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12:56 AM on 08/26/2010
Why aren't H Post readers / commentors allowed to say the I word?
01:01 AM on 08/26/2010
You can say igloo all you want
01:01 AM on 08/26/2010
Gee thanks for letting me get that thru.
I've seen swear words / hard-core personal attacks / etc. - but when I want to point out that I believe someone or some group is - dare I say it - ignorant... I get censored.
What gives H Post?
The Ghost of Lincoln
12:34 AM on 08/26/2010
Go ahead, Senator Hamburger and President 'Corporate Tool' touch that 'third rail...' I love the smell of grilled meat!

Just look at the comments hear for a quick consensus on screwing with Social Security. And it's pretty much the same whatever site in these Internets you visit. Like I said...

Go Ahead O'Bummer.

The sooner we get rid of you and your posse of ignorant corrupt flunkies the sooner we can get back to rebuilding...

04:59 AM on 08/26/2010
I wholeheartedly concur.
06:32 AM on 08/26/2010
Hear, hear!
Truth be Known
12:25 AM on 08/26/2010
Simpson fits right in with the Obama Administration's in dealing with all the crises facing our Country. Notice their is no mention of cutting back on Federal pensions of former senators, congressmen and Federal employees while they also collect social security.
02:05 AM on 08/26/2010
Fanned. Great idea. I think Arianna should pick up on this one. ARE YOU READING THIS HUFFPOST?? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
02:08 AM on 08/26/2010
Oh and they should propose cuts whether they recieve Social Security or not. Social Security is actually fiscally sound for another two decades while the federal budget, where federal employees including ex-congressman and senators get paid from, is over 12 trillion dollars in the red and climbing.
12:15 AM on 08/26/2010
As Obama's hand picked representative to co-chair the catfood commission, Alan Simpson does a wonderful job representing Obama's views on Social Security and our current deficit problem.

Who wants to place bets on what this "deficit" commission comes up with to cut the deficit? If Obama's handpicked representatives don't recommend gutting Social Security I'll eat my hat.
11:48 PM on 08/25/2010
Dean Baker, the economist for the everyday blue collar man on the street.
11:46 PM on 08/25/2010
Suppose Senator Simpson prevails and we simply do away with Social Security. What is the end state, Senator Simpson? More gruel, Sir?
12:37 AM on 08/26/2010
Cake - "Let them eat cake"
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12:41 AM on 08/26/2010
John Amato from Crooks & Liars calls this group The Cat Food Commission, I imagine this creep Simpson thinks we should all eat that.
Tact is just not saying true stuff. I’ll pass.
11:10 PM on 08/25/2010
"Simpson's public remarks also seem to show very little knowledge of the financial situation of the elderly or near elderly." Who needs knowledge when your mind's already locked and loaded?
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11:10 PM on 08/25/2010
For Social Security to remain solvent, it will soon need to be repaid the money owed to it by general revenue.

General Revenue this year spent $1,400,000,000,000 dollars more than it took in.

How exactly does the author expect General Revenue to re-pay social security?
11:55 PM on 08/25/2010
Ask the author. But right now he's addressing Simpson's ignorant scapegoating of the very retired people who benefitted from a program that they've(we've) paid for ourselves.
Are you condemning the program because Congressional budgetary sleight-of-hand has routinely robbed the funds? Or are you attacking the irresponsibility that's added to the shortfall and insisting on a correction?
The program isn't the problem. And the solution is certainly not to end or "privatize" Social Security. My 401K took a big enough hit over the last two years. My Social Security will get invested in the general stock market over my cold dead body.
12:19 AM on 08/26/2010
Wall Street bankers and their sock puppet Obama disapprove of your position. They are planning to gut Social Security in the lame duck session of congress in december; you will not have a say in the matter at all if it's up to them. And it is.
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12:43 AM on 08/26/2010
I've paid into this system for almost 3 decades, I want my d@mn money. If they want to end SSI, then they can cut me a big fat check, with interest.
12:17 AM on 08/26/2010
Take your pick: end the imperialism, cut the military budget, end tax cuts for the wealthy to 1982 levels or earlier. I can think of lots of corporate welfare programs, if the three mentioned are distasteful to your Party of Corporate Welfare members.
10:57 PM on 08/25/2010
Dr. Baker is correct.

Geithner, Summers, and now Alan Simpson.

(What is it about Wyoming?)

Obama must rid us of these robber barons and enemies of the middle class, and do so immediately.
The Ghost of Lincoln
12:39 AM on 08/26/2010
Wake up pal!

Obama hand picked these corporate tools.

They are just what he wants.
10:37 PM on 08/25/2010
You neglected to point out that far from weaning at the teets of a government program, the recipients of social security all have paid into the system for decades. They provided their end of the bargain by doing so and now expect the government to keep its contract with them. What is telling about the Simpson fiasco is that Obama has accepted Simpson's meaningless apology as enough and has not fired the blunderer. In fact, Obama has a long record of hostility towards entitlements dating back to April 2006 when he gave a speech as a senator to the newly created Hamilton Project. Robert Rubin and Goldman Sachs set up the Hamilton Project and Obama in 2006 in his speech lauded "my friend Bob [Rubin, ex CEO of Goldman and Citibank], called for more NAFTA like free trade pacts, more jobs to be outsourced overseas, and for cuts to entitlements (meaning social security). See his speech in video clip here or read a transcript of the speech from 2006 at

Obama is the guy who set up the "deficit reduction commission" himself (by executive order) and stacked it with people hostile to social security. Not only Simpson, but Erskine Bowles and Alice Rivlin (who has also spoken at Hamilton Project about the need to privatize social security) and Ann Fudge. This is all on Obama who sold his soul to Bob Rubin and Goldman Sachs years ago.
11:24 PM on 08/25/2010
Exactly! The well-funded Hamilton Project that is a friend of Goldman Sachs and Robert Rubin.
The Hamilton Project has a lot of fun ideas for America but unfortunately America hasn't heard much from this nice named think tank. It would do Americans well to google them and take a look.
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12:46 AM on 08/26/2010
What gets my goat is that he fires a progressive green jobs expert like Van Jones because when he was 20 he was more politically radical as a young person (who isn't?) but he keeps this guy on?

He throws the liberals he hires under the bus in 10 seconds flat but keeps a Republican no matter what.
10:31 PM on 08/25/2010
Do not forget that Simpson was recorded saying that SS was currently operating in the red, and then insulting a man who reminded him that with the interest of the bonds that the trust funds hold SS is still well in the black. He may be ignorant, but he is not as ignorant as he pretends to be.
Some of the untruths that he tells are intentional.
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10:28 PM on 08/25/2010
the sensationalist articles about alan simpson get zillions of comments, but a first hand account about him has hardly any. why is that? is it because dean baker is rational?
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12:46 AM on 08/26/2010
Because it wasn't on the main thread.
10:24 PM on 08/25/2010
This man has spent most of his career looking for a camera and insulting people with what he assumes is cleverness.
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10:47 PM on 08/25/2010
well said
10:12 PM on 08/25/2010
It's sad, really, that ideologues like Simpson are so ready to trash America's most successful and most humane policy by manufacturing a crisis, crying BANKRUPT! BANKRUPT! as if repeating the lie makes it true. SS has been saved before and can be saved again. Unless all you care about is tax cuts for people who don't need them.
09:41 PM on 08/25/2010
Unfortunately, your description of Simpson and his ignorance of both programs and legislation he oversees and the Americans they effect can be said of 90% of our elected officials in Washington.

THey only listen to the corporate money.

I wonder if this country can ever be saved in my lifetime.
Simpson is not the exception - but the rule.
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10:30 PM on 08/25/2010
our country is undergoing its own version of madness, with justifiably angry voters being herded by oil and chemical magnates and dick armey.
10:38 PM on 08/25/2010
True: Obama is one of them. He took Goldman Sachs and Robert Rubin's money and now sings their tunes. That is why he set this "commission" up in the first place and stacked it with social security looters.