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09:14 PM on 08/18/2010
globalism sucks

even if you were willing to move to India to get a job you wouldn't be allowed.. they have laws against foreigners taking indian jobs.. but they sure love stealing our jobs!
12:59 AM on 08/19/2010
They are not stealing. The unpatriotic american companies are handing them our jobs!
09:09 PM on 08/18/2010
When I call and tell them my problem they always say "no problem" and say no there is problem that's why I called. And why do they go by names like Bob or Mary etc.?
04:30 AM on 08/19/2010
I believe there are tons of Mary's n Bob's in India....These r christian names and guess what the population of Indian christians is somethin around 24 maybe u just got one of them.....U need to know more crazedsurfer...
07:25 PM on 08/18/2010
Remember when a house cost 30-50 thousand? You were lucky to earn 4.50/hr.
Todays living costs, how can you afford to survive? How many jobs can you work (provided their were jobs plentiful). As you grow older, more tired, do you expect to work multiple jobs? Is this what you want for your children? The America Dream was to do better than your folks. Is this going to happen for your children?

Do you care?
Do you really?

Act now! If we cant change things at the polling places, we will be required to try other ideas.
Mine is a strike! Shut this country down until we Congress heads are cries.

I for one am tired of wearing the SAME WORN OUT PAIR OF SHOES.

The shoes of DESPAIR.
07:27 PM on 08/18/2010
Until Congress hears are cries and acts on our behalf!
07:19 PM on 08/18/2010
In economics class, I learned that one primary criteria of a underdeveloped or third world country, is that the countries highest percentage of exports are raw materials, while the highest percentage of the countries imports are finished materials. The United States now meets this criteria.
07:18 PM on 08/18/2010
Senior outsourcing managers based in the country command salaries above global averages.

What does that tell you, all you who believe Americans need work for less! The CEO will ALWAYS demand more and ALWAYS have a signed contract.

Having this SIGNED contract is no different than having a union in force. A CEO would not perform a day with out his package (severance included) and all you who believe unions no longer have a place in this country had better be willingto live on less than livable wages.
07:28 PM on 08/18/2010
"A CEO would not perform a day with out his package (severance included) and all you who believe unions no longer have a place in this country had better be willingto live on less than livable wages."

That should be interesting to see. I don't think Americans have thought that part of the equation through. The American people's favorite fable is that "business will do the right thing." Many people are not going to take the bursting of that particular bubble well. Sadly,I think the USA is so far down the path that it is virtually irreversible now.
"I am not a Number. I am a Free Man!"
06:18 PM on 08/18/2010
Does EVERYONE "get it" now?

This is why the "lefty Liberals" have always denounced Globalization and so-called Free Trade!
This is why there are protests at every WTO Conference!

The INTENTIONAL, purposeful, Plan is to depress all but the top 2% income workers' salaries and wages. The largest reduction Has to be in U.S. wages and salaries because we have a Middle Class. The Middle Class must be Ended!

WHY do you think the newest right-wing campaign is to Demonize the long-term unemployed?
To make Americans Crawl for low-wage jobs!

This is our future folks.
Even if "you got yours" right now, that may be temporary - and what about your children and grandchildren?

Again, this is Exactly the outcome the Masters of the Universe envisioned.
It's all coming true for them!
They Will Make Us All Crawl! They are coming for Your profession next.
They, and Wall Street, are very Pleased with present this economy.

Meanwhile, they make us regular Americans fight over "who's more racist," "who's a citizen" and "who's religion is right" - while their Plan continues....

"Excellent!" They say.
{fingertips tapping together}
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06:28 PM on 08/18/2010
Bingaroonie! FF'd! :)

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07:00 PM on 08/18/2010
Bread and Circus as the Romans called it. The rethugs hate the middle class. They whine and pule about the deficits being our legacy to our grand kids but you are right, the legacy of the the rethug assault on the American working class will be low wage jobs with no benefits and no hope.

Working people, the middle class, wake up and vote your interest and not your fear. If the retugs can make you afraid they can make you do anything they want.
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06:11 PM on 08/18/2010
Hm. In 1970 I worked as a student for 1.65 an hour. 40 hrs x 52 weeks x $1.65 = $3432.00. In 1970 the average income per year was $9,350.00. A new car was $3900, and a used one about 1/3 of that. Gas was 36¢ a gallon. A house was $26k. There were 200 million people in the US. Rent was $100/month.

In 2010.... either something has to change or there will be campgrounds again on public lands in DC. In 1931-32 Hoover said the equivalent of "let them eat cake" or "do nothing and things will change anyway". This time I think the "Hoover" in question of course is not Obama, but the mess that 35 years since Ronnie Raygun started messing with our Nation.

So, $1.65 an hour. What does that buy now? Grrrrrr.....

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06:19 PM on 08/18/2010
Yikes. EDIT: the fault is not Obama's, but it is due to the 35 years of messing with our Nation that was started by Ronnie Raygun.

Further: Consider this comparison on how this mess happened and what we are doing to do to reverse it? Consider: You are a landowner. Someone dumps over the night 3 meters of garbage on your property and they contact your employer telling him that you are irresponsible and destroying a neighborhood. So you get fired. Your resume and rep are destroyed. The village comes to condemn your house. Your spouse leaves you for letting all that happen and you slip and fall on the garbage and break your neck.

Eddie Cunningham - The Old Philosopher:
(excellently karaoke'd by this guy)

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06:20 PM on 08/18/2010
Eddy Cunningham, The Old Philosopher.

Sigh, I must be drinking too much....

old, cranky liberal Democrat (for the time being)
06:10 PM on 08/18/2010
My first thought: yeah, the lure of working at home for minimum wage since you won't be able to afford a car anyway. And I bet you're hired as a contract worker, with no benefits either. One more reason to not leave the house--with no health and unemployment insurance, if anything happens to you, you're completely screwed.
The Free Market is Not Free
06:07 PM on 08/18/2010
Interesting, seeing I lost my job to India and I sure was NOT working in a call center. Also, interesting that some people that go to India for elective surgery have been coming back with some kind of horrific antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. Maybe it is a little message, like: Buy American!
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06:27 PM on 08/18/2010
Nice connection between jobs and surgery going to India and us getting screwed in return by the large powers that be. It must be all our fault. Good on ya!

Faved, since I already fanned you.

05:45 PM on 08/18/2010
And the race to the bottom continues unabated.
06:15 PM on 08/18/2010
and we become a third world country.
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05:39 PM on 08/18/2010
IBM is India's second largest pvt sector employer

BANGALORE: Tata Consultancy Services is the largest private sector employer in the country. It had 1,63,700 employees as on June 30. Who is # 2?

The honour goes to -- surprise, surprise -- IBM. That's right. Not to any Tata or Ambani company, or to Infosys or Wipro.

The fact that IBM has over one lakh people on its rolls in this country is one of India Inc's best-kept secrets. No one in US-headquartered IBM will admit that it employs such a large number of people in India -- for fear of a backlash at home. There's been rising anger in the US over the transfer of `American jobs' to lower cost havens, particularly India. Faced with an economic slowdown and a politically-damaging high employement rate, Barack Obama himself has begun to sound jingoistic. He has issued barely-veiled threats against US companies that ship out work and promised candies to those who stay patriotic.

Even as an IBM spokesperson declined comment when contacted, a source within the company said that in a couple of years, the India employee strength could cross that in the US, where it employs about 1,55,000 people, and where the pace of hiring is substantially slower than in India. IBM globally has a little over 4,00,000 employees. So, close to 1 in 3 of its employees is already an Indian.
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05:40 PM on 08/18/2010
stop rewarding companies that have exported jobs to India, China, Mexico, or elsewhere.

start to transfer those rewards to companies that keep the jobs in the U.S. or bring them back.

India's economy is not our responsibility. It is not a matter of the Indian workforce being "smarter" or "more skilled." It's a matter of living in India allows that workforce to work for pennies on the U.S. dollar.

A third step, of course, is to immediately boycott any company that exports jobs, because in the final analysis, the only people who care about American workers are American workers.

Money talks, empathy walks. The business owners just do not care. That's why they're not hiring. They want to keep 100% of any recession-era profits they've made.
10:37 PM on 08/18/2010
There's no way American workers will be able to compete with India, China and Mexico. So, we need to give incentives to companies for not transferring jobs overseas. Furthermore, we the consumers and workers need to know who offers massive employment overseas, such as IBM in India, and start boycotting such companies.
It's time we insist on some action because thus far nothing has stopped this trend.
Someone who cares - to his unending regret
05:25 PM on 08/18/2010
Is call centers booming in Youngstown, Ohio - due to the slaughter of industry by inequitable free trade. The deployment of the latter weapon against the American people was indeed a stroke of genius.

Despicable, but genius nonetheless. Too bad our economy has been so hammered by it that our deficits abound, threatening the wealth amassed by those people who deployed it, eh?

My heart weeps for them, I tell you - it weeps for trauma the thought of higher taxes causes them. (And I can fly unassisted by mechanical devices.)