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Civilization Consultant
04:34 PM on 09/17/2010
What on earth were these people thinking.
04:56 PM on 09/17/2010
They were thinking the good it would do to have another left wing loon with nuclear weapons.
05:08 PM on 09/17/2010
So then as a Right Winger I am sure you are fighting for Iran's right to have nuclear deterance right?

They are a far right country.
We Have Met the Enemy and he is Us: Pogo
04:33 PM on 09/17/2010
Domestic terrorist. If found guilty prosecute to the full extent of the law. Traitors!
If facts have a liberal bias, I'll use facts
04:23 PM on 09/17/2010
These are domestic terrorists, and should be treated as such to the fullest extent of the law. What surprises me is that all this was done while Bushie2 was in office. So while we were banging the drum and scaring Chavez into thinking we were about to bomb him too. He goes fishing around, and US intel picks it up. They lay out the bait, and this idiot decides to get greedy. Make you wonder though, Argentina, Brazil, Peru - armed with nuclear weapons. Scary picture.
04:57 PM on 09/17/2010
Bush was president on Friday? If that is true, it is Bush's fault.
05:19 PM on 09/17/2010
Where does it say the VZLA govt was involved? Did you even read the article or just the headline?
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04:18 PM on 09/17/2010
can't you make a bomb by just going to google ??
Shalom, compa!
04:28 PM on 09/17/2010
04:56 PM on 09/17/2010
There are still plenty of secrets with regards to the effectiveness and efficiency of refinement and the warhead. Anything that would be built with common info would be extremely crude and ineffective compared to what could be done with major western power state secrets.
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04:10 PM on 09/17/2010
This is entrapment.  The FBI is making people commit crimes just so they can arrest them.  I'm sure they received their orders from the prison corporations hungry for more profits.
04:19 PM on 09/17/2010
It's only entrapment if they persuaded them to commit a crime they otherwise wouldn't have, simply providing an opportunity for the crime to be committed isn't entrapment.
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04:30 PM on 09/17/2010
Providing an opportunity for someone to commit a crime is a form of persuasion.  The crime wouldn't have happened if they hadn't given them the opportunity.
Self Reliant Yet Charitable
04:19 PM on 09/17/2010
Really, the FBI made this couple do this by what offering them money? According to the article the man set his own price, and did this of his own will.

I guess you and the Hollywood crowd will be defending this couple because they were doing the righteous thing for a great leader in Venezuela.
Your micro-bio is still empty.
04:24 PM on 09/17/2010
So the guy didnt do it for money, I'm sure the FBI said name your price since no one was actually paying. If the FBI apporached these people it was entrapment.
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04:29 PM on 09/17/2010
This is not about Venezuela.  I am against people giving away national security secrets to anyone.  The issue here is not Venezuela.  The issue here is the conduct of the FBI.  Should the FBI be allowed to encourage people to commit crimes just so they can be arrested?
Proud American, Proud Gentile
04:08 PM on 09/17/2010
Venezuela is in joint cooperation with the Russian Federation on the nuclear energy front. They have no need for any "nuclear information" from the US.

Wouldnt be surprised if this was cooked up by a Venezuelen oppositionists, or if this whole thing is a load of horsedung.
04:20 PM on 09/17/2010
The article made it clear Venezuela has nothing to do with it outside of being the front they used to catch these idiots.
04:31 PM on 09/17/2010
Read the article again. Money Quote: "They were accused of dealing with an FBI undercover agent posing as a Venezuelan agent. The government did not allege that Venezuela or anyone working for it sought U.S. secrets."

False headline should be "US couple charged with trying to pass Nuclear Secrets to Undercover FBI agent."
Civilization Consultant
04:38 PM on 09/17/2010
... undercover FBI agent posing as a Venezuelan agent.

I suspect they're fans of Hug0's dictatorship.
Linda Williams
04:43 PM on 09/17/2010
This is a curious situation. There is more to it. Are they money broke? Desperate? Now, would be the time for the Gov to start flushing dissidents, people are broke and ticked off. Watch your back, people.
Seriously, it's time.
04:05 PM on 09/17/2010
Not exactly the professors moriarty.
03:57 PM on 09/17/2010
Rosenbergs they ain't... But maybe this will lay to rest the fantasy that Russia is the sole source of proliferation threats. Especially since Israel obtained Nuclear Weapons it does not deny or confirm, most likely from the US.

BTW, Kudos to the US for proactively engaging in countering this proliferation treaty. Too bad for Venezuela critics sure to come that Venezuela does not appear to be involved in any way with this. Wonder if Forx News will bother to point that out?
03:58 PM on 09/17/2010
"BTW, Kudos to the US for proactively engaging in countering this proliferation THREAT.
05:04 PM on 09/17/2010
Every country spies on every other country. It's life. When you catch their guys, you send them packing. When you catch your own, you charge them with treason. End of story.