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05:47 PM on 12/18/2007
Americans the Stupid have been given a pacifer of beer, entertaiment and a credit card and fed 24 hours of misinformation so what can be done? Nothing? Because a guy like Powell can give out false info because he too wants money. The media gives out false info because they too want money...we are not a nation of laws but a nation of can any in the role of leadership sleep at night when they see the brave men and women returning missing limbs. If we want to stop this nonsense start the draft...then watch what happens to Americans the Stupid...they will even forget the pacifer for a moment...
03:45 PM on 12/18/2007
You hit it right on the head, Chris. Turn on the terrorist ploy. Scare Americans, with lies and deceit. But, McCain should know better. Lieberman has always followed Bush or Cheney, so it is no surprise that he reiterates same old, same old, or maybe his memory is failing him, or he thinks our memories are failing us. It is hard to forget the lies and deceit that got us into the Iraq war. But McCain must be desperate to ask Lieberman to back him.
02:47 PM on 12/18/2007
When does spin become a sin?
When young people die for a lie.
It is the sin of the spinner to spin,
It is the sin of the spun to be spun.
01:38 PM on 12/18/2007
Joe and John make a good team. They are both war-mongering liars.

01:19 PM on 12/18/2007
This whole administration reads like your DMV Hell play, Chris.
01:13 PM on 12/18/2007
Chris, I believe you missed Fightin' Joe's point about our eternal enemy (du jour).

It was Iran who was behind 9/11.

There's conclusive proof that Ahmadinejad met with Saddam and Osama in Prague to plan 9/11.
Fact: Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity (I forget which one) saw them.
12:46 PM on 12/18/2007
"Senator Lieberman is despicable."

Are you talking of
joe 'i never met an arab i didnt hate' lie-berman

hrc's buddy
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12:28 PM on 12/18/2007
I once had to wait several minutes in traffic in 2005 because Joe Lieberman's motorcade was coming by. Through the tinted windows of the limo, Lieberman's huge melon was plainly visible, glowing as if flourescent.

Kucinich said that he didn't know exactly what he saw. Could it actually have been the mother-ship ferrying Lieberman back to Earth from his planning sessions on Garkon5?

Someday, I will publish my Grand Unified Theory of Everything that will include not just an explanation for Lieberman's origins but also an explanation for the totally illogical State of Connecticut. Without giving too much away, Connecticut is intersected by a celestial flux wavelength divider that makes pure and utter BS more valuable than gold within its borders.

Lieberman will not age according to the rigors of time here on earth. He will continue being elected Senator of CN for the next thousand years, or so. His melon will continue to grow and glow the entire time.
11:56 AM on 12/18/2007
Nice post. I can't even watch video of Lieberman. It's like watching video of George Bush - both of them literally make my skin crawl.
11:54 AM on 12/18/2007
I only have questions now.

• Why are questions always shrugged off and redirected to "their' agenda and not allowed to focus attention to that which would lead to a ending the war or a resolution to do so?

• Why is it the neocon/aipac can continually bring up 911 in context to their retoric, but if questions are asked as to getting to the truth of 911 it is always rebutted and attached to conspiracists?

• Why does the press/media only give time and attention to likes of what Heir Lieberman (did you see that red sweater?) but not to candidates that want to stop the war and bring intellegent resolution forward , like Dodd, Biden, Robertson, or Kucinich?

• Why in hell does any one pay any attention to that traitor. He's defector.
11:29 AM on 12/18/2007
Everyday a new lie is told to the American people by the neo nazis who control this country. The Iraq/9-11 lie is such a blatant disregard for the facts that it is amazing that anyone has the chutzpah to repeat it.
The most discouraging thing is that the main stream media is not calling these people out on the many lies that they have been telling. If it weren't for the Huffington Post and websites like it would anyone be calling a spade a spade?
The fact of the matter is that the Bush Administration and now the politicos that want to follow in his steps are blatanly lying to the American people. Would some mainstream media organization please hold their feet to the fire? Fox News lets them lie out their ass and uses their henchmen, i.e. Bill O'Reily, etc to promote their bullshit. Where are the objective journalists who should be calling these assholes out on this?
11:26 AM on 12/18/2007
Lieberman is in AIPAC's back pocket as is most of Congress. That is why we are not hearing much about John Edwards in the media, he refused to take AIPAC money and they couldn't buy him. Anyway, Lieberman is all about Israel. You know their motto, "Israel first". If you haven't done so already read 'The Israel Lobby" by Mearsheimer and Walt. It is truly despicable the way Israel tries to run our foreign policy in the Middle East via AIPAC, PNAC, ADL, and The Institute for Near East studies, of which Wolf Blitzer use to work for. My hope is that in this decade with the age of internet upon us, AIPAC and Israel's agenda will become so transparent that there will be an all out revolt, the funding to Israel will be cut off, the world will align with the Palestinians and we, and them, can then shout "NEVER AGAIN" at the Israeli's. One can hope.
11:25 AM on 12/18/2007
A dose of Joe-mentum worked so well for Lieberman; it reasonable that it will do the same for McCain.
11:08 AM on 12/18/2007
This is frustrating and disgusting that American people can still be stupid enough to connect Iraq with 911! It is also frustrating and disgusting that we would impeach a president for having an affair and lying about it but not impeach a president or anyone else for lying and causing the death of innocent people! I am not saying either thing was acceptable but there should be different degrees of acceptability and there is also a difference between a lie about your personal life and a lie to achieve a political goal!

The U.S. needs to wake up because it is going to hell in a handbasket!
11:03 AM on 12/18/2007
Joe Lieberman should be shown the door out of Democratic Party. Harry Reid clearly is a weak leader and doesn't have teh stones to do it. The Republicans must have something on Reid, other than his shady real estate deals in NV. Both the House and Senate need new leaders immediately, or it will be the Deomcrats who sit at home next Novemeber.

What the hell is going on with Reid and Pelosi?