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Likes: Chasing villagers. Dislikes: Fire
03:00 PM on 10/19/2010
Nevada, really, this is the best you can do?
04:00 PM on 10/19/2010

By the way your avatar looks a little asian.
Likes: Chasing villagers. Dislikes: Fire
04:23 PM on 10/19/2010
It's possible. I am made of different body parts.
02:41 PM on 10/19/2010
Eskimos, Native Americans, Mexicans, latinos and Amerindians in general, are all descended from Asian peoples. I doubt Angle knows it, but she's actually right on the money with this speculation. Also, 'hispanic' is cold and less preferable to 'latino'.
Pirate Captain Church of Saint Jerry
04:09 PM on 10/19/2010
most "mexicans" are of blended spanish/european and native south american heritage
10:40 PM on 10/19/2010
Mexicans are primarily Amerindian. Amerindians are descended from Asia.

PS: Amerindian = American + Indian.
With Liberty and Justice for all
02:39 PM on 10/19/2010
Sharron Angle just doesn't have a clue. And sadly, my observation is that she isn't intelligent enough to ever have one.

If all these teabaggers are elected, the congressional intelligence quotient will drop by 30 points, and it wasn't that high to begin with.
02:38 PM on 10/19/2010
Wow. A W K W A R D !
Bookman Dave
02:38 PM on 10/19/2010
Many Americans repeat the lie that Canada was the source of the 9/11 terrorists. Even after an extensive Congressional investigation proved otherwise. I suppose it is easier to blame someone else rather than take responsibility for your own mistakes. The U.S. perhaps could take this opportunity to apologize to Canada for not only allowing but also for recruiting and actually funding terrorist who attacked and killed Canadian citizens including a prominent member of the Canadian parliament. They even went to the extent of allowing a small army to attack Canada in an attempt to destablize the government---all during a time of peace between the two countries. Don't believe me---Google "Fenians raids"!!!
Tax the rich Feed the Poor.
02:38 PM on 10/19/2010
The angle motto is open mouth,insert other foot but keep head in the netherland.
02:36 PM on 10/19/2010
I want her to win. We could use some more comedy...
03:15 PM on 10/19/2010
If she wins, America will suffer and that will not be funny. We don't need comedy right now. At least not her kind.
03:50 PM on 10/19/2010
Do you really think that America will suffer that much? She would make some boneheaded decisions, people would find her out and then she would never be re-elected. And if she were to get re-elected, well that's why we have a democracy. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

I am not afraid of her at all. People like this always ruin their own paths...
02:29 PM on 10/19/2010
From watching the video, I think that what people aren't getting is that Sharon Angle wasn't observing the students as perhaps being Asian... she was ACCUSING them of being Asian. It was her way of saying that any questioning of her TV commercial by the students in the room was illegitimate anyway.
Integrity has no need of rules
02:25 PM on 10/19/2010
Definitely more Axis I than Axis II
My micro-bio will not meet your guidelines
02:24 PM on 10/19/2010
You hear that Asians and Hispanics? She basically saying she can't tell you apart.
Pam Pacheco
Single mom & puggle lover
02:19 PM on 10/19/2010
How embarrassing...Wait!!!...Is that the world I hear laughing....?
02:18 PM on 10/19/2010
My mother was a public school teacher at the point that the Gov required stats of race and ethnicity from public schools.
She decided the best approach was to let the students choose their race rather than her. She was in a school with about equal Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics and probably a small percentage of "other."
As the students worked on their assignment she scanned the forms and saw one for "Oriental." There clearly was no Asian/Oriental student. She looked up and saw one of her trouble maker Black students staring at her. They looked at one another and she went back to checking the forms.
She figured if he said he was Oriental, it was not for her to say otherwise.
She and that student became very close and my parents, both teachers, helped get him loans and grants to get him through college.

The moral to that story is race doesn't matter, it's the person, stupid!

Sharon just showed the world that she sees the race, not the person.
02:18 PM on 10/19/2010
Nothing wrong here. Asians crossed into the New World through Alaska thousands of years ago. The ancestors of Native Americans are Asian. Some resemblence remains.
02:42 PM on 10/19/2010
According to scientists, all people came out of Africa. Based on your logic, then she could've said they all look like Africans and also been correct since everyone came from Africa.

Please. There's no justification for what comes out of the mouth of this psychopath.

It's an insult to sit in from of Hispanics and say they look like Asians. No disrespect to the Asians, just tone deaf as to who you are addressing at the time.
03:37 PM on 10/19/2010
What difference does it make? Really. What was she even trying to prove?
02:14 PM on 10/19/2010
IDK what she was saying before the video began but I love how throughout the 40 seconds whatever she was referring to she had to qualify by saying some students were Hispanic but looked Asian and she herself apparently appears to be such. In other words she is saying that Asians and hispancs have had children so now you can't tell which is which (yes, an oversimplified explanation but who has the time to go indepth?).

Honestly, I almost want her to win the primary so that the Dem opponent can wipe the floor with her. But then that's taking a big risk considering the lack of common sense many voters have these days. She might win!
Ignore rudeness, honor discussion
02:12 PM on 10/19/2010
In a few minutes, Angle managed to offend Asians, Hispanics and even Canadians to the point, as Fox just reported on Meghan's show, the Canadian ambassador has filed an official complaint, demanding a retraction. I can hardly wait for her first little chat on the floor of the Senate -- that was sarcastic.