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11:54 AM on 07/28/2010
They're not sexist, they're incompetent. They are trying to play all sides AGAIN, and fear by nominating this woman, they will anger the financial industry and right in an election year and suffer in fundraising and votes. You can't govern with election politics.
11:52 AM on 07/28/2010
She's obviously the person for the job or the banks wouldn't be worried about her. Give her the job.
12:16 PM on 07/28/2010
We men don't like women smarterthan us. She'd be the smartest person in Washinton. Maybe in 2012 we democrats can put her up as our candidate. She might end a couple wars, end DADT, end too big to fail and in general try to do something for tha american people. Yeah she's frighteneing all reight.
11:50 AM on 07/28/2010
Sex has nothing to do with it. They relish in their malfeasance.
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11:48 AM on 07/28/2010
The reason Obama is reluctant to nominate Warren is because the bankers who control our country are probably threatening him with economic collapse or something similar if they don't get their way. We all know Obama would nominate her if the decision was up to him, but unfortunately, the Presidency has been taken over by corporations, and the decision is no longer up to him. We must do everything in our power to help Obama free himself from defacto corporate control.
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11:55 AM on 07/28/2010
He's just a poor, defenceless, leader of the free world.
Facts are not negotiable
11:46 AM on 07/28/2010
Yes sexism is at play but not directly. Geithner and his merry band of Wall Street looters are very sexist. Obama is afraid to cross them so he's not backing Warren because they don't want her. She's a woman who dared to point out how crooked they are.
11:33 AM on 07/28/2010
Oh great another card in the deck I didn't even know existed.
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11:56 AM on 07/28/2010
It's like Uno. They're all different colours and have different values and shapes. I don't play them because I can't keep them all straight.
11:27 AM on 07/28/2010
This one peson is not the only person capable of doing this job. Most of the people commenting have no idea of the complete qualifications to perform this work. Huff Post is making an issue where there is none. If NOW is claiming the expected non appointment of a particular person is sexist, for a job where there has been no announcement or statement on who may be on the list, they are being silly.
Hello, I must be going.
11:16 AM on 07/28/2010
They have supported women in other places.

It is because she would be far too good at the job, regardless of her sex.

But if calling them out over Sexism gets her the job, then count me in.
11:07 AM on 07/28/2010
I would like to see Warren appointed.

However, as is the case with Paul Krugman, I'm not certain that, if push comes to shove, Warren would be willing to give up her academic posts and other commitments for a full time government gig. This possibility has escaped so many. Her government jobs to date have been temporary or part-time.

In addition, there are other well qualified candidates who would cost Obama a lot less in political capital Furthermore, appointing someone else would leave Elizabeth Warren completely free to be an unfettered critic of all those in government. just like Krugman. Being on the inside and having to compromise to get anything accomplished is not an unmixed blessing as the past year and a half has demonstrated to so many naive progressives.

As for NOW and it's allegations:
Sotomayer, Kagan, Clinton, etc. say stop it with the seckism shite talk. It's an embarrassment to thinking people everywhere
science matters
01:13 PM on 07/28/2010
In other words, you would like to see the Administration continue to marginalize the people who really want to help Main Street, and give the power to the people, who want to insulate Wall Street profits!
By the way, I don't believe it's sexism either. I believe it's more about the banks & campaign contributions, than gender.
01:18 PM on 07/28/2010
In other words, what I said is what i mean. I do not need an interpreter. If i did, I choose one more capable than you.
11:03 AM on 07/28/2010
Hillary C. Is the only real man in this administration!!
Screenwriter & Futurist
10:59 AM on 07/28/2010
It's not Sexism, it's because Obama and his team of WallStreet Crooks & Thieves already sold their useless souls and the starving, jobless citizens of a dying empire to the Corporate Devils long ago.

Geithner doesn't want Elizabeth because his then his Goldie Sucks Buddies and his Bankster fiend friendss won't be able to play in their sandbox anymore with the people's money, nor scam them, nor peddle the American dream and take away their homes, or loot their bank accounts with high fees.

He knows their all gambling addicts addicted to $$$ and Savage Capitalism. The pain of Withdrawal of all their addictions or going into legal rehab is just too much for Geit boy and his fiends.

But ELIZABETH WARREN ROCKS ANYWAY. And if OBAMAVILLE doesn't nominate her, he will hammer just one more nail in his PRESIDENTIAL COFFIN.

11:01 AM on 07/28/2010
Fanned because I couldn't have said it better than you.
11:07 AM on 07/28/2010
Absolutely right. Fanned.
old & decrepit
10:56 AM on 07/28/2010
Here's what I hope, as someone who wants Obama to succeed: His script is going to blow up in November. It's increasingly likely that Democratic House and Senate losses will be so large that Obama will have to scramble all the time. "Staying on message" and "no drama" won't be options in the freewheeling political environment that's coming.

Assuming that Obama wants a second term (which isn't always clear), the president inevitably will begin campaigning for re-election in 2011. That should get him out of the scripted realm, too, unless his advisers foolishly try to campaign with photo ops, canned events and a White House bubble machine.

Real politics, as opposed to the scripted variety, is fun to watch. Dealing with the unexpected is how politicians grow in office - and how the public gets to know them better, and like them more. Throw away the talking points, Mr. President, and just talk. BTW, Nominate Elizabeth
Warren. It would be a great start & not scripted.
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10:54 AM on 07/28/2010
Just Do It! She Is The Woman For The Job!
old & decrepit
11:00 AM on 07/28/2010
Good post, Ken Clay: Short & true. Thank you.

fanned & faved
Scientist, Teacher, Naturalist, Photographer
10:44 AM on 07/28/2010
If Obama doesn't nominate Warren but instead nominates someone who is pro Wall Street, I think he has put the final nail in his coffin in terms of his relationship with progressives. Progressives remember clearly his treachery with the public option. Failure to select Warren
will not only alienate progressives because of the actual choice they will know he didn't select Warren because he is too weak. Weakness in the leader of the US will generate disgust among progressive and independent voters
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10:55 AM on 07/28/2010
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12:29 PM on 07/28/2010
I am in complete agreement with your comment....I know I cant stomach anymore of the wimpiness and fear of what the republicans think
10:43 AM on 07/28/2010
actually i would rather see Liz who is an honest broker and a brilliant dynamo fight summers and timmy in the arena that she first can kick their butts..i say she challenge the 2 to a wrestling match with she against the both of them ..and at the same time... and when she roastss ttheir rumps, and rubs their noses on the mat, she can then have this position and both of theirs as well..after all ...between tthe 2 of them i prefer what Liz has to say rather than that ivy-leagued mumbo jumbo voodoo crap that the two pompous over-educated and under-effective mouths have to offer......Go do have the support of so patient..Politicians have a habit of making their woman appointees wait longer than usual...
10:45 AM on 07/28/2010
You know she's Ivy League too.
11:36 AM on 07/28/2010
Just because she went to an Ivy League school doesn't mean she is Ivy League. I've heard a lot of what she has had to say for eight years and she never struck me that way at all.
12:20 PM on 07/28/2010
p.s. i would still love to see her wrestle the 2 off 'em..but she is a lady and a gentle would be way beneath her..not me however...nothing is beneath me!.