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Democrat dagnabit! Now leave me alone!
02:05 PM on 10/06/2010
If you a troubled youth concerned about your sexual identity, escape to a large city with facilities for offering hope and understanding to the young. Even if you only go for a weekend, it will be so worthwhile. When you experience the love, care and concern you'll be shown, you'll realize that eventually, when you have greater control of your life, it will get better. I know, I'm a survivor of all that bullying and hatred.
04:52 PM on 10/06/2010
There is a lot of truth to what you said. Being in a diverse, urban environment can show you that the world is not imploding and monolithic and that there are different people each dealing with their own issues.
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02:02 PM on 10/06/2010
Thank you for bringing this forward - I hope you continue to do so. We need to get to these kids before they reach those moments of despair from which they feel there is no turning back and nowhere to go.

Bullying is ignored at many schools, the bullies aren't even reprimanded or punished. These people need educating and if they don't fall in line, they need to be removed from the school.
01:55 PM on 10/06/2010
what courage..... thank you Tim Gunn!
Proud Liberal, Graduate Degree, Mother, Grandmothe
01:54 PM on 10/06/2010
Love Tim. It's just wonderful for young people when adults empathize with and care about them. My problem during my teens was major depression, alcoholism and finally a botched suicide attempt. I felt absolutely alone and hopeless. I certainly needed a Tim Gunn in my life to say "it gets better".
Ahh, Theseus. It appears you are out of thread.
01:51 PM on 10/06/2010
I wouldn't have expected this--- Tim always comes off as so confident and sure of himself, but I guess it was a hard process to get there.

I appreciate that he's revealed this about himself. Hopefully, it will make a positive difference for others who are struggling to come to terms with who they are.
01:50 PM on 10/06/2010
Tim Gunn - you are the best. You are a hero in the fight for tolerance and compassion. I hope that your heartfelt and courageous message is seen far and wide. It will save lives.
01:45 PM on 10/06/2010
Tim Gunn is a consummate & compassionate professional & gentleman. He epitomizes what every Corporate leader should aspire to be. Forget cut-em-down-at-the-knees, cut-em-off-at-the-wrist style of business & management found in Government, Political Parties and Corporations today. Tim Gunn, you are a leader!!
01:45 PM on 10/06/2010
What a sweet guy.
Forget hope. Agitate.
01:45 PM on 10/06/2010
It does get better, although teens never realize that, otfen feelng isolated and afraid to even speak to their parents. I was in great despair when a teen with no one to turn to. My father would have never understood or even tried to and I never told him I was Gay. My mother eventually did but when you have a mother that knows because mothers always know yet hear her say, 'If I find out you're a homosexual, I'll kill you', what can you do but just sink further and further into greater despair. It makes me very sad to post this but its true, I had no one. My sister who is 9 years older than me was the only one I could have talked too because she's always been there me but wasn't when I needed her most; she went away to an out of town college when I was about 8 years old so I had no one left and had to deal with this on my own. I remember knowing I was attacted to men even when I was 5 years old. You isolate yourself from everyone. close your bedroom door and it gets worse and worse when feeling like this. You live in a world of perpetual fear, one day after another, surrounded by images that foster heterosecuality and keep you out of the mainstream and in effect demean you as, 'The Other'. Now at least, there's help for youngsters and they don't really have to put up with any of this any more. and we can be thankful for that.
We can turn the tide
01:44 PM on 10/06/2010
Tim Gunn is wonderful. You can see and feel his heart shining. I love him to pieces.
01:43 PM on 10/06/2010
Tim Gunn is a treasure.
01:42 PM on 10/06/2010
Tim Gunn is such a person of quality. It takes a lot of courage and heart to public share something like that. I really admire his integrity.
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01:41 PM on 10/06/2010
Tim Gunn, Thank youuu!
Feel free to copy my avatar! (Or ask me how.)
01:39 PM on 10/06/2010
Aww, Tim Gunn is teary-eyed.
01:33 PM on 10/06/2010
Thank you, Tim Gunn! Hooray for botched attempts and hooray that we Tim Gunn! Such a universally liked and well respected role model for LGBT youth. Lets all work to increase understanding and comradrerie among all people of good will, like our friend Tim does here.