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This Space for Rent
04:15 PM on 08/19/2010
Get the Christian right to call off their holy war on reason and science and then maybe I'll listen to someone who has good things to say about religion.
04:12 PM on 08/19/2010
Ummm, thanks, but no thanks.
Let's leave religion out of this. It only makes things worse.
Let's deal with this as compassionate human beings and leave the creeds at the door.
04:09 PM on 08/19/2010
How is anchor baby racist? That term does not belong to any single race, or group of people. Actually Rabbi, it's racist to make the claim that "anchor baby" is racist.
",,,and pull up your pants!"
04:19 PM on 08/19/2010
You are correct, it's not racist; it's xenophobic.
Stand Up, Show Up, Speak Up
04:07 PM on 08/19/2010
Respectfully, Rabbi, religions are polarizing this country.

Why not try to neutralize religious bias and hatred instead of making religion a factor in yet another political issue?
",,,and pull up your pants!"
04:27 PM on 08/19/2010
I'd rather neuter religion, that way it's won't breed.
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04:07 PM on 08/19/2010
I guess I haven't been living in a religious country that has had every opportunity to do the right thing for the last two hundred plus years but for some reason hasn't. Religion has had so many chances to redeem itself yet for some reason has been unable to since day one. War, genocide, hate, intolerance all have been perfected by religion but now of all times is the time religion will miraculously rise to the occasion and all our differences will just fade away.
04:05 PM on 08/19/2010
I am afraid I must respectfully disagree with you. Religion has had little to do sadly with unity of anything other than tyrany in this country.

The issue is not compassion for downtrodden imigrants coming here to make a better life. Many of our families came here for the same reasons.

We have issues of illegal immigration that our economy depends on and exploits workers from other countries so that we don't pay $25 for a pound of grapes. The immigrants a re blamed and the employers seem to walk away from the consequences. For legal labor I have no problem with immigrant visas.

However, there is a serious problem in the borders states with crime. Actual parts of our country that citizens are warned not to pass through because foreign drug cartels have taken over. We have a huge illegal gang popuation creating a great deal of crime here.

I don't have an issue with medical services rendered. I do have a problem with trying and jailing a foreign national at taxpayer expense. The country of origin should be billed and the offender deported also at the country of origin's expense. Any immigrant legal or not should be deported if a violent crime is commited.
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not a "cookie"
04:43 PM on 08/19/2010
I have lived my entire life on the San Diego/Tijuana border region

The problem begins (not ends) with EMPLOYERS

source; San Diego Union Tribune Sunday 15 Aug 2010 Border City Editorial staff
"Politics & the Border"
Reality loses out to a $600 million spending bill
FACT: Lloyd Easterling, the official spokesman for Customs & Border Protection, said in June "the borders are safer now than they've ever been"
FACT: FBI data shows that large cities all along the border have low crime rates

second article, same newspaper (ENLACE section)
More than 100 CBP agents have been arrested this year for corruption The Obama Admin recognizes the corruption within the ranks, and has incrased the number of internal investigators from 6 to the current 214.

There are simply many US citizens, concentrated in select areas (AZ for instance) who fear the changing demographics, and the loss of a "white majority". Our children tend to be color blind, and their offspring are a blend of many culture and ethnicities. My grandchildren speak english, samoan and spanish fluently. It is a good thing
05:19 PM on 08/19/2010
Bravo. Finally someone who actually understands the problem.
03:54 PM on 08/19/2010
Gotta love how religion likes to promote itself by making promises that it surely can't keep!
10:51 PM on 08/22/2010
"won't" keep...religion, as an institution, practices willful deceit.
03:52 PM on 08/19/2010
Ya, that's it, religion. That stuff solves everything. Why didn't we think of this sooner?
03:44 PM on 08/19/2010
"Our politicians have failed us." Nothing like our religious leaders have failed us. I'll take Mayor Bloomberg's comments on the two blocks from ground zero community center than Franklin Graham's thoughts on Muslims.
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03:39 PM on 08/19/2010
How foolish.

Religion has nothing to do with this.

Criminal behavior has everything to do with it.

When will ignorant leftists wake up and realize this?

Probably never.
",,,and pull up your pants!"
04:28 PM on 08/19/2010
When religion is used as a weapon, sic. crusade/holy war, it IS the problem.
03:35 PM on 08/19/2010
Pay attention, rabbi; you and your various counterparts in mufti are NOT the solution - YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.
Go Independent. Make The Parties Earn Your Vote!!
03:35 PM on 08/19/2010
"religious voices can lift us out of our stupor and move us forward".

Huh? Because religions have recent history of bringing us together....Let's just leave the religion out of the conversation, unless it pertains to their rights.
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Wake up! It's 1984.
03:33 PM on 08/19/2010
I'm not even going to read past the headline. Religion is not going to save America. Religion will be its ruin. The idiotic noise about the mosque in NYC is a perfect example.
03:31 PM on 08/19/2010
"These immigrants will be given a path to full citizenship that will ultimately integrate them into American life..."

"We will recognize that the flow of illegal immigrants must stop, or at the very least, be drastically reduced."

I'm sorry, but I can't help but see an utter contradiction here. I don't see how what the second statement says makes sense, in light of the first.

"We will state, in plain language, that this great country will not put 12 million people on buses, trucks, and trains and send them across the border."

Don't need to. Unless the sanctuary cities are willing to absorb them, they will put themselves on buses and go back to their home countries.
03:17 PM on 08/19/2010
Leave it to an X salesman to suggest that X is the solution.