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12:22 PM on 07/09/2010
Unfortunate sign of the times.
12:03 PM on 07/09/2010
I dont care how many Government agencies say the Gulf Seafood is safe, they dont know if it is or not. Im sorry for the people on the coast who have had their fishing business destroyed by the BGOP, but not sorry enough to risk poisoning myself or my children. Common sense dictates avoiding any food products from the Gulf area for a while.
03:17 PM on 07/09/2010
But you'll still eat seafood from Asian countries, where their testing is far less common and thorough as ours? At least Gulf seafood is being tested.
03:59 PM on 07/09/2010
The Asian countries you refer to, did they have a massive oil spill and the zillions of gallons of toxic dispersants that have been sprayed into our waters?
04:34 PM on 07/10/2010
If you are that worried, you'd better not eat anything from China or Thailand, nor any other nation from that part of the world since they do not test for much of anything and samples over the years have had toxic levels of many things including antibiotics, mercury, lead, and PCBs.
11:33 AM on 07/09/2010
A cautionary tale. What might the Gulf look like in 10 years? In Brazil the lessons of cleaning up after an oil spill. More than 1.3 million liters of oil leaked from an underwater pipeline run by Brazilian oil giant Petrobras in 2000, making it the nation's largest spill. The oil-contaminated waters of Guanabara Bay have still not recovered a decade later
11:33 AM on 07/09/2010
Eat sustainable seafood.
11:09 AM on 07/09/2010
At the rate we're going, everything coming out of the sea will eventually be toxic.
04:00 PM on 07/09/2010
Yes, true. But I like my chances with Alaskan salmon better than gulf shrimp.
10:55 AM on 07/09/2010
The sign you complaine of is not in bad taste,it is a sign of sanity.BP has used many cancer causing chemicals to disperse the oil ,.These chemicals are ingested into all sea life.I am sorry,when it comes to economic protection such as you the republican author supports or protecting human life.I am a liberal,I believe human life is more important then money.Saying the government is checking the foods is little reassurance.i read where Obama is keeping the EPA weak to help his business friends just as George Bush did.
A realist with a rich inner life
12:03 PM on 07/09/2010
I totally agree, fanned. People have good reason to be wary of gulf seafood right now, its nothing personal New Orleans. I'm a democratic liberal who voted for Obama but I am disappointed at all the industry insiders he is appointing to EPA & FDA. I have found this site to be helpful to join voices with others who are also pissed at whats going on.
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10:39 AM on 07/09/2010
I understand the plight of the Gulf fishermen - but frankly - I was skeptical of ALL seafood before, because of past chemical contaminations and smaller oil spills globally.

NOW, seafood is definitely off of our menu! Nope. I Ain't eating that.

The problem with the sign shown is it begs the question: "Do you believe they are telling the truth?"
I don't think there is a way to "market" the "ick factor" away this time....
10:17 AM on 07/09/2010
The oil is toxic. The chemical dispersants are toxic. They're in the food chain and the Gulf Coast is not a self-contained body of water. As marine animals migrate, you'll begin to see signs saying that seafood is not from the Atlantic in general.
10:13 AM on 07/09/2010
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Anyone else remember this gem of a sign in Chicago?
Make levees, not war
12:13 PM on 07/10/2010
Yeah. Some country.
09:42 AM on 07/09/2010
I live on the Gulf coast, and while that sign is painful, I don't want to eat any seafood out of the Gulf either, now. Let's be realistic here - BP has lied and obfuscated so much, do you want to take their word that the seafood is safe? I'm not willing to take that gamble.

There has been extreme resistance to independent testing of the safety of the waters. It might be painful, but it's just painfully honest.
12:04 PM on 07/09/2010
Where on the Gulf Coast, if I may ask?
12:09 PM on 07/09/2010
MS where tar mats the size of school buses are floating up.

"Come on down, the water is fine." - Haley Barbour

This is why "officials" involved in this have lost all shreds of credibility. It's been one string of lies after another. I am not going to eat seafood called "safe" only to have "oh, we're sorry" long after the fact.
Keep Austin Weird
12:23 PM on 07/09/2010
I agree sadly....
Amber Roth DeGrace
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09:39 AM on 07/09/2010
I am very skeptical of eating Gulf seafood at this point. It is nothing I have against the fishermen or their livelihood. We the consumer are not to blame for fearing the possibility of contaminated seafood. The entire situation is heartbreaking, and I do not wish to see any innocents lose their way of life over this, but at the same time I need to know that the food I am putting in my family and my body is as safe as it can be - whether it is seafood, fruits, vegetables, or meats. I Buy Fresh Buy Local!
Sad But True
09:28 AM on 07/09/2010
I'd expect this kind of sign to become commonplace on restaurants and on restaurant menus around the country. The problem is how do you know the sign is truthful.

Look how badly the government has failed in it job to oversee so many other things - the oil industry, wall street, controlling our borders. Why would anyone expect food inspectors to adequately inspect food coming from the gulf? BP and the Coast Guard are already blocking scientific testing of the water, let alone the creatures we harvest from it.

The only thing 'disgraceful' about the sign is that we have created a need for it in the first place.
The atmosphere is Toxic
09:07 AM on 07/09/2010
You know, I was already chucking my fish/shellfish habit prior to the spill thanks to all the other poison's in the water contaminating the fish, PLUS the gluttonous over harvesting of nearly everything a person can get their hands on.

But had I really wanted to indulge at the taste of Chicago, I'd have appreciated that sign. No way am I touching a thing coming from that region ever again.
09:23 AM on 07/09/2010
And another fisherman just lost his job! :-)
12:19 PM on 07/09/2010
I know.
Cause BP poisoned the Coast.
12:19 PM on 07/09/2010
This is the tip of the iceberg for fishermen on the Gulf Coast, and how this is going to impact tourism in our area.
12:38 AM on 07/09/2010
Oh no.
The FDA does not test for the banned chemical dispersant-Corexit
Cause they don't have one's still in "the works".
So I guess the FDA is going to dream up and invent "safe levels"
for this toxic chemical. And that's on top of the "safe levels" of oil.
Longform bio awaiting the Donald's approval.
10:49 AM on 07/09/2010
NOAA is testing for it. They have contracted fishing boats and test catches daily.
12:11 PM on 07/09/2010
That's funny, cause the NOAA said on Cnn last night with Sanjay that THEY DON'T
have a test for it yet. They probably have to work out some new "safe levels" so we can
feeeeeeeeeeel better about having this chemical toxin in our bodies.
12:27 PM on 07/09/2010
The NOAA officially said on C nn last night that they DO NOT have a proprer test for it yet.
You see, now they have to dream up some "safe levels" of this poison.
Gee...I can't wait.
Pass the asbestos-shaker.
06:54 PM on 07/08/2010
Looks like we are right back to where we were after returning to a destroyed city after Katrina. It is up to the locals to support our local industry again until our fellow Americans decide years from now that we are safe again. Dems = Repubs as far as Louisiana goes. I am so disappointed in my country.
08:22 PM on 07/08/2010
try electing someone other than vitter
08:34 PM on 07/08/2010
And do you have ANY idea who Vitter was running against? I did not think so. Thanks for the response anyway. Go get some Louisiana seafood this weekend if you want to help.
08:39 PM on 07/08/2010
Oh, and BTW, another Katrina analogy. "They deserved it.".
A realist with a rich inner life
12:19 PM on 07/09/2010
Sorry nothing personal but the gulf currently has millions of barrels of oil and toxic chemicals gushing into it as we speak. Sorry we are not all willing to ingest that just to keep LA fishermen in business. This is not the same as Katrina. The American people are not the bad guys but the blame where it belongs...BP.