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sorry to see humanity repeating errors ad nauseam
08:06 AM on 07/30/2010
No extended proof is needed of Breitbart's actions being malicious. His actions were in no way benevolent and his indifference to any potentially malicious outcome can be logically demonstrated or inferred.

Breitbart's release of the video was malicious in its intent. He would never have bothered releasing it had he not hoped to cause massive harm in some fashion. Who he intended to harm is not all that important. His means of causing harm was Ms. Sherrod. This was done without her consent and without his professed lack of due diligence, unless he is lying which can't be dismissed out of hand.
07:35 AM on 07/30/2010
I'd award her at least 100 million dollars for emotional distress. Imagine what it was like for her to be under the klieg lights, with nationally known media figures like Limbaugh and O'Reilly and Hannity decrying you as the poster girl for 21st Century racism.

Add to that there are many people out there who still think she is a racist, even after the truth has come out.

Has she gotten any death threats?
07:53 AM on 07/30/2010
I'd also award her a billion dollars in punitive damages against Breitbart, and 50 billion in punitive damages against Fox Noose: We Distort: You Divide.®
08:05 AM on 07/30/2010
I wonder if she could go after Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity as well. They were all complicit.
08:29 AM on 07/30/2010
To the extent that they made allegations of fact, and not statements of opinion, sure she can, and I hope she does. Bankrupt every damn one of those hate-mongering cretins.
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07:07 AM on 07/30/2010
What about a wrongful termination action against the Obama administration? Get the phone and email records from white house.

But Breitbart will get those anyway in discovery. Video taped deposits of those who called Sherrod and Secretary of Agriculture could be fun.

Also which federal court will she pick to file suit? Albany is in middle district of Georgia. She should get Judge Sands but might get moved to Macon or Columbus.

Federal court in Georgia a bit different than some places. The role models are judges Elliot, Owens and Alaimo. This could be fun for years for both sides.
07:28 AM on 07/30/2010
Mrs. Sherrod was a political appointee and served at the will of the Administration.
07:07 AM on 07/30/2010
Here is the thing, Mr. Stein: You probably are not accustomed to dealing with people of this sort. You don't know what she really wants from this lawsuit, so you are not a very good judge of whether she will get what she wants or not.

Sometimes a lawsuit can be just a good way to shine a light on things...I think "good" will come from a simple examination of the facts.
05:09 PM on 07/30/2010
I wholeheartedly agree!
04:19 AM on 07/30/2010
So Brietbart posted a spliced video without knowing that it was spliced? He said he was going after the NAACP then why not take the time to discover the source of this spliced video?. That is if he didn't edited and spliced it himself, which is a much bigger question. Then to complicate things for him, he didn't apologized to Ms Sherrod knowing that he injured her reputation. To make the point that because Brietbart didn't know that this tape was false when he posted it will complicate Ms Sherrod's case, is nonsense. Its like saying he broke the law because he didn't know that it was the law he was breaking. Ignorance is no excuse here and it could be argued that he showed callous disregard for the truth. My humble opinion is that Ms Sherrod has a strong case here and should go for it.
04:22 AM on 07/30/2010
and you believed him why
We got the down,but not the trickle~ RevAl
01:13 AM on 07/30/2010
Does anyone believe that breitbart didn't have the entire video and just edited it to meet his own political and idealogical agenda?? If you do...we know where you stand and I have a bridge too far to sell you!!
Think and wonder. Wonder and think.
01:02 AM on 07/30/2010
Last time I checked, libel is not dependent upon whether folks ultimately see through the ruse and sympathize with the victim. And it has nothing to do with whether or not the public ultimately sees that the b@stard who orchestrated the smear is an @ssho/e of the first order.

Sherrod will win her case.
04:23 AM on 07/30/2010
only trolls
12:55 AM on 07/30/2010
If the suit is not thrown out (sounds like there are ample grounds for it to go through), then the legal process begins. When the discovery phase begins this guy is toast. The more that comes out about Ms. Sharrod the better she looks so discovery won't be a problem for her.
This guy on the other hand has a lot to hide. The more we find out about him the worst he looks. Discovery will be a nightmare for him. The lawyers will ask about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
This is a civil suit so unless there is some sort of agreement it will be public record. He does not have to have a judgment against him, the publicity will be devastating. This guy is sr&^%ewed ether way.
12:54 AM on 07/30/2010
Bull Sh@t
This site was founded by that man so you are all just saying things to gloss over what he did
12:47 AM on 07/30/2010
Reveal5 YOU have a good point they're many Unreasonable people ...especially the ones who cant tell that Fox Cable News and glen Becl spread hate and Propoganda...I think if this point is brought up in court she should prevail....and also She has a right that this man be taught a lesson and I have no doubt that any Judge would see different.
Ann Shahan
12:29 AM on 07/30/2010
I was a litigation Paralegal and it's my understanding that the only thing that can diminish her chances would have been for Breitbart to admit wrongdoing and attempt to mitigate his damages. F@t chance of that. She should prevail and get justice and a fair amount of monetary damages.
12:16 AM on 07/30/2010
I want to know if Glenn Beck knew the tape was doctored beforehand. We all want to know where the tape came from. It is certainly easy to see that reasonable people view Mrs. Sherrod's reputation as enhanced. And the question remains...what about unreasonable people? Do the opinions of the unreasonable matter...legally? Is the opinion of an unreasonable man or woman important?
Humanity above Profit
08:16 AM on 07/30/2010
Ms. Sherrod's reputation was definitely trashed before it was enhanced. That cannot be erased. The only question is how much is that worth in dollars and cents.
SDindependent1 on twitter, old warrior and grandpa
11:49 PM on 07/29/2010
I am pretty sure she has been tainted in the eyes of the FOX news crowd.
12:50 AM on 07/30/2010
Definitely so.. if a judge can be made to understand this she will prevail...also any sensible Judge would see this as it could have had a BAD outcome and that by itself would want the Judge to teach this guy a lesson...Hopefully.
Telling it like it is....
02:02 AM on 07/30/2010
11:20 PM on 07/29/2010
The biggest issue is probably the fact that Sherrod might not be able to prove that she was damaged by the incident. I think the analysis above is missing a significant point: Breitbart's claim was that the video was evidence that Sherrod used racial considerations in the course of doing her job. That is clearly false since she was talking about something that happened 20 years ago. He might not have edited the video to make it misleading, but even if he didn't, the video gives no indication that she was talking about her work for the government. So, his claim was completely baseless, even if he was fooled by the doctored video.
I doubt that proving negligence will be as much of a problem as suggested above.
10:57 PM on 07/29/2010
"and was depicted as a racist for a few days"

Some out there are still depicting her as a racist...