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07:05 PM on 09/10/2010
I think it is funny that Joseph Palermo asserts "Obama is the best president we could ever elect in our corrupt and money-soaked political discourse". Then he goes on to show us why Obama is corruptted by money soaked ties to Wall street through Rahm and Tim and Larry. What press secrectary Gibbs refers to as the professional left, has not been able to accept the fact that the way Democrats have exercised their power shows that they are the party of Fat Cat Bankers and Wall street. This worldview hold over from bygone days when Democrats actually cared about the little people also leads them to confuse the discontent with bailouts for insiders and Fat cats that has fueled the TEA Party growth. No one in the TEA party advocates increasing federal welfare for big corporations. Quite the opposite. This is what accounts for the enthusiasm gap. Liberals on main street know that they have been betrayed by Obama and his corporate cronies. Corporate cronyism was one of the things that really burned with main street democrats. Obama promised change we could believe in. Well we believe what we see. More corporate welfare with no strings attached. We are getting tired of hearing it is all Bush's fault and the dog ate my homework. Obama told us he was ready and able for the job. We took him on faith. Now we have lost faith in him and lost hope for change.
former Repub till W
07:38 PM on 09/10/2010
sorry  Warren   Gripe all you want   but  Obama is the  best   -and all we have  after  28  long 
TOXIC  yrs under Reaganomics Bush  Cheney  (  FED BOSS  Alan Greenspan -
  GOP  's  wealth favoring   policies- courts- laws- cuts    Long long UNFUNDED  wars- and    TAX  CUTS
W  's  GOP congress gave him ALL  he asked for      2000- 2006      6  yrs  then in   Jan 2007
when  Dems got  in-  Bush vowed to VETO    OR FILIBUSTER ANY DEM BILL  
06:34 PM on 09/10/2010
I'm not worried about the enthusiasm gap. I want to see him bridge the "have a spine" gap first.
07:28 PM on 09/10/2010
Poetry. Fanned.
religion, ideology, partisanship are delusional
06:24 PM on 09/10/2010
I'm confused: Progressives here all said the financial bill was a victory for Wall St.
So why does it matter whether Warren gets appointed, if she will have no power anyway?

You folks back-stab Obama's financial bill, then wonder why there is an "enthusiasm gap"?
Try pointing your fingers at a mirror.
There are other human values besides greed.
07:33 PM on 09/10/2010
Heck - yeah maybe we should start believing what right wingers believe: trickle down economics, 2 trillion tax breaks for the rich, and starting multiple wars abroad ... that will give us lots of missing enthusiasm.
religion, ideology, partisanship are delusional
06:20 PM on 09/10/2010
Ridiculous, the idea that Obama is playing nice with Wall St for campaign money.
WSJ has already reported that Wall St hates Obama, there is no money forthcoming.
Another HuffPost article said that Wall St is hiring only Repub lobbyist.
Does that sound like Wall St is lining up to give Dems money?

Clinton was elected by money from Wall St. He responded by repealing Glass-Steagall.
Obama mainly got elected with money from us, from me.
07:21 PM on 09/10/2010
That is simply not true. Although many small time donors gave to Obama. He broke records for the most big time donations ever.
religion, ideology, partisanship are delusional
10:37 AM on 09/11/2010
That doesn't disprove my statement. He broke all records, from big or small donations. More than half of his money came from individuals.

Goldman gave Obama less than 1% of his total contributions. U California gave more, Harvard gave about the same. Those "big donors" aren't all corporations.
07:24 PM on 09/10/2010
"Ridiculous, the idea that Obama is playing nice with Wall St for campaign money"

2nd highest Obama donor . . . Goldman Sachs :)
religion, ideology, partisanship are delusional
10:35 AM on 09/11/2010
That's from 2008, and it's why they hate Obama. They gave him the money, and he screwed them anyway.

Besides, it's half of what came from U California, about what Harvard gave, and about 1% of his total contributions. The majority of Obama's campaign contributions came from individuals, like me.
pup sydney
needs of regular folks, Italy; cancer;
05:53 PM on 09/10/2010
Cagey , yes the right word. A cagey president is the last thing to inspire Americans. A pres that does not or woudl not "say" , that holds his cards close, that has these "intergalactic speeches" but can't even say "I will veto health care without public option" or "I will appoint Warren" or that signs executive orders when we are in a depression (!!!??), is never going to inspire.
And, yes, in poverty inspiration and circus are what people want. What is he afraid of? of losing the support of republicans, progressives, middle class, rich class, military and unions?
08:33 PM on 09/10/2010
He's a cagey guy.
He's not afraid of anything in particular. He's cagey, it's part of his character, and the country is going to have to get through this mess with a cagey, uninspiring creep of a 'leader.'
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05:43 PM on 09/10/2010
The only 'lifeline' Obama can throw to the 'middle-class' is to:


So many fools in this country believes that the financial crisis is over, or that 'TARP was paid back with huge profits', when nothing could be further from the truth.

TARP was a taxpayer investment in already INSOLVENT banks considered too-big-to fail.

All of these banks, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, are still mired in a financial system that is full of this toxic, worthless derivatives and credit-default swaps nonsense.

They are hoping that the American public just accept this and call it: "...the new normal".

MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT is now "...the new normal".

No money to bail out the states, like California, because all tax revenue at the Federal level is going to 'pay down the deficits', incurred by the 23.7 trillion in taxpayer bail out support of this insolvent economy.

Obama has to declare the Federal Reserve System as INSOLVENT and put the entire system into RECEIVERSHIP and re-organize it in bankruptcy under strict Glass-Steagall standards.

Any other talk is stupid, worthless, meaningless and will NOT solve our economic problems.


06:52 PM on 09/10/2010
It would cause quite a kerfuffle, but would be better than a World War, or Revolution, which I see as the only eventual outcomes to the current direction.
Old Codger
05:36 PM on 09/10/2010
Nancy P. has demonstrated what leadership is all about . She pushed through the House over 300 bills which would have improved conditions for the middle class many months ago . But the Senate Leader Harry R. has been insulting her , the House , and the American people by not using leadership to do the same in the Senate . Her bills have been sitting in Harry R.'s in-box gathering dust for months . While he and his merry band of bill and economy killers parade before the cameras .
Cranky yankee and a rehabilitated ex-Republican
05:33 PM on 09/10/2010
Barack Obama is President, ... not Geithner, Summers or Bernanke.

He left the distinct impression that he has to check with his handlers to decide whether he can give the nod to Elizabeth Warren to head the agency she designed from the beginning.

There is no good time to nominate her, Mr. President! The Republicans will do everything they can not to allow you to get her through, ... but they always would have. If she does not get the nomination, in the end it is on your shoulders for not demonstrating the courage required of your office.
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05:13 PM on 09/10/2010
middle class is drowning because of all the inflation induced by oil baron bush/chainy manipulation of the price of oil from 18 to 150 dollars a barrel.....even if you went back to 18 dollar a barrel oil all the inflation is locked in place....semper f*cked......
04:58 PM on 09/10/2010
"Obama is the very best president we could ever elect in our corrupt and money-soaked political discourse." Seriously? This is the best we could do as a Nation? You state that people didn't vote for Hillary for fear of a Clinton restoration. We should be so lucky. More like a Carter restoration if you ask me...The only way out of this mess is to hope and pray Republicans gain control of Congress ala 1994 and that Obama take a similar course of action that Bill Clinton did. Fighting against the majority of Americans on every major issue is getting him nowhere...
pup sydney
needs of regular folks, Italy; cancer;
06:02 PM on 09/10/2010
I assume the majority of the Americans wanted a public option in health care rather than guaranteed income for private insurers without strict oversight.
We have to be clear on what is that AMeircnas want before, if they want the system and oil barons running the ocuntry with gas at 4 dollars a gallon and sheisters selling cardboard homws for millions I don't know, but that is where the GOP will take them, no doubt.
Grapes of Wrath!
04:37 PM on 09/10/2010
When is the President going to start pushing for progressive results and not republican klan compromises on everything?
Your Liberal, Democratic base is waiting Mr. President.
04:34 PM on 09/10/2010
Obama lost me when he took to coddling the Republicans on issues such as Health Care and the stimulus program instead of telling them to go straight to Hell. His economic team (Geithner, Summers) has been on the wrong side of every issue. His close advisors (Emmanuel, Axelrod) have had nothing but wrong answers since Day 1. President Obama has turned into Jimmy Carter revisited. I hope he has as successful a retirement after being voted out of office.
right to tell what they don't want to hear
04:29 PM on 09/10/2010
Another example where words do not speak as loudly as deeds. We are grasping for symbolic gestures as if the appointment of Elizabeth Warren will somehow expunge his sins of surrounding himself with Wall Street agents appointed by Bob Rubin.

Obama's problems are that he wasn't willing to break with the past and with those who caused the economic crisis when the situation we find ourselves begged for it as the only way towards any real solutions. This is in contrast to FDR who really didn't know how to react but was willing to experiment his way out by deliberate distancing from the people who had caused the economic crisis.

Obama is very little more than a continuation of Bush. The obstructionist Republican party keeps us from seeing more clearly Obama's highly limited reality.
06:59 PM on 09/10/2010
Fanned. This guy doesn't even have to be that creative, the fixes to our problems have been previously demonstrated. There is no working theory that fits better, than that President Obama is not up to the task before him.
Humans have a 100% chance of extinction
01:21 AM on 09/11/2010
Thumbs up, unfortunately. Shouldn't have been so. We empowered Obama to empower us. Whoops, that ain't going to happen. Yur right. And more so. The whole world knows it.
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04:06 PM on 09/10/2010
Obama came into office with a large popular enthusiastic base. However, he has consistently and repeatedly sold out to the wealthy/corps/financiers while concretizing and further accruing expansion of executive power, and at the same time narrowing the democratic power of the rest of the nation's people.

People first didn't believe it, then were in shock, and now feel betrayed and demeaned. This tends to create a lack of enthusiasm. There is nothing the man can do now unless he completely turns back to the promises of his campaign, not with the silver tongue of rhetoric but with the golden rule of action.

Is there a legal format for impeaching politicians who completely lie during their campaigns?
Raul Garcia
Documentary Filmmaker
03:51 PM on 09/10/2010
Way too little and way too late to convince me of any sincerity whatsoever.