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10:50 AM on 07/24/2010
What we see here is, unfortunately, another example to show the truth of the statement: "The self image of "chosen people" has little room for self criticism." One might read "Mississippi Mind" by Gayle Graham Yates, to see how that applied to White Supremacists running Mississippi before outside pressure facilitated the vast, but still incomplete, improvement of that state. Although Israel has had its Shahaks, they have been and will remain, ineffective until a similar outside pressure is felt there. But America, after having done a pretty good job in one place, you are a total flop in Israel, facilitating the rule of bigots there. Rabbi, how many Palestinian homes were destroyed this week, how many free fire zones declared? And what justifies building walls on other peoples land in order to steal it from them? Who, or what God, gave you the rigfht to steal their water?
09:54 PM on 07/24/2010
10:38 AM on 07/24/2010
Let's all join hands and pray that these two groups of religious men do not bring a third group to fight their extremist factions while robbing the third group of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
10:38 AM on 07/24/2010
Israel is a tiny strip of land and a progressive democracy as well which is under attack by all muslims across the planet and many leftwing extreme liberals. Israel must be helped by Buddhist and Hindu lands as well in international forums. Muslims never ever speak up for nonmuslims persecuted in muslim lands. A hindu temple in Pakistan was destroyed last week and we saw no reaction whatsoever frommuslims.
10:51 AM on 07/24/2010
"never" what a irresponsible statement, it is like Hindus never speak about gujrat riots, Babri mosque demolition and countless other riots where Muslims were plundered, their mothers, wives, daughters etc gang-raped and then thrown into live fire need more, just like many Hindus voiced protests over Hindu fanatics there are many Muslims who protest against any atrocities? There are countless documented acts where both hindus and muslims gave saved each other and risking their own lives; no fan of Pakistan here but let me know; when was the last time there were riots in which Muslims plundered Hindus in the same fashion, the fact is there are more acts of Sunnis killing Shias or other similar minorities than Hindus....don't give me the taleban spin I am talking snout direct govt authorities just like gujrat riots were fully planned and executed by rss, bjp and bajrang dal axis of hindu fundamentalism in India...don't just assume you can just say anything and get away with it...
02:33 PM on 07/24/2010
what is abusive in this, is showing mirror an abusive act?
08:25 AM on 07/26/2010
Freenation: Sorry to add a bit on Indias 21st century's massacre of Indian Muslims in Gujarat.

Gujarati Muslims are left with their unhealed wounds and nightmarish memories, Muslims in India's Hindu-majority state of Gujarat are still helplessly awaiting justice to be served after thousands of relatives were burned and hacked to death in month-long violence eight years ago.

From rehabilitation to compensation to conviction of the rioters, virtually nothing has happened, Muslims who were hacked and burnt to death by Hindu extremists.

Despite a national outcry, little has been done to catch the culprits. There was no trace of accountability on government officials who engineered the mass violence. Only about a dozen people have been convicted from 3,200 cases filed.

India's Supreme Court has accused the Hindu nationalist government( of Hitler Modi, his Home Minister was arrested yesterday) in Gujarat of being complicit in the killings.

Muslims, who make up 12 percent of Gujarat's 50 million population, feel they have neither received justice from a biased police nor succour from the government, heightening their sense of alienation.

Should justice be done the cases must be transferred to a different state, otherwise it would appear police controlled by the Hindu majority is doing a white wash and looking for ways to let the bigwig criminals get away. 90% Indians have trust in the supreme court and hope the highest judiciary does not fail to honour its commitments and credibility
03:07 PM on 07/24/2010
Democracy that doesn't allow jews to marry non jews? Arrests a man for having consensual sex with a women because she mistakenly thought he was jewish? Drops white phosphorus on civilians?
09:39 AM on 07/24/2010
Dear Rabbi and All,

Please and Thanks for responding to the Nobel Laureate and this little sister who offered many comments on this thread:

An open letter to the Jewish people - from Mairead Maguire

a little cousin in the dysfunctional family of Father Abraham,
Richard Pearce
Atheistic-agnostic Canadian polymath
09:17 AM on 07/24/2010
Rabbi, though you might feel your peice is balanced, let me point out how you slanted it.

For the Jewish/Israeli point of view, you elequently described the acts of violence, but for the Palestinians, you made NO mention of the violence they suffered at the hands of your side.

For the Jewish/Israeli point of view you elequently described the feeling of connection with the land, and yet for the Palestinians, it was only 'the loss of property'.

If you truly want to talk about Justice and Peace, you truly have to acknowledge the violence that was committed by your own side, and you truly have to talk about the deep and spiritual connection to the land of the other side. Because Peace springs from Justice, and Justice springs from honesty.
10:39 AM on 07/24/2010
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Let's all join hands and pray that these two groups of religious men do not bring a third group to fight their extremist factions while robbing the third group of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
08:06 AM on 07/24/2010
"From Moses to Jeremiah and Isaiah, the Prophets taught...that the Jewish claim on the land of Israel was totally contingent on the moral and spiritual life of the Jews who lived there, and that the land would, as the Torah tells us, 'vomit you out' if people did not live according to the highest moral vision of Torah. Over and over again, the Torah repeated its most frequently stated mitzvah [command]:

"When you enter your land, do not oppress the stranger; the other, the one who is an outsider of your society, the powerless one and then not only 'you shall love your neighbor as yourself' but also 'you shall love the other.'"-Rabbi Lerner, TIKKUN Magazine, page 35, Sept./Oct. 2007

"What does God require? He has told you o'man! Be just, be merciful, and walk humbly with your Lord." -Micah 6:8

Learn more @
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Once you go Schwartz, you never go back baby
05:47 AM on 07/24/2010
Nice prayer rabbi. However, if prayers had the capacity to save the world, there would be no need for any armies.
The Palestinian-Arab crisis is unique in two interconnected and critical ways.
1. The offspring of the original displaced Palestinians has wrongly and unlawfully been denied citizenship in those various nations where they were born. The world faces this contingency for the first and only time.
2. The UNHCR who is charged with administrating of worldwide refugee affairs has been systematically and deliberately usurped and actually blocked from re-settling these millions of nationless Arab "refugees" into very habitable quarters in various nations world-wide.
As long as these nationless populations are being maintained in sub-human conditions, there will be almost no chance of peace settling in. Which is precisely why these "refugee" populations are being kept in tact.
What the above in mind I humbly pray that the world awakens to this endemic injustice, being done (simultaneously) to the so called "refugees" themselves, as well as (and especially) in spite of the Hebrews.
Lacking this perceptual clarity, there can be no 'truth' in the equation. No truth, sadly, no 'justice'. No justice--no peace. I didn't make the rules. My task is merely to (more accurately) interpret them.
Permaculture and Sustainability
10:18 AM on 07/24/2010
Blaming the problem of Palestinian refugees on Arab countries is just plain wrong. The Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from Palestine by Zionists. Israel has a moral responsibility to right that wrong. Instead Israel has chosen to continue the ethnic cleansing and has made itself a pariah state.
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Once you go Schwartz, you never go back baby
08:09 PM on 07/24/2010
Its just plain accurate. Israel was destined to either be the 'late Israel' or, a pariah nation--becuase it is run by Jews.
Jewish independance was warranted and supported by international law. It mirrors independance by dozens of other ethnic/religious populations. If the Jews were not to be the majority group, then, no Jewish independance would have occured.
Offspring of of refugees are supposed to gain citizenship where they were born. Even the so called refugees themsleves have the LEGAL RIGHT to REMAIN where they are, under U.N. provisions. These millions of people have been denied thyeir legal right to remain.
That you are un-bothered by the fact that the entire 'refugee' crisis could have been mitigated by the UNHCR--in its normal course of business--had the Arab leaders permitted it, tells me you are part of the problem.
Offending the right people is its own virtue.
03:45 AM on 07/24/2010
Embracing hypocrisy and oppression. 1930's and 40's again.
Like Kinky said " They aint making jews like Jesus anymore".
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Various and assorted mutualistic microbial buddies
02:48 AM on 07/24/2010
As a disinterested party who, early on, largely bought into the narrative of thecurrent state of Israel, I feel as though Israel has lost the moral high ground I felt it held when I was younger. Whether this is merely the result of my seeing greater complexity as I age or not I haven't thought about quite enough to say.
02:17 AM on 07/24/2010
"The Mishna tells us that the world can only be sustained through justice (din), truth (emet) and peace (shalom)."

It's not looking good for the world.

Thanks Rabbi, your testament provides much for contemplation. Two rights must come together and make a unified powerful binding reality of righteousness that extends outward and inward. History cannot be changed, no matter which vantage point one peers out from, but each moment provides an opportunity for all concerned to shed the weight of history through meaningful and “sincere” reconciliation and healing that promises, promotes, and produces a better future for all; one free of war, hate, suffering, divide, and all of the other afflictions of heart and mind that keep a long burning fuse -- burning. The absolute view from either side portends much suffering, when so much suffering has already befallen the region. A distant tiny human hopes that the people will be moved somehow, someway…towards reconciliation of a nurturing and transformative sort…and soon.

Otherwise, it’s not looking good for the world.
1st, 2nd, 4th Amendment Warrior
01:11 AM on 07/24/2010
Zionism is a thing that is continually hurting Judaism
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11:08 AM on 07/25/2010
Anti-Semites are people that are continually hurting Jews. Zionism was a response to that. Without Zionism, Jews will have a very difficult time surviving. The evidence is in the previous several thousand years of our history. If Jews can't defend themselves by force, we will die.
11:50 PM on 07/23/2010
I loved how Israel rescued the Holocaust Survivors...only to steal Billion$ from them....and leave them in abject poverty.
Why should its leaders be trusted by anyone else...when it can't even take care of the Survivors:
I....have a mole?
12:04 AM on 07/25/2010
Israeli historian Omer Bartov, writing for The New York Times Book Review, judged The Holocaust Industry to be marred by the same errors he denounces in those who exploit the Holocaust for profit or politics:

'It is filled with precisely the kind of shrill hyperbole that Finkelstein rightly deplores in much of the current media hype over the Holocaust; it is brimming with the same indifference to historical facts, inner contradictions, strident politics and dubious contextualizations; and it oozes with the same smug sense of moral and intellectual superiority... Like any conspiracy theory, it contains several grains of truth; and like any such theory, it is both irrational and insidious.''