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06:29 PM on 09/01/2007
Mr. Snow is leaving and I think one has to give hime credit for doing exactly what President Bush wanted:

Tell the media and the electorate as little as possible about the rationale for Bush's policies. Criticize any efforts to learn anything substantive about what has actually happened in Iraq and what should be done to end US involvement and occupation of a sovereign, albeit authoritarian, nation. "Protect" the President on any issue that may lower his popularity, require him to compromise or afffect his legacy.

So I say, goodbye Tony and good riddance. You have been part of the problem. I certainly wish you well with your major health issue. But I hope you never reconsider a paltry $168,000 salary in service of your country. You are just one more loyal Bushie who cannot distinguish public service from the promotion and protection of elitist behavior.
05:44 PM on 09/01/2007
Y'know, it's not like he turned down the job initially because it was such a pay cut, it's like another year or so at $168,000 is gonna ruin this guy?? He just couldn't "hold out" till the end of his "public service." What a shame for us he took the job in the first place. Another rethuglican just thinking of MONEY.
05:41 PM on 09/01/2007
I used to work at a hospital, and the doctors that I worked with did the same thing. Poor, poor you. I hate it that you are just barely eking out a living while I'm livin' large on 10 bucks an hour. No tact, no class, no sensitivity.
05:14 PM on 09/01/2007
Hasn't Tony been making PAID POLITICAL SPEECHES for the GOP? How much has he really been making per year?
Facta non verba
05:48 PM on 09/01/2007
I'm with you. Whatever the reason it wasn't just the bucks. These guys funnel cash to each other in a multitude of ways. If he could serve, and they wanted him, they would silp him the bucks one way or the other.
05:11 PM on 09/01/2007
It's good to finally see something in print that has been running through my mind ever since the story of Tony Snow leaving his present position hit the news.

There's something insulting to the rest of us when a man publicly states that his $168,000 a year is not enough. Oh, to be cursed with the same problem! What kind of world does he live in? Certainly not mine.

When I was out of work for a time and found myself asking should I pay the phone bill first and be delinquent on the power bill it was soul destroying to hear about which actor was being paid $20 million for a single movie role or what kind of huge contract some ball player was going to receive over the next few years for playing games.

I'm truly sorry for the cancer, but in the real world anyone who says they can't live on $168,000 a year is living WAY above their means and should be ashamed of themselves.
Abandoned by wolves, raised by Republicans.
05:31 PM on 09/01/2007
I agree, and he probably has good health insurance too, unlike many people with cancer. I wish him the best, and I actually wonder if part of the reason he's leaving is the fact that it has to be very bad for his health to be out there lying through his teeth every day. However, as far as finances go, I really can't shed any tears for him, since I can only dream of making even a quarter of what he gets. I lost my job in 2000 and _had_ to take a 1/3 pay cut in my new one, and even now, 7 yrs later, I haven't even broken even with what I was making then. So boo hoo, Tony.
03:02 PM on 09/02/2007
Spot on.

Snow can't make ends meet despite free full coverage as a perk on top of his salary.

The real reason, the truth (since nothing coming out of the WH is true) is probably much more insulting and offensive... pretty sad.
05:31 PM on 09/01/2007
I agree, Apples. I'm tempted to delete my earlier comment for being too high-minded. "Insulting". You nailed it. That was the word I should have used. This President is asking--no, not asking--requiring our soldiers slog away and die in Iraq and make do with inadequate health care in return. The Administration is made up almost entirely of chickenhawks that avoided military service and have no family members in active duty. For Snow to say "how can I ask my family to sacrifice"?...I don't remember his exact words, but that's what he said, how can I expect my family to make do?...You sonofabitch! What an insult for the patriotic Americans that actually are sacrificing to serve this president and his failed policies.
07:21 PM on 09/01/2007
You know, that's a good point. Because I can't stand to listen to these people it didn't register with me that he said he couldn't expect his family to sacrifice.
And yet, no one blinks an eye at that statement, no one in the press points it out.
I guess it would be too much to ask any of these Repugs to sacrifice anything for the common good.
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08:51 PM on 09/01/2007
Tony Snow may not be alive tomorrow. Sure he is worried about his family, and you would be too.
05:00 PM on 09/01/2007
"Off-putting", indeed, Mr. Brown. Mr. Snow's concept of sacrifice for the public good is symptomatic of the avarice fundamental to the ideology that has been for nearly 7 years driving the bus for this nation and taking us right off the cliff. Rather than adjusting his life-style and living within a meager $168,000 per year means, he takes a loan out so as to be able to continue with undiminished opulence, and when that no longer becomes tenable, again, rather than live a bit more modestly, says sorry, gotta go, it's been fun. Sacrifice is for the 'volunteer' military, Leona Helmsley's "little people", and future generations of workers - certainly not for the rich or their descendants!!
Laureates in Fact and Reality
01:57 AM on 09/02/2007
... Well said Dan! It's almost beyond insulting to have heard Snow whining about how "..his kids.." weren't living the lifestyle they were accustomed to enjoying since he'd started shilling for Bu$h (poor uber-cosseted things), while tens of thousands of American families worry about how their going to feed their kids, let alone blow wads on fripperies from Abercrombie and the like. And as usual, sarge, you've nailed the Publicans 'me whenever I get 'round to you' attitude, right on it's gilded head. It's that same kind of smirking dismissal of the citizenry that earned the nobles in France an 'early retirement' from living, via 'Madame Guillotine', oui..? ;) ...
04:41 PM on 09/01/2007
I feel for Tony Snow, I hate for anyone to be ill with cancer but he's just another rat abandoning the sinking ship!