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09:10 PM on 11/20/2007
"You've got to be kidding me" - doesn't even cover this.

As usual Bush is nowhere to be found when it comes to American Solider's and it takes more than a sound-byte.

And they wonder why they can't get enough people to sign-up for the military.
08:54 PM on 11/20/2007
A friend of mine years ago came up with a phrase that describes the lowest you can get on the food chain.

"A maggot shit eater".

I guess he has a new standard now.

08:39 PM on 11/20/2007
All I can say is, "Are you fucking kidding me?"
08:12 PM on 11/20/2007
Ok people. Why isn't this on the tv or front page of every newspaper? Is this the ultimite insult to those who fought this war on lies built? Is blood and future not worth something to the military when someone is so wounded they cannot go back and try to get killed again? I am so ashamed of this government and the military as this is the topper. I live in san diego, military town Miramar Air Base down the street. Families talking already about giving food for our military families who don't have enough to eat for the holidays so they can have traditional foods. We know the poor care taken of the viets here and there is always something trying to help out the local soldiers and this makes me mad so this bring back to them the money they owe when they might already be homeless thanks to the delays and refusals these guys are getting from the military already. Suicides are the most ever for the military so maybe this is a way to get a few off the lists.
08:07 PM on 11/20/2007
The human face of the Bush administration, all the feelings and compassion of a machine! They watch them die, get maimed, physically and mentally, then begrudge them a fistful of dollars because of a deliberate callous clause. Momma's don't let your children grow up to be soldiers, let them be senators or lawyers and such!
live simply so others may simply live
08:06 PM on 11/20/2007
They might as well call them traitors for defrauding the government during wartime.

These wounded soldiers are responsible for what percentage of the "contract fraud" in Iraq?

Call them suckers, deserters/traitors, war criminals.
Deny them dignity, honor, respect.
Draw first blood.
08:02 PM on 11/20/2007
After dinner this evening, we had planned a quick shopping trip to purchase a few things for the wounded soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Hospital...only to return home and find this news report about one of the most hateful and un-American things EVER!

During the same month as Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving, THIS is the thanks of a "grateful nation"?

Wake Up America!
08:00 PM on 11/20/2007
On inauguration day,2001, the president took an oath to....among other things..."faithfully execute the laws of the United States"... and to..."preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America"
Can anyone really believe that he has fully or even partially fulfilled these commitments?
08:00 PM on 11/20/2007
Let's see. The phone number in that photo is 1-800-962-0648.
Maybe I'll call that number tomorrow and see who answers.
07:48 PM on 11/20/2007
you a patriot an' a fool. fool!
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07:42 PM on 11/20/2007
Booosh, you are one SORRY mother fucker!!!


I need to go for a walk.

07:38 PM on 11/20/2007
And the repugs accuse any democrat who oppose the war as not supporting the troops.

My God, is this America? I haven't been able to recognize it as being America since 2001.
live simply so others may simply live
07:28 PM on 11/20/2007
Any proof that Bush served out his tour?
What is a deferment worth? Or FIVE?
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
07:26 PM on 11/20/2007
Dear Mr. President,

I would gladly give back my pro rata share of my signing bonus... as soon as you give back my [leg / arm / brain lobe / other ______ ].

Please note that I was injured in the line of duty, on company time as it were.

[Your Name Here]
Maimed United States Serviceman or woman

Secretary Gates
Ex-Secretary Rumsfeld
General Petraeus
live simply so others may simply live
07:21 PM on 11/20/2007
I guess the SLOT MACHINES on base don't count as giving back money.