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02:36 PM on 07/02/2010
What about The Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Los Angeles--one of the major metaphysical bookstores in the world!
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12:32 PM on 07/02/2010
Joseph Fox Bookstore-Philadelphia, Pa.
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10:06 AM on 07/02/2010
A few weeks ago, I did a reading at Books & Books for my SoLit novel, The Drifts. Altho' I got out-attended by the Cuban How-to-Dress guy, the store is just stunning, the staff incredibly pleasant. Myself & attendees ended up using my book as a launch pad for an in-depth discussion, which carried on far into the night, about being a queer, American exile. I have gone out of my way to book reading events at the independents. Buy a book, a mag - just go into your favourite independent and, if you can, spend a few dollars. I do think independents need to embrace a different business model: more community hub, less retail stopover. Booksellers are getting very creative about how to adjust and keep their doors open. The rest of us need to support them. Shout out to Books & Books (FL), Bay Street Trading Co. (SC), Schuler's Books (MI), Another Story (ON) and Book Soup (CA)!
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03:26 AM on 07/02/2010
No Kramerbooks & Afterwords in D.C.? I love that place.
03:20 AM on 07/02/2010
I don't think there is anything more fun than a Book Store road trip!! lol Looking forward to seeing some of the stores posted on here this Summer.
Mahi Joe
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08:57 AM on 07/02/2010
There was a series of books in paperback of all the used book stores across America. It was broken down in regions (midwest, east coast, etc.) which would make for a great road trip.
Mahi Joe
Think critically...not blindly conform
09:03 AM on 07/02/2010
I did a little search and found where you can get those guides to used book stores.
03:18 AM on 07/02/2010
Good Indie Stores in NJ are certainly a dying breed. Thankfully a few of my favorites still survive. I'd say my Top 5 in NJ are: The Bookworm in Cranbury, The Chatham Bookseller in Madison (go figure ) , The Montclair Book Center ( great store, cranky folks ) Act 2 Books in Englishtown ( Act 2 & Bookworm make a nice little field trip as they are pretty close to each other ) and, The Old Bookstore in Morristown.
02:05 AM on 07/02/2010
Village Books, in Bellingham, Washington is the premier independent bookstore in the region. Co-founders Chuck and Dee Robinson just celebrated their 30th Anniversary of "building community one book at a time."
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01:58 AM on 07/02/2010
Green Apple Books in SF and City Lights Bookstore too!
03:36 AM on 07/02/2010
Like Green Apple & Like their YouTube videos VERY much! The Book vs Kindle vids cracked me up!
Adjunct Pol Sci Professor, trying
01:57 AM on 07/02/2010
POWELLS BOOKS IN PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:22 AM on 07/02/2010
how could you omit FAULKNER HOUSE BOOKS on Pirates Alley in New Orleans? it's quaint and personal, not to mention beautiful and historic. joanne, the manager, seems to have read every book written and loves to talk share what she knows. she will help you if you want it, or leave you to enjoy the tout ensemble! joanne also has an uncanny ability to match the right book to the right reader. and Yes! William Faulkner actually did live there!
01:16 AM on 07/02/2010
What? No mention of Women and Children First in Chicago?
11:26 PM on 07/01/2010
I think I'll print this list and next time I need to order a book, I'll order from one of them, and work my way down each time I need to make a purchase. Why contribute to the big box mentality that drives these awesome stores out of business? Seems like a good challenge to the rest of you to truly celebrate "independence" this month and on. What do you say, fellow bloggers?
04:45 AM on 07/08/2010
Excellent idea.
10:48 PM on 07/01/2010
2 bookstores I can mention are:

Rainy Day Paperback Exchange and Relay Bookhouse -- both in Bethel, CT

Relay Bookhouse is small but there are books from floor to ceiling, piles everywhere! It's awesome!

One more is RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT -- I hear good things about that place.
03:36 AM on 07/02/2010
I know Rainy Day Paperback. They are VERY nice folks.
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10:37 PM on 07/01/2010
When in Pittsburgh I always stop in at Kards Unlimited ( a card shop in Shady Side), they have a wall of books and it's always filled with my favorite authors. It's as if they distilled a book store down to books I like.
10:19 PM on 07/01/2010
South Florida is, for the most part, a cultural wasteland. So,I have to go with my homeboy,
Mitch Kaplan, at Books and Books, Coral Gables. An oasis is a sea of indifference...