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10:59 AM on 08/23/2010
Let's see, was not one of the elements of Barack Hussein Obama's campaign platform 'Cap and Tax' redistribution of wealth agenda.

Surprise surprise - we now hear that it is a 'big rip-off'.
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11:23 AM on 08/23/2010
Yeah, this about a UN treaty that we're not even a part of. Nice try though...thanks for playing. I know it's hard for you guys to keep up with all that thinking and stuff....
12:24 PM on 08/23/2010
Same scheme though..
Brawndo's got electrolites!
11:25 AM on 08/23/2010
Actually McCain/Palin ran on Cap&Trade. D'oh!
11:51 AM on 08/23/2010
One of the reasons Conservatives sat out the election.
12:55 PM on 08/23/2010
And they lost.
Political Fundip
10:53 AM on 08/23/2010
Do people still not get it... When we create markets for things that really have no value (or a overinflated perceived value) we are creating bubbles that are going to get abused by the people in power and will eventually burst.
Think - Dot Com Bubble, US Housing Market Collapse, and now also Carbon Exchange.
10:13 AM on 08/23/2010
I don't believe cap and trade is necessarily the best approach to reducing greenhouse gases. Taxation might be more straightforward. With cap and trade lots of middlemen get into the action (Goldman Sachs and the like have set up trading arms in London for the cap and trade!) and you get anomalies such as alluded to in the article about producing deliberately detrimental gases/chemicals before of the financial reward.
11:05 AM on 08/23/2010
The problem as you see it is that the bankers are the ones skimming and scamming instead of the government skimming and scamming? Nice.
12:45 PM on 08/23/2010
a carbon tax would work, coal would take a hit, and in contrast, wind and solar and oil (except oil shale) and biomass would make a gain.

It's a transfer of wealth, not an across the board hike.
11:59 AM on 08/23/2010
It's spelled N U C L E A R.

It's here, it works, it address many more problems than it creates.
12:47 PM on 08/23/2010
it's running out, it's dangerous, and it's too expensive to do without massive subsidies and rate hikes.
12:48 PM on 08/23/2010
Oh, wait, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl (which is still an ongoing disaster in terms if human lives and children born with severe, sometimes bizarre, birth defects, the ghost towns, the unusable formerly productive land, etc.), except for all that, then yeah, right, nuclear.