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Bayard Waterbury
social philosopher
03:55 PM on 07/08/2010
Let's face it, anything with Dick Cheney's name on it is a Satanic enterprise. After Halliburton and KBR became partners in the greatest military scam of the century, which continues, Cheney got a huge golden parachute as ex-president of Halliburton, and ascended to the Vice-Presidency. He was the prime mover behind the Iraq War, knowing that it would bring his corporate friends literally billions in skimming profits from the military budget. As I write, they are still in the skimming process (and probably can be substantially blamed for the BP disaster, since Cheney defanged the MMS intentionally) by providing massive support services to all the US overseas bases (now nearly 800). KBR, a division of Halliburton, provides tens of billions in services. We have the very best military that a plutocracy can buy. I would note that Huffington ran an article recently in which Ron Paul and Barnie Frank called for reducing spending by reducing the military budget. It was a token effort, calling for a reduction of 100 billion. That's humorous. A real effort would START at half, and go from there. Does anyone have any idea of how much of the budget is BLACK (i.e. unseen and unaccounted for)? Many tens of billions. I hate to advocate revolution, so we need to vote out every incumbent, AND anyone who takes campaign money from any oligarch or gets advertising support from any oligarch. And, finally, we need a Constitutional Convention to change the election laws.
04:06 PM on 07/08/2010
I thought that Iraq was just a war for oil? NO? Now they have simply outsmarted us all by skimming profits with the greatest criminal mind of our time Cheney and as I write he is plotting his next evil plot to buy up hundreds and hundreds of miles of worthless desert land in California and nuke the West Coast in a real estate scam. Yeah? That must be it! And associating Barney Frank with any kind of financial responsibility is humorous all by itself.
04:24 PM on 07/08/2010
Your logic is foaming at the mouth with fallacies.
I heart worms
11:21 PM on 07/08/2010
Name them. Go ahead. I dare ya. That's right you are full of it and can't counter anything he said.
03:37 PM on 07/08/2010
so she lied, whats the big deal? People do it all the time.
artist, published author, activist
03:25 PM on 07/08/2010
Seems the Republicans & Cheneys still have their feet in the door with the wars, so no wonder they attempt to stop efforts to end the war and to get to the bottom of the fraud with Halliburton and their underlings. This should all be in the news every day along with the Republican ads for their candidates who claim to have the answers for repairing the economic failure which they caused.
A HUGE THANKS TO ARRIANNA & OTHERS FOR EXPOSING POLITIFACTS. We applaud you, and hope you will keep sticking it to them.
03:08 PM on 07/08/2010
Bingo! It certainly puts PolitiFact egg on its proverbial face. or it that virtual?
03:00 PM on 07/08/2010
We were never asked if we wanted to rebuild Iraq - so what's this about the citizens being solicited?
Jon Stewart watches Fox "news", so you don't have
02:59 PM on 07/08/2010
Ripping off the American taxpayer is a good thing (allegedly) according to Republicans
Rendy Bee Mulyono
Someone with constant stream of
02:10 PM on 07/08/2010
Oh make this a criminal case and raid their offices already!
02:00 PM on 07/08/2010
Allegations of fraud are not proof of fraud. This is particularly true when the accuser is a Democrat and the accused is a company that a Republican once headed. Google News "Halliburton fraud" and nothing pops up but allegations.
03:25 PM on 07/08/2010
True enough. It's not been taken to court -- yet.

That Halli has screwed up and over charged is a matter fact and record. So, either Halliburton is grossly incompetent, or is committing fraud. The screw ups are significantly in the company's favor. Halli has not shown any exceptional losses, fired any executives for incompetence, and did not seek recompense for underpayment. They have made large profits year over year. It can't be a matter of "error" or incompetence, it is extremely unlikely that all of these errors would be to Halli's benefit. Halli is either intentionally perpetrating these errors or ignoring them. Either way, that's fraud.

Fraud is a finicky law, it requires either mind reading or explicit confession to prove it absolutely. Our legal system has a pretty high standard of proof. The objective of a trial is not solely to ascertain the truth, but to administer justice. We routinely exclude evidence (truth) from trials for reasons of justice.

Did OJ kill his wife? No, not according to the criminal courts. But, he was found liable for her death by a civil court under a lower standard of proof. So, did he do it? Is he guilty? Proof, truth, and justice are almost disjoint sets.

So, factually, Halli overcharged, performed shoddy work and overbilled and continued to do so even after it was brought to their attention. Question is, what would you call that?

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04:33 PM on 07/08/2010
Zortag: You raise an interesting point.

If as a business owner I contract with a company to provide a service on my behalf and if in my accounting of their service, I find questionable practices, then it is my obkigation and responsibility to determine if they are in breach of contract. If they are, then I will take action against them to remedy the infraction. If they are not in breach there is nothing I can do.

Are we to assume, Halliburton is in breach of contract, simply because of shoddy business practice? And importantly, if I, as the other party in this agreement, do not feel harmed by theses practices then I will have little to say about them. Please pass the envelope and have a nice day.
artist, published author, activist
03:28 PM on 07/08/2010
So you learned this from Limbaugh, huh? Or are you wealthy enough to be excused from paying taxes, thanks to Bush/Cheney? Or is it that you just enjoy being lied to?
01:34 PM on 07/08/2010
Sounds like truth check is only valuable when its applied to conservative thought if it impacts libs then it must be wrong
Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
01:56 PM on 07/08/2010
Well said. Until this little 'dustup', you'd think Politifact was the 'Bible' itself as far as how these leftists perceived it. But now that they aren't getting their way, and that FACTS are shown to be what they are (and contrary to the world view of some) then it's all a 'plot', it's suspicious, the 'system is broken'..

Typical hypocrites!.
artist, published author, activist
03:29 PM on 07/08/2010
FOUND: Another Limbaugh listener, believer.
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04:18 PM on 07/08/2010
Not necessarily true, one undeniable fact is we the citizens of America have been getting the shaft for as long as anyone can remember, both parties are guilty as charged, let's be real. As for limburger ( smelled correctly, by intent) I would rather watch paint dry than listen to his feltergarb, I am a conservatively minded man.
04:55 PM on 07/08/2010
lets see rush is brave enough to pay a service to quantify is statements and is proven 99% of the time he is right. Does any other blogger, news network or radio show even approach his integrity I think not
01:04 PM on 07/08/2010
What does politifact say about the new black panthers polling intimidation in Philly 2008? Anything, nothing or it was a mistake?
01:52 PM on 07/08/2010
Non-requiter alert here.

In Philly in 2008 a bunch of thugs in the New Black Panther Party were harassing voters during the election. Charges were dropped against the organization for lack of evidence. A Justice Department official resigned in protest over the decision.


12:35 PM on 07/08/2010
And the Billions of dollars leaving Afghanistan under the Obama administrations approved COIN strategy?
We have already immanentized the eschaton
01:06 PM on 07/08/2010
Doesn't change for one second Halliburton KBR's criminal fraud or the outrageous claim by Politifact that the fraud is a "half-truth".