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You don't happen to make it. You make it happen.
05:46 PM on 09/03/2010
Yet wages are falling and the US economy is failing with the highest level of immigration in history. What does that study say is supposed to happen ?
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I don't have to believe your
03:45 PM on 09/03/2010
Here is another fact for you: since WWII and the gigantic increase in illegal immigration, the crime rates of all EU countries has exploded. Any coincidence?

If a man breaks the law by smuggling himself into an EU country, what other laws will he be willing to ignore in the pursuit of his happiness? I fail to understand why the EU has to accomodate all the poor people in the world. The idea of self-determination seems to mean the right to say who gets into your own country.
03:31 PM on 09/03/2010
no one is saying there's anything wrong with immgration , it;'s illegal immgration that people have a problem with .
07:28 PM on 09/03/2010
the difference is paper-work.

Remember the slur WOP (with-out-papers) for some immigrant groups of yesteryear.

Ships from Europe would stop at Long Island. Here some ethnic groups, without papers, were helped to disembark; while those with right papers proceeded on to Ellis Island.
02:29 PM on 09/04/2010
Cool, thanks. I've known that term for decades, never knew what its origin was.