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Spin Sniper
09:52 PM on 08/18/2010
Please tell the President that that the American people are going to send him a very strong message in November and if doesn't start listening to them then he's going to get booed off the stage in 2012.
09:50 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him not to run in 2012.
09:33 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him Mr. Grayson, that I believe he is trying to get things right. I know turning things around will not come overnight, but he still has my support.
09:22 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him you are sorry you are the only Democrat out there who knows what it's like to take the fight to the Republicans. Tell him you're sorry the Party is so full of COWARDS and that you wish more were like you.
10:03 PM on 08/18/2010
It would be a wonderful day when the bootlicking, corporate owned and operated Democrats became more like our great populist, Dylan Ratigan.
09:16 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him this line from the movie from 13 days (it might have been an actual quote)...

"There's something immoral about abandoning your own judgment"

He'll know what you mean.
Mark Twaine
09:50 PM on 08/18/2010

10:04 PM on 08/18/2010
09:04 PM on 08/18/2010
Tax social security and medicare benefits at a higher rate for retirees who have more retirement income. These entitlements are intended for those who need a basic level of security. If you are retired and still make $1 million a year, you should not need the government subsidized benefits or you should pay a greater share.

Probably not going to be a popular position in your state though.
08:54 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him to deliver on something, anything that he campaigned on.

Obama may wow people with his never ending, vacuous speeches, but being able to sell Sham-Wows is not the same as having executive skills to lead a nation.
09:16 PM on 08/18/2010
I am watching live reporting on MSNBC of the last combat brigade leaving Iraq. Obama promised to do this. So your statement is bogus!
10:13 PM on 08/18/2010
You forgot about the 50,000 troops still there, and a percentage of the 250,000 contractors between Iraq and Afghanistan.
Pleased To Meet You. Hope You Guess My Name.
08:47 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him that sometimes you have to fight for what you want. And even if you lose. Both your freinds and your enemies will respect you. But if you try to shake the hand of your enemy without a fight. Your freinds will only see you as disloyal. And your enemies will take your kindness for weakness.
08:37 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him to end the wars in Iraq and Afganistan.
Tell him to allow states to adopt a single payer health care system.
Tell him to hire Elizabeth Warren and fire Gietner, Rubin, Summers and Paulson.
Tell him to install a state run banks in all states.
Tell him to install maglev trains all across the united states and the world.
Tell him GM needs to make electric cars affordable, its our company anyways.
Tell him to invest in the technology of sending wind power into the skies by use of balloons or kites.
Tell him to invest in geothermal.
Tell him bipartisanship is not working.
Tell him to enact Roosevelts second bill of rights.
08:49 PM on 08/18/2010
@melvins.....should Grayson tell him that you are the President.
We Could Build THE DREAM With Love
08:26 PM on 08/18/2010
Please remind President Obama of the words and deeds of the last president to face as many challenges as he has faced and will face: FDR

To the xenophobes and bigots: "We are trying to construct a more inclusive society. We are going to make a country in which no one is left out."

To the right-wing Christians who are at war with every other religious point of view (or non-religious point of view): "Whoever seeks to set one religion against another seeks to destroy all religion."

To the social and economic Darwinists: "We continue to recognize the greater ability of some to earn more than others. But we do assert that the ambition of the individual to obtain for him a proper security is an ambition to be preferred to the appetite for great wealth and great power."

To those who would choose accommodation (read bipartisanship) over fighting for a principle: "When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him."

It's time to call a spade a spade (an analogy not inappropriate given the racial and ethnic vitriol that now masquerades as national debate). Obama once said that if he's only going to serve one term, then he wants that one term to be a good one.

Remind him of that, Mr. Grayson.

Thank you.
Retired man still active..
08:25 PM on 08/18/2010
That a lot of the democrat losses that will be had in November are because of there and his opposition to the bill that you were in favor of. That the people want the fed audited, and they will not stop until it is done.
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08:20 PM on 08/18/2010
Well you've probably had your dinner. I would ask him why he has not made a recess appointment and appointed Elizabeth Warren to look out for average Americans and make sure the bankers don't screw us over again.

And I'd ask him why he haggles starting with a midpoint in his proposals on on health care, banking, etc. One is supposed to begin with the furthest extreme position and bargain down. Duh.
Dress Right
08:08 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him you will quit.
08:45 PM on 08/18/2010
This is Grayson we are talking about not Palin.
Whistleblower and creator of the Happiness Habit
08:04 PM on 08/18/2010
1) All Obama has to do to be extraordinarily successful and popular is to be the person he promised to be during the campaign. He won, retreated to the White House, all the straight, strong talk and cojones disappeared. We didn't vote for this man, where did he come from?

2) "It's the economy stupid!" Taking care of the struggling middle and lower classes, where the votes are, must be his top priority - not Wall Street or the big banks. He's forgotten the people who put him in office and who can reelect him.

3) The GOP's attack politics are working because the Democratic Party is rolling over, trying to be bipartisan, conciliatory and polite. We are getting killed. This doesn't help this nation or win elections.
Why won't god heal amputees?
09:11 PM on 08/18/2010
Yes. This.
USMC Vietnam vet,Veteran for Peace
07:59 PM on 08/18/2010
Please tell him that the abdication of power to the ruling minoity was a grave error.
08:54 PM on 08/18/2010
Tell him to abdicate.
Spin Sniper
09:55 PM on 08/18/2010
Agreed. He's hopeless and change is all we have left in our pocket thanks to him and his party.