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I take social satire seriously...
09:11 AM on 11/16/2007
I was crouching with bin Laden -- in a cave of opulence -- he gave me the box cutter -- that brought the U.S. to the dance

I was kept inside with Bhutto -- a house arrest for two -- how was I to know -- free speech was hostage too

An innocent bystander -- but somehow I got stuck -- between Iraq and a hard place -- now the U.S. is fucked....yeah the U.S. is fucked

I woke up with Musharraf -- the Congress had been banned -- sieze lawyers, guns and money -- the shit has hit the fan -- HA!

Sieze lawyers, guns and money -- lawyers guns and money -- lawyers guns and money -- the U.S. is fucked
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08:53 AM on 11/16/2007
It’s not merely about Pakistan
How ironic that Islamic Pakistanis (when Islamists allegedly hate democracy) are protesting in favor of democracy and against a dictatorship supported and financed by the US government (supposedly to combat “Islamic terrorists” who hate “democracy”).
Pakistan exposes the fundamental hypocrisy and fallacy of the “war on terror”.
Invasions, bombardments, secret prisons, torture, dictatorships. Trillions for war, and military bases, and homeland “security”, even to the ruin of our own economy as well as the world’s.
It is a “war on hunger” that uses starvation to achieve “victory”.