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10:58 AM on 09/19/2007
I didn't realize Cornel West spoke for Hispanics. Or the majority of African Americans for that matter. Why should Republicans pander to Afircan American voters who vote 95% for Democrats. If African American voters can't figure out how they are exploited by rich, white, elitist Democrats, your not going to convince them to change their minds. It should be obvious to even Hume Skeptic that African American Republicans are people who believe in self-sufficiency; whereas African American Democrats, for the most part, are waiting for their next hand out and aren't going to vote for someone not prepared to promise them as much. Hispanics, on the other hand, are the ascending political force among minorities and both parties are pandering to them.
10:44 AM on 09/19/2007
Jesse Jackson says Obama sounds "white" - what does a "white" person sound like? is there bigotry in the Dem party? it appears so...
A liberal, educated, Catholic Yankee living in AL
10:39 AM on 09/19/2007
The GOP has to decide who they want underneath their umbrella.

If they invite those opposed to brown-skinned immigration, the Hispanics will consider themselves dis-invited.

Promote the Dixiecrats and the African American community will shy away too.

If those working folks in Kansas eventually realize that they aren't rich enough to matter they will walk away too.
10:36 AM on 09/19/2007
*sputter* But, but, what about Condelezza Rice? What about Colin Powell? What about Alberto Gonzales? The Bush administration has hired a handful of minorities for some very high profile jobs, ergo, ALL OTHER criticisms of the Republican party and how they relate to racial minorities is moot.... isn't it? Isn't it?!?

Morgan State is waaaaay to real for the leading Republican candidates. They would have a lot more to worry about than a little heckling and a few fictious Oreos this time (see: M. Steele for details on the Myth of the Oreos at Morgan State).
10:57 AM on 09/19/2007
I find it way too hilarious that I wrote my comment above *before* I saw Eric Von Baranov's and BinBaldwin's comments just above. Hilarious! Wow, talk about predictability.

Hiring a handful of very loyal and obidient minorities for very high profile jobs does not negate decades of systematic alienation and oppression.

The whole Oreo thing is yet another Reich-wing myth pushed over and over again by crybabies desperately searching for Victim status to score points with the base.

Reich-wing media goons like Rush love to whine and cry about how African Americans and Hispanics just Don't Get It, and if they would just embrace the Reich, all would be well. OK, Democrats are not anyone's sole saviors (esp. the corporate/moderate ones), but they must be doing something right for minorities, or at least something more than the Republicans... Unless you are of the mindset that minorities are Just Stupid and easily hoodwinked...?
09:50 AM on 09/19/2007
Certainly the Republicans have enough problems without bringing race into this.

One of the only candidates that is not a CFR member and has a consistent voting record is Dr. Ron Paul. I am disgusted with the two party system that year after year leaves the “will of the people” holding some bag of crap of special interest controlled government. I see Dr. Ron Paul as the proverbial “wrench” to stick in the “works”. Government needs a WAKE-UP call. In a race of so many evils my vote is with Dr. NO.
07:41 AM on 09/19/2007
The RepoFascists know what their doing. By snubbing minorities they energize white bigots who actually show up to vote.
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06:41 AM on 09/19/2007
If the newest Republican dirty tricks campaign is successful, they may be able to steal the next Presidential election without the votes of people of color.

If Republicans are successful in rewriting the California laws to their benefit, they may be able to insure that whichever Republican candidate loses the popular vote is still able to become president. Changing the California law regarding the casting of electoral votes, which they have the money to get on the ballot before the election, might insure that they can buy the presidency.

There appears to be no turd too smelly that the Republicans won't embrace it.
12:43 AM on 09/19/2007
The GOP candidates send their regards and their apology for being too cowardly to face an audience which may have anger and resentment for many grievances. To show there are no bad feelings, please accept this hillarious comedy recording The Magic Negro made especially for you from Rush Limbaugh.

Actually Mr. Travis holding your debate with intelligent questions asked by a panel, to an EMPTY Stage, and each answer is a snippet of the Magic Negro....would be poetic JUSTICE.
You're welcome
10:47 PM on 09/18/2007
Like it or not, the repubs have NOTHING to lose by ignoring blacks. There's probably no voting block that is so solidly and irrevocably in the dem's pockets.

Hispanics are - or were - another kettle of fish. Bushco got a LOT of mileage out of those folks, both as governor in Texas and as POTUS.

Ditto Jeb Bush and the Cuban community in Florida.

But blacks? The repubs realize that there's NOTHING they can do to get anything more than marginal support - so they figure, screw 'em. Let's not waste our campaign time, energy, money.

Repubs have the exact same sort of policy when it comes to the gay and lesbian crowd. It's strictly a political calculation...undergirded no doubt by visceral dislike for those who would never get into the country club.
02:58 PM on 09/21/2007
God will get them for the division among his people.
Truly like a cartoon this country. My star is better than your star.

Grow up. Your not the only color on the canvass.
VERY moderate Republican!
09:57 PM on 09/18/2007
I trust no one at this debate is holding their breath since it is obvious that most of the Republicans have passed over Blacks and Hispanics. I credit those Republicans who have the courage and even handedness to show up at this event even though most declined the Hispanic radio invitation. This behavior on the part of Republicans shows pointedly that they want no votes from these groups that enrich our country so much.
Two 'alves of coconut!
09:37 PM on 09/18/2007
09:24 PM on 09/18/2007
The legacy of the GOP for the almost two terms of the twig is -- Katrina, KAtrina, KATrina, KATRina, KATRIna, KATRINa, KATRINA. Repeat after me: GOP & KATRINA. Need we say more? We could mention Jena and Michal Bell, but we'll leave it at KATRINA. The shame of the GOP seen around the world.
Two 'alves of coconut!
09:16 PM on 09/18/2007
Government doughnut, government doughnut,
gimme that gimme that
government doughnut
silence the views that we don't like
so we can get more government doughnuts!
08:52 PM on 09/18/2007
Is Black America going to sacrifice yet again to rescue America, while everybody else stands by and watches?
This may be the coming of great change.
Something Abraham Linclon would not be scared of.
08:39 PM on 09/18/2007
I think part of the problem is that these debate forums are really more liberal forums than African American, hispanic, etc. You represent them as if they are forums representing a debate based on the perpectives of the whole of these communities -- I doubt those putting on these events would have the guts to do that. Conservative African Americans or hispanics and their views most certainly will not be represented. Of course, then again, the Left sees fit to throw conservative members of these communities under the bus at the first opportunity...they are somehow less black or hispanic because they're conservative. These are the same people who claim the Bush administration is racist despite the fact that it has a long list of firsts for minorities in the highest levels of government, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc., etc. Katrina is raised as a race issue for the Bush Administration even though Democrats in the Mayor and Governor's offices are as much to blame for what went wrong.

I would have skipped these debate forms too if I thought I was going to get the usual liberal litmus test questions, then have people saying I was a racist afterwards because I disagreed with their positions. The truth is, liberals don't like to debate, they prefer to go right to the personal attack.