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06:16 PM on 07/08/2010
If you are underage or attending a dry campus, avoid posting photographs of yourself drinking ANYWHERE on campus. The campus officials know the campus better than you do and can easily fit out if you are drinking on campus or not.
09:48 PM on 07/08/2010
And public safety/police on campus can and will fine you very easily.
Mike Kopac
02:27 PM on 07/08/2010
well well well

its all about perception and what we see...just like the oil in the Gulf...if it were on the surface it would take up hundreds and hundreds of square miles more

SO new college erase your pics THEN at the interview they look you straight in the eye and ask you...hey ever hold one of those red cups...what was in often..the questions are endless AND

the best advice for you, from a 50 year old, is to think of a few great party stories and tell them...WOW honest and fun at the same time and if this turns the employer off, ask yourself why you want to work for such duplicitous a**sholes...what do you think they did in the 70s and 80s ?
01:48 PM on 07/08/2010
Yeah, don't be photographed drinking a Bud! Pick up a Sam Adams instead!
01:42 PM on 07/08/2010
Thanks mom for the internet lesson.
Don't blame me, I'm not a republicrat.
12:02 PM on 07/08/2010
If the author isn't in college or very recently out, they really have no right to be making articles like this. Avoid drinking in front of a camera? How about you suggest college students avoid parties altogether or wear a ski mask lol. Then thy talk about looking good to future employers... are you really suggesting students keep their profiles public and constantly moderate it every day to keep it clean for future employers? How about keeping it private? I know, crazy right? What nonsensical and out of touch advice. A 40 something person who read a couple articles and recently joined facebook should not be giving social networking advice to college students.
01:04 PM on 07/08/2010
It's a common sense article/list. But, in the age of social media, common sense ain't so common.
01:31 PM on 07/08/2010
I am in college. I am very careful about what goes on my Facebook page and my Twitter account. I know that potential employers are always looking. I know that when I get a job other peers will look too. I would like to have respect and I not be known as "the drunk" or "the partier"
01:29 PM on 07/08/2010
Exactly, It really simple to keep your profiles private.

Although I've never like the fact that employers potentially look at what a person does in their free time outside of work and uses it in determining if they are hired. Of course there are some positions where this can be valid info but overall I don't like it.
01:42 PM on 07/08/2010
The looking into only really happens if you're applying to a Government job or a fairly prestigious job.

The managing partners at Vinson and Elkins goes over everything himself. He's rarely amused.