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01:39 PM on 07/14/2010
Althougth this is not new news, the fact that it is being floated is bad news. India is preparing to retaliate in some fashion. This is clearly going to escalate. Why is the US supporting a terrorist state like Pakistan with billions of dollar in aid as if it were an ally? This is not going to end well.
01:49 PM on 07/14/2010
And Sir, what made you think that Pakistan is a terrorist state? It has lost most civilians and military men fighting terrorists than the whole world put together. I believe when Bush and Cheney were claiming that Iraq had WMD's, you were going Gung Ho too. Please stop believing in every propaganda trick that has now become a characteristic of Neo-Cons, extremist Hindus, extremist Jews, and extremist Muslims.
02:02 PM on 07/14/2010
Those who play with fire should expect to get burned.

You are blaming Neo-Cons, extremist Hindus, extremist Jews and extremist Muslims - which group have you excluded?

02:06 PM on 07/14/2010
because...the US is the largest sponsor and creator of terrorism on the planet bar none.
01:35 PM on 07/14/2010
This is far worse than what the North Koreans did to that South Korean warship, yet it seems like the world response is far more muted.

Where's the heavy UN sanctions and all that?
Gandhi didn't like your attitude either!
01:33 PM on 07/14/2010
I don't suppose many have missed the obvious point that this could lead to a serious escalation of tension between Pakistan and India, and thereby increase the threat of an opne armed conflict. Both nations are of course, nuclear powers. Not good, at all.
01:25 PM on 07/14/2010
Sadly, the american posters were somehow mislead into believing that all this is new news, nope, this is a very very old reality indeed. Eachtime an american senator or army man conducts talks with elected lawmakers or army delegation of Pakistan, the other 'coalition partners' will be participating thru conference call, but undisclosed to US team. Thats what you need to understand.THe political coalition has a stealth presence of and requires clearance from Intel agency ISI, army and most importantly the jihadi groups working in Islamabad on every minor/major policy decision.Do you know the subjugation of nonsunni muslim sects like shia, ahmedi, sufi is so brutal, the 'real' religious minorities like hindus, sikhs and christians are physically eliminated in all these decades there. The minorities of todays Pakistan are all nonsunni muslims, as simple as that. These Pak bloggers never let go of any opportunity preaching sermons to americans, english, french and indians who take excellent care of minorities. The opposition leader Nawaz Sharif till date never condemned a single jihadi group ever, strange isnt it? They say their religion is the best. Another 100 billions of aid will make it a paradise.
01:41 PM on 07/14/2010
I am a shiite from Pakistan and i think it is a wonderfully tolerant country. Sufi really isn't a sect, I mean there is no one going around in Pakistan calling themselves sufis. If by Sufism you meant Berelvi sect than the whole of Punjab is berelvi and Nawaz Sharif is also a Berelvi. I wonder how the berelvis which is an overwhelming majority and is in power could possibly be persecuted. Have you ever been to Pakistan? There is only one sect facing persecution which are the Ahmedis which happens to be a really really small minority.

Christians, Hindus and Sikhs are probably doing all right. At least there aren't large scale riots killing thousands of minorities as is the case with India. Gujurat, Babri Mosque, Mumbai riots or the present day Kashmir situation where there has been a curfew for the past 7 days might be an indication that minorities are systematically being eliminated in India.

As far as ISI is concerned, it happens to be the most professional organization and right now is running the show in Afghanistan and helping out NATO. It just makes me laugh when people like you who really have no idea of the ground realities and are probably fed daily indian propaganda before morning assume that Jihadis are running the show.

The ISI has captured most of the al-qaeda leaders so far, not the CIA.
01:47 PM on 07/14/2010
It was, of course the ISI who helped set up the Taliban in the first place....they know where all the leadership are...every once in a while they throw Obama a bone.
01:52 PM on 07/14/2010
lets ask the muslims in India to immigrate to the land of milk and honey that is Pakistan!!
they will need no convincing that they will be so much better off!! after all the universities are world class, the businesses are booming .
the recent killings of Shias and Ahmedis were only target practice , not really meant to harm anyone.
since partition the Hindus and sikhs in Pakistan have been decimated from 15% to less than 1% of total population where as in India the muslim population has increased from 130 million since partition to 200 million. SO much for the suffering.
01:23 PM on 07/14/2010
If Mumbai terrorist attack was planned and executed by ISI then it must have been the most inefficient and incompetent agency to start with. ISI, Pakistani military and Pakistani Government had nothing to gain and every bit to lose for getting into such a high risk venture. It is Indian ploy to keep Pakistan on the defensive so that the matter of Kashmir does not come back into the limelight. There are whole lot of side cliques that Indian establishment ran that we need to get answer from them too (such as controversial killing of a police officer investigating killing of Muslims).

Well, Indian establishment is now planning to accuse Pakistan of its indigenous Mao rebellion next. They have cunningly started calling those territories under Maoist control as Pakistan so that when the real battle starts, Indian minds are re-anchored on its arch rival.
01:35 PM on 07/14/2010
Go easy on the crack pipe.
01:56 PM on 07/14/2010
Do not make personal attacks anywhere on HuffPo. Comment on content, not on the contributor. Personal attacks do not help make a point :-)
What goes around, comes around!
01:19 PM on 07/14/2010
Everyone knows the ISI was involved. How could this be news?
01:18 PM on 07/14/2010
The ISI is also responsible for 9/11, a fact that your government is loathe to reveal.
01:43 PM on 07/14/2010
Yep, they were backing the Afghan Taliban who was sheltering bin Laden while the attack as being planned. Bush gave Mush a clear choice, "you are with us or against us," making it clear that Pakistan would share the fate that Afghanistan was about to experience. It was an offer that Mush could not refuse, except, of course, the ISI kept backing the Taliban.
01:57 PM on 07/14/2010
Sir, where in India are you from?
02:08 PM on 07/14/2010
elbusho2-w4rcr1minal and chanay were responsible for nineeleven, and enlisted the help with many other agencies to bring it to pass.

go ahead, anyone, try to disprove it. You cannot, because it is completely true.
02:44 PM on 07/14/2010
This guy has 129 fans?
01:17 PM on 07/14/2010
Duh !!
01:16 PM on 07/14/2010
It's sad to see that beautiful building being destroyed. No one wins in war.
01:14 PM on 07/14/2010
Firstly, Indian foreign policy is in shambles. The entire Afghanistan mess has been handed over to Pakistan for cleanup as usual by NATO. India failed miserably at this as it wanted its troops in Afghanistan.

I have read comments by Indians about breaking Pakistan up. India has a very active Naxal insurgency which covers almost 30% of its territory. Kashmir has been under curfew for the past several days. It has a poverty rate of 43% compared to Pakistan's 17% according to UNDP stats for 2008. India has some very serious existential problems which it needs to deal with, and it could only deal with it if it stops its hegemonic designs of breaking Pakistan up. A country which is 1/10th the size of India.

If Pakistan supports kashmiri separatist in kashmir via LeT, then India support Baloch Separatist in Pakistan via Afghanistan. Both countries have been using proxies for quite some time so stop pointing fingers in just one direction.

Pakistan only has a problem with a handful of hardcore arab extremists, and who knows, maybe the Indian intelligence agency RAW has a hand in the bombings via Afghanistan. Their are a number of Indian consulates along the Af-Pak border so its not very hard to make that link.
01:28 PM on 07/14/2010
Keep pulling out numbers from your behind.

Are you one of these:
01:43 PM on 07/14/2010
those numbers luckily happen to be UNDP statistics. The naxalite numbers were taken from your indian newspapers
A magical pansexual non-threatening spokesthing!
01:40 PM on 07/14/2010
Agreed. India could completely turn Afghanistan around by ceding the 95% Muslim Kashmir Valley region to Pakistan (for the same reasons they should keep Jammu). As long as India has 500,000 troops occupying that small restive region alone, to say nothing of the rest of its forces along the frontier, Pakistan will see India as a sufficiently existential threat that demands it keep 90% of their military garrisoned along the border. Once that changes, the tribal regions would be overwhelmed in days by the Pakistani army. But the Hindu nationalists, like those behind the Gujarat massacre, aren't letting that even be considered.
This is what I get paid to do.
02:54 PM on 07/14/2010
Why give up something that belongs to them in the first place?
04:01 PM on 07/14/2010
Pakistan should give back the land it stole from the Hindus... see anyone can make simplistic arguments :D
11:57 AM on 07/14/2010
This was made clear in the days immediately following the attacks. International news media just decided that it was a little too scary to think about.

Guess what, folks? Islamic terrorism can be bought and deployed for purposed unrelated to jihad. Makes you think, doesn't it?
12:25 PM on 07/14/2010
It isn't so much a question of being bought. the issue is that Pakistani agency has all the members of Lashkar E-Taiba dangling on their strings. With Pakistanis this organization will shrivel in days.
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12:58 PM on 07/14/2010
one issue to ask is Pakistan did not gain anything from it, But as long as tensions are high The military's authority is safe.
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Put a Psychiatrist in every NRA meeting.
11:39 AM on 07/14/2010
And we give the Pakistani government money to fight the Taliban and they use it against our true allies.
A magical pansexual non-threatening spokesthing!
01:34 PM on 07/14/2010
Eh. India was a Soviet client state, and despite all the "world's largest democracy" bromides we give India these days, their Hindu nationalist groups are as bad or worse than the Pakistani Islamists, which tend to avoid mass gang rape of thousands of women and children, often followed by dismemberment and the old school evisceration of pregnant women a la Nanking. Gujarat tops Mumbai by many, many degrees, and India is also the chief backer of the Myanmar junta. No nation in that region is remotely pure.
02:17 PM on 07/14/2010
"Hindu nationalist groups are as bad or worse than the Pakistani Islamists."

And you know this for sure ...
02:19 AM on 07/15/2010
India supports Myanmar's Junta???

Where do you get your news from, The Onion?
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11:33 AM on 07/14/2010
I suspect that the India government is more interested in dollar and cents, and being a bunch of very liberal whinnies will let one outrage against its people pile on top of another. This will just make Pakistan more brazen and more contemptible of India.
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I'm keeping the hope AND the change
12:19 PM on 07/14/2010
So you solution is?
RJB Boston
Candor vendor
01:15 PM on 07/14/2010
well if it were up to long live israel the solution is to brandish the threat of nukes like a big bully and get everyone to cower....only problem is this isnt palestine; pak has nukes too.
This is what I get paid to do.
02:56 PM on 07/14/2010
Spoken like a true Israeli, someone who wants to take land that doesnt belong to him in the first place!! Good Job!
11:20 AM on 07/14/2010
Pakistan is just learning its lesson about supporting islamic terrorism. The monthly bombings in Lahore and Islamabad should keep them busy and hopefully wake them up from their self-denial.

Terrorism used as a state tool cannot be controlled. Eventually it will bite back. I just hope pakistan doesn't go on another misadventure, because India will have to choice but to respond.
11:27 AM on 07/14/2010
BS..the only lesson they have learned so far is, they have India by the baIIs and they can do anything to India and India will not retaliate.

They know the same thing with the US. There are too may arsewipes here believe Pakistanies are their friends.
11:36 AM on 07/14/2010
Yes India does have the perception of being a soft state. But you must remember India has humiliated Pakistan in 1965, 1971 and 1999 (when Sharif ran to the US with hat in hand). India fighting a covert war and needs to isolate Pakistan from the international community and finally break it up further. I believe these goals are being met but slowly.

I just hope the Americans don't lose the stomach for this, or else pakistan will be emboldened.
01:14 PM on 07/14/2010
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11:19 AM on 07/14/2010
Pakistan is one of the most dangerous governments in the world. The fact that they have nuclear weapons is extremely scary, especially now that we know they support terrorism. The fact that the U.S. continues to support this terrorist government is even scarier.
12:55 PM on 07/14/2010
we've known about pakistans gov terrorist support for decades. thats why terrorists goto pakistan to train. the terrorist schools have traditionally been by pakistani intelligence. supposedly for war over kashmir. but i think (if i remember right) they helped train mujahadeen against the Russians.

also i think india and US relations are iffy. india has communist states like kerala. and ive been told by indians that the US supported China in some India/China border dispute in the 60s.
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02:11 PM on 07/14/2010
Central Asia is one tangled web.
01:28 PM on 07/14/2010
Please be ready for Maoist rebellion in India that controls 40% of Indian territory now. Pakistan will become stable soon, but then India will start destabilizing. The moderates in the two countries need to get closer and Saeed's, Vishix's, ginsusharks and Chandrans need to be marginalized.
01:32 PM on 07/14/2010
Yeah ... sure ... and you are a moderate ! God help us !
02:25 PM on 07/14/2010
Fanned and faved.