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03:17 AM on 12/09/2007
This is a very, very good post. Thanks for sharing your observations!
01:39 AM on 12/09/2007
Hopefully, Oprah can add that extra something that puts Obama into first place first in the early states & then in the primaries generally.

No one ever complained before (like now) about any of the MYRIAD of celebrity endorsements for years and years. All that whining is really a tribute to her.
12:51 AM on 12/09/2007
Great coverage. Things can only get better for Senator Obama. Thank you Oprah. Let the pundits eat their hearts out.
12:36 AM on 12/09/2007
I am so tired...tired of politics as usual.

This line stood out amongst all others in Oprah's "Stand up and Speak out" introduction for Barack Obama.
I am an Aussie.
I sit on the other side of the world in Australia watching the political race with great interest.
After having resided in California for the last 6 years, I am, in mind, still there.
It is definitely time for change.
Democrats have moved mountains in the past, it can be done again.
Barack Obama has the makings of a fine President.
He has an honest, down to earth delivery of his words.
His knowledge is vast. His credentials impecable.
Vote for him, he will lift the country back to the great heights it should be.
If I were living in the USA right now, I know I would vote for him.
Yvonne Bornstein
11:57 PM on 12/08/2007
Terrific report, Beverly. Thanks!
10:34 PM on 12/08/2007
Well, I did see all this on C-Span. Oprah was impressive. Her speech compelling.
Some are truly lucky to have a 'fairy god-mother/guardian angel. Obama has certainly found his guardian angel-- In a room of that size, there must have been many converts. Obama is looking really good-- but is he the one? Appearing under Oprah's banner, he could just be!