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10:32 AM on 07/20/2010
Hyles-Anderson hardly qualifies as college. Period.
09:55 PM on 07/19/2010
I attend one of these colleges and I am glad that they have some sense of standards!! Our world has gotten outrageous with everything anymore and I am glad to see that there are some colleges who still have some standards! I would rather go to a college that has high standards than to one who doesnt and ruin my life and my testimony. People don't care about GOOD testimonies anymore but I do and I know that there are other people who do as well! THANK YOU to those colleges who still have standards!! Thank you to the CHRISTIAN colleges who have not lowered their standards to accomadate the world!
08:23 PM on 07/20/2010
There is a distinct difference between standards and over bearing rules that inhibit personal expression and take all the fun out of your early 20's. Also your use of the word testimony, I presume to allude to your personal faith, doesn't make a whole lot of sense here. Colleges and Universities are not made to be places to provide one with a "good testimony".
02:52 PM on 07/21/2010
Sorry dear that you still need to babysat well into your 20's. Sent my daughter to Vassar College. You know, the one described as the Birkenstock wearing, tree hugging, clove smoking, tolerant of homosexuality, mixed sex dorms/roommates. Funny, she turned out extremely, well educated, well adjusted with excellent morals. No religion needed to be thrust down anyone's throat. So again, how is it that you're superior? Oh, yeah, because "god" said so. (Forgot to mention. Vassar one of to ten campuses least likely to mention "god".)
03:00 PM on 07/21/2010
One of my best friends goes to Vassar. She just can't stop speaking well of it. I get jealous.
Robert Lovelace
Texan against Cruz, Perry, Gohmert, ...
09:21 PM on 07/19/2010
"Oral Roberts students must adhere to a strict dress code that prohibits long hair, tattoos, piercings and messy beards."
Considering the times, that will leave them with an incoming freshman class of three people per year.
12:44 PM on 07/19/2010
What about Grove City College? You get fined if you walk in the quad there!
Michael Dunn
12:20 PM on 07/19/2010
Please, Hamilton College has nothing on University of Nebraska. It's a dry campus, any alcohol on campus will get you written up.
02:53 PM on 07/21/2010
Leaving out Grove City was one MAJOR oversight!!!
Put a bird on it!
08:03 AM on 07/16/2010
There seems to be a big divide between (necessary, IMO) basic alcohol and substance rules, and social rules set by strict Bible-based schools. Most of the strictest (Christian) schools have no-comingling rules, dress and appearance codes, and, of course, things like no cards, dancing, or PDA's allowed.
06:40 AM on 07/16/2010
Oh,wow that was a strictest college that i never see ....In my country ,there are not strict college like that...but i think this college is a good university because everyone need to respect the rule and Students cant make some mistake in this college and so they will be a good student....
01:55 AM on 07/16/2010
I noticed that Hyles-Anderson is included. in this list. I know several graduates of Hyles-Anderson. It is a college decated to one thing: preparing young people for the ministry of Christ. everyuone I met who went there is intellegent, loving and in the minisry. It is really strict though. No one single can go on a date without a chaperone. Also this school does not have to follow Title IX. they have mens sports teams but no women teams.
02:55 PM on 07/21/2010
I want to flag Hyles-Anderson as that it's abusive to send your child there.
10:57 PM on 07/15/2010
I'd just like to say that your photo of Bob Jones University is COMPLETELY a false representation of campus practice. I live near the college and drive past it all the time. The anti-homosexual protestors you show in your photo are NOT representatives of the college. They are just some little group of people who show up about once a year and protest for a day or two. Your picture is very misleading. Yes, Bob Jones does not support homosexuality but they also do not conduct little protests like that.

And no, I did not go to Bob Jones nor intend to. I just object to the misleading photo.
Bradley Walter
Culture War Veteran
07:57 PM on 07/15/2010
Anyone else take notice to what part of the country most of these schools are?
06:19 PM on 07/15/2010
The students who go to these colleges, choose to. They may be strict but you do not have to go to them. Not to mentiong that a lot of the "research" for this category was poorly retrieved and is not correct. What is wrong with wanting to live righteous lives? Instead of rebuking those who want to live a clean life, why don't we worry about issues that actually matter and are worsening this country?
02:58 PM on 07/21/2010
Because you can live a righteous life on any campus, only then it's your choice how to live and you learn to appreciated the differences in others. It's not like going to college with 100's of the same person. I's a huge world out there and you should learn to live with and love them all for who they are, not who they are forced too be!
04:26 PM on 07/15/2010
As a current student of PCC, I know the rules are incredibly strict and difficult to follow. When I was a freshman, the girls were not allowed to leave the dorm with wet hair, because it may cause a man to think of her in the shower. While there are some crazy sounding and odd rules, the school in general is not a bad school. The classes are hard and it is imperative to study and work at getting high grades, as with any solid school. I am a nursing major and I have gotten a quality, practical education there. As for the dress standards, yes, they are over the top sometimes, but I can most certainly say that we look neat, clean and respectable every day we are there. Furthermore, the school does not breed freaks and social misfits. Most of students are normal, functioning young adults with good morals, standards and world views. It is not for everyone, obviously, but if you stick it out, it's possible to make it through with a good education.
HP badges make me feel validated.
07:43 PM on 07/18/2010
And just what qualifies as "freaks and social misfits"? The people who stand out in any way from a crowd? Oh yes, we don't want any of those people in society, they may become artists and writers and architects and ::gasp:: actually enjoy their life! What a concept. Seems like the only way to fit in at these schools is a be a white sheep with no personality.
11:26 PM on 07/22/2010
Your comment about "freaks and social misfits" tells me everything I need to know about the so-called (unaccredited) "education" you're getting at PCC. Your so-called freaks are our Albert Einsteins, Bill Gateses, Emily Dickinsons...the world would be a sad place without them! Imagine if somebody had taught them that it's bad to question authority and the status quo...
03:52 PM on 07/15/2010
does the bible forbid smoking?
Cthulhu thinks you'd make a nice sandwich.
03:36 PM on 07/15/2010
BYU didn't make the list?
11:02 AM on 07/19/2010
go back and look they were #2 or 3
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03:28 PM on 07/15/2010
Confusing. When I went away to college I was considered an adult. I had a one year old daughter already. I was able to govern my own "self". When my daughter (that one year old) went away to school four years ago we treated her as an adult..when exactly do people get considered adults. Some of these rules are kind of ridiculous. I understand the need for rules but some of them are just crazy.
11:03 AM on 07/19/2010
In the Bible, you were and adult when you grew pubes, if you weren't married by 14 you were untouchable.