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09:07 AM on 07/29/2010
All this Lebron business is so ridiculous - a professional athlete went to play for another team. So what? I understand that he meant a lot to the city, but this is getting old. By acting like deranged fools, these so-called former "fans" of his make it clear that they couldn't have care less about James, and, perhaps validating his decision to leave a place where a personal decision can get death threats.

And come on, Indian fans - you're supposed to be at a "family friendly" event, and you spend your time shouting insults at someone over a jersey? And I'm sure the Cleveland players appreciated the fact that their fans were more interested in deriding someone wearing a jersey than watching the game.
09:23 AM on 07/29/2010
Clevelanders will "get over it," and they can't. Too much sports suffering. Imagine spending your whole life and never seeing a winner. Watching games with family, watching on holidays, watching with friends, and season after season, you are a loser. The anger piles up.

Then a local kid, nutured by the community, plays in his hometown. He makes many promises, including never resting till a championship comes home and always staying loyal to his homeotown. He tatooes "CHOSEN ONE" across his back. He tatooes "Loyalty' and "Family" on his arms. When fans ask him if he is staying in Cleveland, he smiles and points to the loyalty tatoo.

He than makes demands to the Cavs organization. He demands new a locker room. He doesnt want to drive all the way downtown for practice, so he demands a new practice facility be built half way between his home and the arena. He demands use of the owner's jet. He demands that his inner circle of high school friends all get paying jobs with the Cavs. He demands that his family have access to all facilities. He demands certain trades be made. He stops other trades. He demands that the coach's contract be extended. Then he demands the coach be fired. Guess, what... the owner gave into to all those demands as LeCon kept insinuating that this is what he needed to stay. The LeRat goes on nathional televison and smacks his hometown across the face.
Paul The Octopus
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10:38 AM on 07/29/2010
It's a stupid game for crying out loud! Even I the octopus can pick the winners! How serious can this be?