from it.

This will always be an individual ethic. This will never become a national ethic. It's simply impossible.

So what's to say? "May God have mercy on our souls."
11:39 PM on 06/21/2010
Law makes people act ethically but corporations have bought the law makers who now act on behalf of the corporations.
01:46 AM on 06/23/2010
You seriously believe that, prior to the industrial revolution, man was at peace and harmony with the world, and didn't damage the environment?
War doesn't decide who is right, just who is left
12:25 PM on 06/23/2010
Before the industrial revolution, we didn't have the ability to destroy the environment like we have now. Plus, the world population was 1/3 or less compared to today. It's like warfare - in WW1, there were as many soldiers killed in one day as there were in the entire civil war due to the advent of machine guns, advanced artillery and poison gas. Give mankind a bigger hammer and he'll tear up more stuff with it.
09:41 PM on 06/21/2010
Jimmy Carter warned us and we voted him out of office, the chickens have come home to roost.
All the gas guzzling SUV's bought with tax breaks from the goverment, under Bush, the millions of gallons of gas supplied by BP for useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, We will drown in our oil addiction! We have met the enemy and it is us.