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11:07 AM on 10/01/2010
Changing the name of HFCS still makes it no darn good for you. I don't care if they call it corn sugar or whatever the marketing firms on Wall St. concoct, the buyer needs to be careful when they look at the ingredients on a package (provided that they WILL LOOK at them).
11:00 AM on 10/01/2010
Corn syrup isn't just bad for you, it's also corporate welfare. Imagine if the corn industry actually told the truth about this garbage.......

So long corn syrup, hello corporate welfare juice

Faced with the declining use of High Fructose Corn Syrup, the Corn Corporate Welfare Association has petitioned the Food and Drug administration to change the name of HFCS to “corporate welfare juice.”

The association settled on “corporate welfare juice” after rejecting other names such as “tasty poison,” “constipation solver” and “America’s high diabetes elixir.”

John Robert
current actor, producer, director
10:29 AM on 10/01/2010
I lost 26 lbs after stopping using HFCS. Even lab mice gained more weight on HFCS than sugar because it processs differently in your body.
11:59 AM on 10/01/2010
Good for you! ...Although you must not have increased your consumption of other sugars ... after all, calories matter most.

In thinking of that, look at this:

Or for a more recent follow-up:

Also, in some reviews I read of that mice (rats, actually) study...the study didn't use proper controls and more, as noted by Marion Nestle:
No owning ideas. Limit only commercial use.
01:59 PM on 10/01/2010
"that mice (rats, actually) study"

That study, singular? There have been tons of studies -- in mice, rats, and humans -- looking at various aspects of the metabolism and effects of fructose vs glucose. A search on pubmedcentral for "glucose fructose metabolic syndrome" returns 783 hits.

Here's one with mice and one with humans.
03:26 PM on 10/01/2010
That is incorrect. The study didn't use HFCS but high fructose. HFCS in spite of the name isn't high in fructose. Of course you lost stopped eating excess sugars. Sugar is sugar. HFCS is not metabolized differently. Keep up the good work and don't eat excess empty calorie foods.
10:10 AM on 10/01/2010
Great post Dr. Katz. "Read the labels", was the best medical advice I ever recevied.
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09:27 AM on 10/01/2010
Cannot say much about the studies. But I can say that since I've made every attempt to cut HFCS out of my diet, my blood sugar levels and A1C are normal. And I'm losing weight. And I'm still using a similar amount of products that contain other kinds of sugar, trying to keep it as unprocessed as possible.