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09:49 AM on 10/13/2010
The Bush tax cuts did include tax credits for education savings accounts, a benefit for middle income wage earners. Is this an additional entitlement or a signal that he will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire and double-down on that existing entitlement?
09:38 AM on 10/13/2010
Hurry up Obama - less than 3 weeks to election day!!

Pretend that you care - see if you can give away the farm before the voters catch on.
Author, OUTSIDE CHILD, New Orleans
09:54 AM on 10/13/2010
So far its the Republicans have given away the farm. And when they take away all the tools you need to build another one, and you're left out on the street, what will you expect from government then. Be careful what you wish for.
10:36 AM on 10/13/2010
wow completely deaf and dumb - wake up . Republican run government thoughout history has detroyed the countries books - EVERYTIME ! This is an absolute historical fact , maybe you should enroll in college and take history 101 , get the tax credit ( republicans where all about tax cuts , that is unless oboma asked for one) and learn the true historical facts about the republican parties miserable spending habits . Eric cantor last nite on john stewert clearly agrees with my statement above and admitted - republicans cannot handle the purse , in not so few of words .
09:33 AM on 10/13/2010
I'd be more interested to know what Obama is doing to insure current college students have opportunities after they graduate.

Funemployment sounds great.
09:35 AM on 10/13/2010
Rich dad/poor dad. The poor dad depended on a full time job, and someone else to employ him. If you can finish college you, can create your dream.
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12:12 PM on 10/13/2010
Unemployment is at 4% for college grads. Do some research.
02:31 PM on 10/13/2010
research tells me the unemployment rate for 18-25 year olds is 25%. Do some research on recent college grads and get back to me.
09:24 AM on 10/13/2010
So Obama u nee to tell them to vote if they want the credit.