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...the One your mom warned you about!
10:42 AM on 09/15/2010
Anytime I see high fructose corn syrup on a label, it's a cue to me to search for something more natural and healthier. It's a very simple rule to follow.
01:07 PM on 09/15/2010
I do the same, but it is sometimes difficult. There isn't always an alternative. I eat healthily (my cholesterol is 129 for a start), but sometimes I like to make a pie, or brownies, etc... So many mixes, etc... have HFCS that unless I have time to make something totally from scratch, avoiding it can be a hard thing to do. I don't eat a lot of ketchup, but when I do, they all have HFCS in them, except for Hunt's (which was my last ketchup purchase), and it is just one example. Eating out is tough too, because so much of the restaurant industry has ingredients full of HFCS, from marinades to sweetened tea to bread. At least there are some alternatives out there now.
06:24 PM on 09/23/2010
Dont be lazy sheeple. Plan ahead. Make your baked goods from scratch, not from a "mix". Never use shit from a box. Period. Automatic health problems will ensue. Catsup? gotta be organic, no gmo's, no HFCR, no soy lecithin, no natural flavors or flavorings. None. There are more-ethical producers out there, they just may not be available in your community. Eating at restraunts is almost ALWAYS a health risk. The "same old, same old" approach to eating in the U.S. no longer works. Sorry to be so blunt and harsh, but I've been on this page for decades. . . . BTW, about 10 years ago, the major food corporations bought-up and bought-out all the smalll upstart natural foods companies. Got "Morningstar" vegan veggie burgers? They're owned by Kellogs. I gave up on all foods made from TVP (textured veggie protein) since the processed soy protein isolate is apparently as cancer inducing as red meat. Truely, when it comes to pure foods, "less is more".
Ozark Homesteader
10:28 AM on 09/15/2010
All of the "wonderful" things that HFCS can do for food can be achieved with other ingredients, like apple sauce for moisture and Vitamin E for preserving. Then again, how about just make good food and eat it in a timely manner?
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10:04 AM on 09/15/2010
important piece of news.

while the bread and circus of our democracy rolls on, unethical corporate sociopaths (redundant) poison us more efficently.